Yes, it's true. I have gotten into Death Note. And it is FANTABULOUS. And I mean that in the greatest way possible.

Unfortunately, I have not been to the bookstore recently, and I prefer reading and owning the manga, so I'm only on volume four. So that's about where this fic is; somewhere when Light is helping the investigation team and L at the hotel room. They're in the hotel room right now, and everyone else has gone home. Just to fill you in.

Warning: Has hints to yaoi, and L!flirt. Oh my. I suppose you could call it L/Light.

I do not own Death Note or any of the characters. This is a fanmade story, made just for fun. No profits are made from this story.



"Yes, Ryuzaki?"

"Which one of us do you think is the most submissive?"

Light was shocked. What was L asking this question for? Another trick to try and catch him? If Light said that L was the more submissive one, L's suspicion would rise, because Kira was proud and would hate to say that he found himself more submissive than anyone. But if he said it was himself, then L would think that Light was saying that on purpose, to lower his suspicion, thus raising his suspicion. Not to mention it would seem very strange, because Light would never say that he was more submissive than anyone. But that trait alone raises suspicion, so maybe he should make it seem like that trait wasn't there at all by calling himself the more submissive one? But it was too late for that; at this point it would just seem out of character. So either way, he would raise suspicion.

"Why do you ask, Ryuzaki?"

L chewed thoughtfully on his thumb, expression not changing. "Just curious."

Light nearly laughed out loud. L wasn't "just curious". He was testing Light to see if he was Kira. Light had an idea.

"Well, honestly, I think we're evenly matched. Neither of us would ever back down to anyone or anything," Light said casually.



Was L suggesting that Light was submissive? Was he trying to diss him? Or was L saying that he himself was submissive, thus trying to hint that Light could gain an advantage, to trick him? Then, when he tried to take advantage of it, L would turn the whole thing around on him. It was a sneaky way to act, and didn't seem much like something L would do. But Light didn't want to rule out the possibility. But if L said that Light was more submissive, he might be trying to hide his own submissiveness, thus gaining an advantage in his assumption that Light would then assume that L was stronger than he. But Light knew that wasn't true, so what advantage would there be? Surely L knew that Light would never think that L was stronger than him.

"I think you are the more submissive one."

Light laughed, but on the inside, he was fuming. Damn you, L! "Why do you say that? You're strange, Ryuzaki."

L smiled slyly behind his thumb. "Because of your dreams, Light-kun."

Light gasped mentally. His dreams? Light never remembered his dreams. He just remembered feeling a little disgusted with himself afterwards sometimes, but he never understood why. Did L watch him sleep? There were the cameras, but those weren't around very long, so how would L know about all of his dreams? How did he know about any of his dreams at all? Did Light talk in his sleep? Fortunately, if he did, he apparently never said anything about the Death Note or being Kira, because he wasn't in jail. Or dead. Did L hook up a machine to his head to see the nature of his dreams or something? Think, Light, think! Did L ever have a chance to see you sleeping, without the risk of you waking up?

Light kept his face looking cool, not revealing his slight panic. "My… dreams?"

L kept grinning. "You talk in your sleep, Light-kun."

So he did talk in his sleep! What had he said? Would L tell him, or would he keep him guessing? Was this a test? Did he really talk in his sleep, or was L saying that to try and make him say something only Kira would know again? He had to stay calm, be careful about his words. He didn't even know what he dreamt about; what could L possibly get out of him? He did remember L being in a couple of his dreams, but that's all he remembered. Did he talk about killing L? Was L's suspicion rising? Was he, in fact, certain that Light was Kira? No, no, not possible. He would have arrested Light already if that were true. The only thing to do was to wait and see just what he had said while sleep-talking.

Light smirked, like he was playing along with a young child. "And what did I say?"

"Oh, nothing much," L said, picking up his cup of tea and taking a sip. He turned away from Light casually, still smiling. Light could have sworn L's cheeks were pink with pleasure, like he was enjoying himself immensely. Did he also feel like he was playing along with a young child? It seemed like it. "Only a few things of interest."

