Scene opens and follows Lorelai into the Dragonfly Inn kitchen. Even before she enters the actual kitchen, Lorelai starts to explain…

LORELAI: (Oblivious to her surroundings) Sookie, you won't believe how little sleep I got last night… (Abruptly stops as she hears laughter and sees another familiar face by the counter) Oh, Debbie.

DEBBIE: (Smiles) Morning, Lorelai.

SOOKIE: (Smiles as well… as she continues chopping something-or-other) Hello, Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Cautiously smiles) Hey. (Looks at Debbie and back at Sookie) What are you guys up to?

DEBBIE: (Explains) Oh, Sookie was just telling me the story of when she realized she wanted to be a chef.

SOOKIE: (Giggles) Yeah.

DEBBIE: (Notices some unease in Lorelai) Oh… (Stands straight) and… you probably have some sort of rule about not letting guests back here. I'm sorry…

LORELAI: No, no… no… (shakes her head) Guests are welcome to visit Sookie.

DEBBIE: (Smiles, and waves it off) Well, either way… I should get started on my day. (Looks at the chef) Thanks for the great cup of coffee, Sookie.

SOOKIE: (Chuckles) You're welcome.

DEBBIE: (As she passes Lorelai, she gives her a sweet/sincere smile) See ya, Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Politely) See ya.

Debbie leaves the kitchen.

SOOKIE: (Still chuckling) She's a funny gal, that Debbie.

LORELAI: (Walks over to the refrigerator and takes out a small bottle of orange juice) She seems nice.

SOOKIE: Yeah, she was telling me about Stars Hollow.

LORELAI: (Makes a face) Why was she telling you about Stars Hollow. You're the resident here.

SOOKIE: (Shakes her head) She was telling me about the Stars Hollow that was before my time. (Explains) Did you know that Taylor was engaged to an actress?

LORELAI: (Curiously) No, I didn't. An actress?

SOOKIE: Well, apparently she only had one acting gig… (gestures with her knife) in some Arm & Hammer commercial. (Giggles) Oh, what I would've given to see Taylor actually have a life.

LORELAI: (Sighs) That's interesting.

Scene fades.


Rory is sitting at a table by the window, with an open book in one hand, and the other hand in a bag of chips. Hearing a couple of familiar voices, she raises her head and looks in their direction. She sees Nate walking towards her as Ken stays behind to order.

NATE: (As he approaches with his hands in his jacket pockets) Hey.

RORY: (Nods) Hey.

NATE: (Takes a seat across from her, on the edge of the chair, which suggests he isn't planning on staying for long) Don't want to interrupt your reading, but just wanted to confirm about this Saturday. (Asks) You're still in, right?

RORY: Yes… yes, I am.

NATE: ((With a nod) Good. And you're bringing someone? Just want to make sure there's an extra ticket…

RORY: (Blinks a few times before she responds) Yes… I am.

NATE: Great. So the plan is to meet up and just take the train Saturday afternoon. We make the show, and then hit a bar or two… (explains) not really something I do a lot, (sighs) but I think I'm up for it…

RORY: (Chuckles) I hear ya.

NATE: (continues)… And then we can all crash at my folks' place since they are back in Hartford.

RORY: (Smiles) Sounds good.

NATE: (Nods) Good… (gestures at her book as he stands up) Get back to your book.

Nate leaves the scene, and Rory is left pondering. A few seconds later, she reaches into her purse and takes out a card. And then she takes the cell phone in her hand and starts dialing…

RORY: (Takes a deep breath before she speaks into the phone) Hey there, Trevor — it's Rory Gilmore.

Scene fades.


Luke is behind the counter going through some of the receipts after a busy afternoon. He is forced to look up when the front door opens and we see Ms. Hogarth enter.

LUKE: (Smiles at his customer) Hey.

DEBBIE: (Looks around as she notices that there are only a couple of customers) Hey. (Comes up to the counter and takes a seat) I for sure thought it would be busy in here.

LUKE: (Explains) It dies down around 2 o'clock. (Puts down his receipts) So, what can I get you?

DEBBIE: (Glances over the menu and then sets it aside) Actually I was hoping I could get a very cold… refreshing drink.

LUKE: In 50 degree weather, huh?

DEBBIE: (Explains) It was part deux of Taylor's tour. I feel like I just did a marathon in high heels.

LUKE: (Looks at her) Why did you even say yes to this ridiculous tour? (Asks) How about some iced tea?

DEBBIE: That's be great. (Chuckles as she answers him) I didn't want to disappoint the man. He seemed very excited about it…

LUKE: (Gets a cup and fills it with ice and some tea from a pitcher) Here you go.

DEBBIE: Thanks. (Takes a sip and sighs. Then looks up at Luke as he goes back to his work) Guess who I ran into a few minutes ago?

LUKE: Who?

