Introduction: Episode 8.15 follows about a week after 8.14. If you haven't done so, please read episodes 1-14 prior to reading 8.15.

8.15 Lost In Transmission

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

(Scene from 1.14 – That Damn Donna Reed)

LUKE: You know, this place hasn't been painted since my dad was alive.

LORELAI: No, I didn't know that.

LUKE: He painted it before he opened it and once more when the roof caved in one winter. I think that's probably it.

LORELAI: The paint lasted a long time. He got his money's worth.

LUKE: Yep. He really loved this place, you know. (Looking around the diner) This store was his life. Mine too, I guess. I spent every minute I wasn't in school here. I spent a lot of minutes I was supposed to be in school in here too.


(Scene from 5.10 – But Not As Cute As Pushkin)

LUKE: … This was my dad. This was his boat and this decision was mine. This was not yours!

LORELAI: I know.

LUKE: This is who I am. I don't want to hang onto things or stare at things.

CUTS to scene at the end where Luke looks at his father's boat in the garage.


(Scene from 3.04 – One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes)

LORELAI: Oh my God!

LUKE: What?

LORELAI: Nothing. Nothing at all, Butch.

Luke walks over and sees his photograph on a plaque which reads, State High Hurdles Champion, 1984

LUKE: For the love of… what's that doing there?!


(Scene from 8.14)

LORELAI: …we haven't really chat about you-know-who since your epiphany last week.

RORY: Well, there's not much to say about 'you-know-who'.

LORELAI: Have you decided what you want to do about it?

RORY: (Nods) Yup, and the decision was easy. (Lorelai looks up curiously) I ignore it until it goes away.

LORELAI: (Hides a chuckle as she continues sarcastically) Oh yeah, very effective.

RORY: (Explains) The decision was made easy since he has no clue that I exist in that capacity.

LORELAI: (Sighs) Well… his loss.


(Scene from 8.13)

RORY: More sex during the month of February, huh?

LANE: Imagine that.

RORY: (Sighs) Not happening in my neck-of-the-woods.

LANE: Start dating! Get yourself out there, Rory.

RORY: (Frowns at her best friend) You make it sound like I should be wearing tramp shoes.

LANE: (Kids) If it helps. (Adds) Sex or not, it's always nice to have someone around…

(Scene from 8.14)

NATE: (He looks down at his smart-key, then up at her) I'm leaving the Courant, Rory. (Clearly surprised, Rory tries to hide it)… some time in April will be my last day.

RORY: (clearly not happy with the news.) I'm assuming you're taking a job at the Times?

Nate nods.



Scene opens as Rory opens her front door to let her mother in.

LORELAI: (As she walks in) Hey. (Leans in for a quick peck on the cheek)

RORY: Hey. You're early.

LORELAI: (Sighs as she looks around the apartment) Yeah, traffic wasn't that bad. (Plops on the couch) Besides, we have a few minutes to catch up.

Rory is in the process of getting ready for FND. As she puts on her earrings, she walks over to the coffee table and takes a seat.

RORY: Catch up?

LORELAI: (Places her purse on the side, and opens it) Yeah, you know… tell me how your week was. (She takes a small Ziploc bag filled with what looks like chips. She opens the bag and holds it out to Rory).

RORY: (Shakes her head) No thanks. Already had my pre-Friday Night Dinner snack. (Sighs) The week was fine. A little busy, and I guess it was also a bit intimidating now that I know Nate's leaving, and there will be a job opening.

LORELAI: Didn't you say it won't be for another month?

RORY: Yeah, but you know me… I like to stress about it.

LORELAI: (Chuckles) Yes, you do. (Pauses, then remembers) Hey, I was meaning to ask you…

RORY: What?

LORELAI: Do you know anything about Nate's personal life? I mean, is he seeing anyone?

RORY: (Thinks) Actually no, I don't. He's very careful about not mixing work and his personal life. (Thinks again) Wow, I never considered it… I always assumed he was single because I've never seen him with anyone… not even at the shelter.

LORELAI: Hmm, mysterious.

RORY: Yeah. (Shakes her head) Enough about me. Tell me how your week was.

LORELAI: (Makes a sympathetic face) I think I'm driving Luke insane.

RORY: (Curiously) What do you mean?

LORELAI: (Lists all the reasons) I've been whining, complaining, nagging, and I've been very indecisive the past few days. And I know it's more than enough to drive any man insane.

RORY: Aw, did Luke say something to you?

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) No, that's the thing… he never complains. He never tells me to shut up… or have a fit when I change my mind on what I want to eat – and the past couple of days, I've changed my mind on dinner after he finished cooking. He has been so calm and loving and amazing.

RORY: (Confused) And you're frustrated that he's calm?

LORELAI: (Nods) Yeah, I mean he has been an amazing husband… and the past week, he has been "super-husband." That has got to wear out eventually, right?

RORY: (Explains) It is "Luke" we're talking about. He loves you, mom… and you know he will never complain.

LORELAI: Yeah, but sometimes I wish he'd vent (adds) not to me… because that won't be a real vent. I'm the one he needs to vent about. I wish he'd go out with the guys and just order some beer… and vent. You know? (Explains) I tried to get him to hang out with TJ last night, and he refused.

RORY: Well, it's TJ… who can blame him?

LORELAI: (Sighs) Well, just want him to be okay. I was hoping he could take the night off since he won't be joining us for dinner, but nope… he's closing the diner tonight.

RORY: (Smiles) At least he gets a break from Emily Gilmore.

LORELAI: (Remembers) Oh, and Emily! She has been on my case every day for the past week about how unfair it is that Luke and I know the sex of the baby and she doesn't. She needs a new distraction, Rory. (Looks at her daughter) Can't you like, steal another boat or something?

RORY: (Rolls her eyes as she gets up from the coffee table) Gee, let me get right on that.

LORELAI: (Looks up at the clock) Is it time already?

Rory nods as she takes her coat and opens the front door. Scene cuts as Lorelai gets up from her seat and follows her.


Scene opens on Emily's astounded face…

EMILY: You haven't been on a date since you broke up with Logan?!

RORY: (As if she has committed the biggest crime) W-well…

Lorelai can't help but grin at the sudden change in focus.

Scene fades.

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