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Caught at last

On simple, every day, normal, nothing-is-going-to-happen day, there was a pink hedgehog, most commonly known as Amy, Amy rose.

She was a very simple female hedgehog, a very simple, but thoughtful and joyful hedgehog, like someone you'd want to hang around when you meet her.

She was a fairly young female, 13, 14 years old I should say, and she always wore her nice small red dress with the thick white border and on top of her small pink quills, she wore a red headdress.

Amy thought of a lot of things, of what to do next.

"Should I get some food, I think of running low"

, Or

"Maybe I should chase sonic today, I can get some exercise that way."

Now this brings up the fact about Sonic. Who is sonic and why would this pink hedgehog chase him.

Well first of all, Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog by name, is in fact, also a hedgehog. His fur as a matter of fact, is not pink for he is Male which would lead to more of a masculine color such as blue perhaps.

Yes, of course, He is in fact blue, very simple colored and he is only known to wear white gloves and red pointy tipped shoes.

Sonic is always a Blur, and in those terms I mean that he can Run of unusually high speeds.

Sonic isn't the brightest person you may encounter but his generosity is at it's fullest, helping people everywhere.

Well enough said about Sonic and Amy, the real fact is why would Amy chase sonic? Is she trying to tell him he will soon die, or maybe he forgot something at home?

Well, the true reason she is chasing him is because she has something known by many people as a "crush" or "liking" or possible in even more theatrical words, "love".

Yes that's it, its love of course. Amy wants to chase that measly little hedgehog because she wants to show her true affection to him, to express her inward feeling of greatness.

Well ladies and gentlemen let me tell you a story of what happens when she finally catches the blue being, what happens when she tells how she feels.

I shall start from the beginning, not the very beginning but close.

It all started one faithful fluffy snowy winter down Chestnut Street at house number 345…

Well, hope you liked it peoplessss!, I never tried writing like this before and it seems pretty loose and fun to write so I hope you enjoyed it, the next chapter will be pretty cool I guess…I have a lot of ideas but ill make this your story as well so feel free to let the ideas come in…um…read and write…ya.. Please review too, I accept flames too cuz I want to hear you people out. Thanks