DEBBIE: Your sister, Liz. She finally recognized me after I explained myself. She's the same "positive outlook" Elizabeth Danes from high school (Luke chuckles as he nods. Debbie continues) I didn't see Lorelai at the inn this morning.

LUKE: (Looks up and explains) Oh, she isn't working today. She cut back a bit…

DEBBIE: Ah… of course. May is right around the corner.

LUKE: (Nods) It sure is.

DEBBIE: And she can take time off as she pleases, since she is the boss. (Luke nods with a smile again. Debbie takes a deep breath, then shakes her head) She is so pretty, Luke. I mean, it's weird talking about this with a guy… but she is glowing. I guess pregnancy does that to a lot of women. (Points at him) You, my friend, have done pretty well for yourself.

LUKE: (Hides a blush) Well, she's great.

DEBBIE: (Smiles adoringly, then continues…) I bet she's a riot to live with. Sookie has told me some pretty crazy stories about her.

LUKE: (Engages in the conversation by placing the receipts down on the counter) She is… especially the past few weeks… when she suddenly decides that all the walls in the house need to be purple. (Debbie chuckles) Last night, she changed her mind and said she wanted them all to be orange. (Nods his head as he explains) Not a subtle orange… she was talking about a bold "kill me now" type of orange. (Adds as he looks down at his hands) Somehow I managed to change the topic by mentioning food. (Looks up at Debbie again, and explains jokingly) But I bet tonight's going to be a completely different color. (Luke's attention goes to the front door again)

DEBBIE: I think that's so great… (follows his gaze and looks behind)

Lorelai, accompanied by Babette and Patty, enter the diner.

BABETTE: (As she holds the door open for the other two) Oh, my legs are still so sore from all that dancing.

LORELAI: (Enters and sees Luke looking at her and at the counter, she sees Debbie) Hey.

Patty, Babette, and Lorelai take the table closest to the front door.

DEBBIE: Hey there. (Looks at Babette) So the tango lessons are going well, Babette?

BABETTE: (Noticing Debbie, she forgets about the table, approaches her and takes a seat at the counter) Going well, my ass!

PATTY: (Noticing Debbie, she leaves the table as well and joins her at the counter) Oh, Deborah… I was meaning to ask you… I was going through some of my photo albums and found a lot of you when you were in two different plays… (the conversation continues in the background)…

LORELAI: (Still standing by the table, she sighs as she's abandoned by the two older ladies. Luke approaches her) Hey.

LUKE: Hey… (Places a hand on her back and gives her a peck on the forehead — but Lorelai's eyes are fixed on the counter and the three ladies) … hungry?

LORELAI: (Slowly forces herself to look back at Luke — then shakes her head and mouths) No. (Adds) Already ate something at the house.

LUKE: (Kisses her forehead again, and let's go of her) Will get you something to drink then.

As Luke leaves, Lorelai turns and looks at the three ladies again.

Scene fades as she takes a seat.


Busy streets of New York City.

Scene opens on Rory (alone, a few feet away from a group of people) as she greets Trevor (who happens to be walking up to her as the scene begins).

RORY: (Smiles at the young man) Hey there. You made it.

TREVOR: (Smiles at her) I sure did. (Looks over at the group) Are those your co-workers?

RORY: (Looks at the group as three people join them) Yeah… and a couple of strangers.

Among the three people are two males and one female. Rory and Trevor slowly start to walk over to them.

TREVOR: I'm glad you called.

RORY: (Smiles at him, then looks up at the rest as they approach) Hey guys. (Nate turns. His female friend, and the two newest members of the group turn to face Rory) Nate, (Looks next to her) Ken and Jean… this is Trevor.

Everyone greets him.

NATE: (Nods) Hello… (looks at the female and the two other gentleman) Stacy, Gus, and Phillip… meet Rory and Trevor…

They nod at each other.

GUS: (An older, slightly flamboyant gentleman) Glad to finally meet you, Rory.

RORY: (A bit surprised that her name is familiar to him) Oh…

GUS: Nate here has told us bits and pieces about everyone at the Courant. What a lovely newspaper… (Rory forces a smile as she realizes that Nate has talked about 'everyone' in equal measure).

TREVOR: (Adds as he smiles) Well, I am a fan.

Rory subtly looks at Stacy, wondering where she fits in…

NATE: (Explains as he takes a step to the side, and towards her) Gus and Phillip (it becomes obvious that they are partners) work at the New York Times.

PHILLIP: (Nods) Photography over here.

NATE: (Adds) And Gus heads the team that's going to Africa this summer.

RORY: Oh wow… the project sounds amazing from the little I've heard…

KEN: (Adds) Still a little miffed that you're taking DiLuca with you.

JEAN (HIS WIFE): He's only moving forward, Kenny. You should try doing that sometime. (Pats her husband on the back)

KEN: Gee, thanks honey.

