All right, guys, I think it's obvious that Sleep Talking hasn't been updated for a while. This is partly because I'm lazy, partly because I'm not obsessed with Death Note anymore, partly because I have ideas for other projects, and mostly because I've been dreading the rest of the story because I've slowly realized that the rest of it sucks.

I've gotten an idea for making it better, but it'll take a while to work out all the details. I don't want to just make it up as I go along, because I've tried that with past stories, and it doesn't work out well.

So until I can get my inspiration for Sleep Talking back, I am going to be putting it on hiatus. This could take a while, but it already was, am I right?

I'm really sorry, since I know a lot of you must be really frustrated with me already. I've always felt that when you make a story and people are reading it, and want to read it, it's your responsibility to see it through, and I know I've gone against that principle for a long time now. I feel awful for it, believe me. Feel free to throw a couple of bricks.

But it must be done. And so, I humbly ask you for your forgiveness and patience. Thank you.

--Kit Pocket