Disclaimer: I own nothing

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: This is going to be my sequel to Jules in Trouble. My best friend gave me the idea after we watched the season 1 finale.

Summary: What would Shawn do if something happened to Gus?

There is some whumpage in this story. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1: 1987

Young Shawn sat in his tree house, staring quizzically at his father and his best friend, Tom Cavannah. Tom also had two kids, twins, Lucy and Casey. They were Shawn's age. Gus came up.

"Hey Shawn. What are you doing?"

"Hey Gus. Do you think we'll be friends when we get old?"

"Shawn, we're going to be friends forever." Gus said looking out the window. "Why?"

"Cause my dad's been friends with Tom for years." They looked out the window at the two older men.

Present day

Henry opened the door. Standing there in front of him was his best friend of 50 years and Shawn's godfather, Tom Cavannah and his two kids, Lucy and Casey.

"Tommy? What the hell are you doing?"

"I was in the neighborhood."

"Right. C'mon in."

"You remember Lucy and Casey?"

"Yes of course. My god you two have gotten big."

"Hi Uncle Henry." They said. They all chatted for a while with beers on the patio.

Shawn walked into the Psych office excited as usual. He had news for his best friend. However when he arrived the office door was unlocked and the office was in shambles. Gus was no where to be found. His computer was gone and his desk was a mess.

"Gus?" Shawn shouted putting his computer in his backpack. "Buddy, you here." He looked at the clear board. A note was scrawled across it: HELLO PSYCHIC, I BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING. Shawn looked past the board at Gus's desk. Taped underneath it was a bomb and it was armed. Shawn ran towards the door. It blew up just as he reached the outside door. He stared at the remains of the office in horror and hopped on his bike and drove away.

Henry and Tom had been chatting for hours when Henry heard the familiar roar of Shawn's motorcycle.

"What was that?" Tom asked.


"Shawn? You let Shawn get a bike?"

"No which is why he got one." He heard Shawn open the front door.


"Out here Shawn." He followed the voice. Henry frowned when he saw the sight of his son. His face, hair, and clothes were blackened. He was disoriented and he was bleeding. "My god Shawn. What the hell happened?" He got to Shawn just as he collapsed. He set him in a chair.

"The office…it…it…"

"It what, Shawn?"

"Gus is missing and someone tried to kill me."

"What do you mean someone tried to kill you?"

"The office blew up. There was a bomb. We have to find Gus."

"How do you know he's missing."

"Just a hunch."

"We need to get you cleaned up."

"No we need to go to the station."

"I'll call Juliet."

"No we have to go now." Shawn said standing up and heading towards the door. The others followed him.