Banter starts to go on in the background between the others as Rory takes a step back and gets closer to the edge of the curb.

RORY: (Curiously, turns to Nate) So… why are we standing out here?

NATE: Waiting for Jon to get here with the tickets…

RORY: Ah. (Subtly looks at the mysterious Stacy again)

Nate sees a crowd of people walking behind them, and not wanting to let her get pushed around — in a swift motion, places his hand on Rory's waist and pulls her in a bit. Camera cuts to a close up of Rory as she finds herself within inches of Nate. She makes an expression to suggest that her heart may have just started beating a little faster.

NATE: (Let's go of her as the group passes them. He spots someone) Ah, there he is.

Rory is clearly trying to compose herself and the camera slowly pans to a very observant Trevor Wentworth.

A tall, dark haired, well-manicured man approaches Nate. Behind him is a tall, beautiful woman…

JON: (Speaks candidly) Yo!

NATE: (Turns, and greets him with a brotherly hug) Hey… thought you weren't going to make it.

JON: (Takes a few tickets out of his coat pocket) I wouldn't abandon you…

KEN: Hey man.

JON: Hey! (Jon steps in and gives Jean a hug) Hello, Jean. (Pats Ken on the shoulder)

NATE: (Remembers) Oh hey, Jon… meet the rest…

STACY: (Speaks for the first time) Hey Jon. (In her tone, Rory realizes that Jon and Stacy are acquainted)

NATE: (Quickly lists the rest of the names) Gus, Phillip, Rory… and Trevor. (Turns) Guys, this is my brother Jon… and (gets distracted by Jon handing him the tickets)…

Jon nods at the group.

JON: Well, nice to meet all of you… enjoy the show.

NATE: (Adds) Wait a minute, you're not joining us?

JON: (Gestures at the beautiful woman behind him) We have to go this gala, Nate… (looks at his wristwatch) In fact, we're already late. (Their conversation continues in the back).

RORY: (Leans and whispers to Ken) Who's that in the back?

KEN: (Whispers back) Oh, that's Natalie… Jon's fiancée.


JON: (Steps back and waves at the group) Enjoy, guys.

Jon leaves.

NATE: (Starts to distribute the tickets) Okay, let's get this thing started.

Scene fades into the next.


Scene opens on a very indecisive Lorelai at the counter — talking to her husband. Behind them, we see some other townies spread throughout the diner.

LORELAI: No, I think I'll have one of those fudge brownies for dessert… (shakes her head) No!... no… how about some vanilla ice cream instead?

LUKE: (Stands there looking at her) Whatever you want.

LORELAI: Nope… nope… instead I will get the brownie. (Adds) Ooh! With ice cream on top!

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes, then sighs) Fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream on top… coming up.

Luke takes a few steps away from her.

LORELAI: (Holds up her hand) Never mind! (Looks to her right) How about a piece of lemon meringue pie?

LUKE: (Nods) You got it.

The front door opens and none other than Debbie Hogarth shows up at the counter.

DEBBIE: (As she sets a fairly large novel and her purse on the counter) Hey Lorelai.

LORELAI: (A hint of annoyance hits Lorelai's face, but she greets her politely) Hey. (Sees the book on the counter) That looks like a lot of reading.

DEBBIE: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts? (As she takes a seat) I'm only halfway through, but it's very intriguing. (Adds) You know, Johnny Depp is supposed to play the lead character.

LORELAI: (Tentatively) Oh yeah?

LUKE: (Places a plate with a piece of pie) Lemon Meringue…

LORELAI: (Makes a face at Luke as Debbie observes) Oh no… did I say Lemon Meringue? I meant… (points) Apple Pie.

LUKE: (Sighs a bit, then takes the plate in his hand) Okay…

DEBBIE: (Adds) Hey, Luke… I will take that. (Chuckles) Lemon Meringue sounds really good right now.

LUKE: Oh… great, it's the last piece. (Lorelai's eyes follow the plate as he places it in front of Debbie. Then looks at Lorelai) Apple Pie, coming right up.

DEBBIE: (Looks at Lorelai and gives her a quick smile before she takes a fork and dives in) Yum.

Scene fades on Lorelai as she wears a subtle yet comical frown.


Scene opens on a jolly group of friends exiting the Private Eyes bar. The group divides into two as they approach the screen. Rory and Trevor take a few steps away and turn to each other…

TREVOR: (Chuckles) Well, that was fun…

RORY: (Smiles) Yeah… definitely.

TREVOR: (Looks over at the group, then at Rory) So… I think I should get going.

RORY: (Surprised) Oh, where are you going to stay? (Gestures) Nate said there were plenty of rooms at the house…

TREVOR: Nah. I have a couple of friends near Lexington — I can crash there.

RORY: Oh, okay.