Light felt a drop of sweat run down his cheek. What did he say? Out with it, L! "Such as?"

"Do you really want to know?"

It was getting very, very difficult to stay calm. "Yes! Please, tell me."

"Well, I don't remember exactly," said L, stirring his tea lazily with a silver spoon, "But it was something like this."

L handed him a piece of paper with typing on it. It almost looked like a script of some sort. Light felt anger rise. He… He was planning this?!

His eyes scanned the page, widening with every line they passed. "No… no way…"


12:15 AM

Turns over violently, twitches.

1:42 AM

Slight stirring, begins to make noises.

Yagami: Ah… nn…

Back arches, murmurs some words, only some are able to be made out.

Yagami: Ryu… ah… don't…

Intense movement and occasional noises for five minutes. At 1:47 AM, speaks again, more clearly this time.

Yagami: Don't stop… ryu…

Speaking stops there, movement ceases after another four minutes. Nothing else of interest for the rest of the night.

Light's eye twitched. This sounded like… like…

"I don't think you're talking to me in that dream, Light… hyuk hyuk," said Ryuk, grinning.

"I think you came to the same conclusion I did, Light-kun," said L, his smile never faltering. "You were dreaming of somebody named Ryu, or someone who could be called Ryu… and you didn't really sound that aggressive." He sipped some more of his tea, looking victorious.

Light felt embarrassed and furious. How could L be so calm about this? They both came to the same conclusion, and Light's conclusion was that this dream was definitely about L. It was really obvious. He would call L either Ryuzaki or Ryuga when speaking, and, like the death god said, this was definitely not a dream about Ryuk. L was the only possibility. After all, L's face was often all Light would remember of his dreams. But he had never imagined that this was the nature of his dreams about L. This was all just way too messed up. Perhaps L made up this document, this dream, everything? Was he just trying to unnerve him? What benefit was there? Was L bored? Was he just trying to mess with him? Or was this all true, and did he really dream these things? How could he not remember a dream like this? And why would L show him this document in the first place? There couldn't possibly a tie to the Kira case in this, could there? How did this dream change anything? Was it not supposed to? Was L just waiting for his reaction? Was it his reaction that changed everything?

Light gulped and glanced at L. L looked back, still looking amused. Damn him… "What… what is this?"

"Your dream, Light-kun. What else?"

Light wanted to snap L's neck right then and there. If only nicknames worked in the Death Note. What was he playing at?!

"There's no need to hold back your emotions, Light-kun," said L, his face drooping back into an expressionless stare, "You must be feeling incredibly embarrassed; it's only the natural emotion to feel in this situation…"

Despite how much Light wanted to hold it back, embarrassment was the leading emotion here. His face, usually completely serious, began to morph into a cherry red expression of distress.

"I hope you are not mad at me," said L, leaning in so their faces were only inches apart, "Light-kun…"

Light was stunned. L had the nerve to bring up this humiliating piece of information, and then pretend to flirt with him? Light felt the urge to slap him, but he forced himself to remain composed. He had to stay cool and collected. He was Light Yagami, serious and studious college student. Light Yagami didn't overreact. Light Yagami didn't lose his cool.

Light Yagami didn't have dreams about his arch-nemesis.

He had gotten himself into a huge mess.

"Ryuzaki," Light said, as calmly as he could, "Please, forgive me, but… may I leave now?"

L backed away, face still blank. "Of course. I will not keep you here. After all, it is late, and your father has already left."

"Thank you." Light stood up, nodding to L. "Good night, Ryuzaki."

"Good night, Light-kun."

Light then left, his blood boiling. He would have some serious screaming to do when he got back to his desk. Damn that L… What was his purpose in showing him that piece of paper?

L watched him go, bringing his thumb back to his mouth. His lips turned upward, back into his sly smile. "Light-kun, whether or not you are Kira, I plan on bringing that submissive side out of you." He took another sip of his tea, then popped a sugar cube into his mouth. Cars could be heard outside his window, and he heard gears shifting on a bus; the bus Light was riding home. "After all, I got it out of you before."


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