TREVOR: (Explains) Hey, thanks for inviting me. And if you want to hang out again sometime… don't hesitate to call.

RORY: (With a curious smile) Oh… "hang out"… ?

TREVOR: (Smiles) Yeah, I hear I make a good friend to some unsuspecting poor souls. (Subtly gestures at the group — mainly at one particular person) besides, it seems like you're somewhat into… someone else.

RORY: (Is completely surprised by this that she can't even form words) Oh my…

TREVOR: Tell him thanks? (Rory nods. Then with a smile, Trevor leans in and gives her a kiss on the cheek) Take care, Rory.

NATE: (Turns to look at them as Trevor steps away. He asks Rory) He's not going to join us?

RORY: (Sighs, then shakes her head) No.

Scene cuts to next…


Scene opens on Rory (dressed casually), with a book in one hand, wandering the very dimly lit house. As she turns the corner, Rory finds herself in an already occupied kitchen. A very casually dressed Nate is in the kitchen.

NATE: (Busy making what seems to be a sandwich, looks up) Hey, couldn't sleep either?

RORY: (Shakes her head) Not really. (Looks at the counter and sees a big jar of peanut butter, and another big jar of strawberry jelly)

NATE: (Notices her looking at the contents on the counter) I haven't had one of these in a very long time. Want to share a sandwich with me, Gilmore?

RORY: (With a subtle, yet childish grin, she nods) Yes, please.

NATE: (For a brief moment, he looks up at Rory) So it's a shame Trevor couldn't join our midnight snack.

RORY: (Sighs) Yeah.

NATE: (Casually) So, what happened there? He didn't like us?

RORY: (Lets out a sigh combined with a chuckle) Oh no… he really enjoyed tonight. But… (shakes her head as she ponders)…

NATE: (As he cuts the sandwich in the middle) But what?

RORY: (Chuckles) Nothing… really.

NATE: (Not wanting to push it) Okay.

RORY: (Intoxicated by the very late hour, and the one drink she had previously) He thinks I have a "thing" for…. (adds as she looks up at him) you.

NATE: (Looks up quizzically, then a moment later – he laughs) Is that so?

RORY: (Taken back, she makes a serious expression – which Nate catches) Well…

NATE: (Any sign of a smile vanishes…) Rory?

RORY: (Not sure how to revive the situation, she decides to be forthright) Well, there may be some truth to it… (nervously smiles) I mean…

NATE: (Completely taken back, he stands up straight a bit) I see.

RORY: (Slowly forces herself to look at his eyes) I mean… I…

NATE: (Unsure of how to accept this, he subtly shakes his head) I'm not sure…

RORY: (Cuts him off as she realizes he is taken back) No… don't say anything. I don't know what came over me…

They are interrupted by Stacy (in what is presumably a t-shirt owned by Nate - and nothing else). Rory, looking a little flushed, looks at Stacy enter the kitchen.

STACY: (Completely oblivious) Hey guys… (slightly pats Nate on his upper arm) I'm starving! Oh, good… you've made something…

The two uncomfortable characters in the scene watch her as she takes half of the sandwich, takes a bite of it, and walks over to the refrigerator.

RORY: (With a sudden expression of embarrassment, she gets off the stool and stutters her way out of the kitchen) I-I think I'm starting to f-fall asleep. (Forces a smile but fails to look at either of them) Goodnight.

STACY: (Occupied with the refrigerator) G'night!

As a blurred Stacy walks around in the background, camera slowly zooms in on Nate's expression of regret.

Scene fades.


VOICE OVER: Next week on an all new Gilmore girls…

VOICE OVER: Choices were made…

The ending scene of 8.15, as an embarrassed Rory Gilmore walks out of the DiLuca kitchen.

RORY: (On the phone) Mom, I can't believe I did what I did! (Slaps her forehead) What was I thinking?!

VOICE OVER: … that may end a friendship… prematurely.

RORY: (To Lane in what seems like her apartment) He's acting as if nothing happened.


NATE: (To Rory at the shelter — Sternly) What do you want me to do, Rory?

VOICE OVER: And all she can think about is how she may have just screwed it up…

Rory sighs.

VOICE OVER: Until, of course, she receives a phone call…

A STRANGER: (On the phone) Rory Gilmore?

RORY: (Curiously) Yes, that's me.


A scene of Rory, deep in thought, walking on the streets of Stars Hollow at night.

VOICE OVER: Lorelai, on the other hand has problems of her own…

LORELAI: (To Sookie) I just don't like her.


VOICE OVER: …and she goes by the name of, "Hormones."

LORELAI: (Pouts) No, Debbie.


LUKE: (Shakes his head as if he'd heard the most ridiculous thing) Lorelai, what the hell are you talking about?

VOICE OVER: Stay tuned for an all new Gilmore girls next week as the girls take another step in a direction that may change their life forever.


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