Hank Landry slowly opened his eyes to take in a vaguely familiar white blur which was occasionally interrupted by other, blob shaped blurs that appeared to be mostly blue, with shades of black, brown, yellow, and skin tones. He blinked, wrinkled his nose, and squinted his eyes shut again. When he opened them the next time, the SGC's infirmary wavered into view, and he discovered that the biggest of those blurs was, in fact, his daughter. The other ones were Mitchell, Jackson, Carter, Vala, Teal'c, and Jack O'Neill.

"Why does my head feel like somebody drilled a hole in it?" he demanded of Carolyn, then he winced at the strained and gravelly tone of his own voice.

"Well, that would have been our next option, sir," quipped Mitchell.

"What?" Landry asked sharply.

"What's the last thing you remember?" smiled Carolyn, laying her hand on his wrist. Her fingers tightened, and he frowned, attempting to lift his head from the pillow.

His head protested violently, and he let himself fall back again. "Bad idea."

"Mmm-hmm," Carolyn's smile widened.

"Well. Last thing I remember—taking a shower last night—oh, damn! I forgot to put away the ice cream, didn't I?" he sighed heavily.

"Don't worry, sir, we took care of it," Mitchell chuckled.

"We?" Jack arched an eyebrow.

"Okay, General O'Neill cleaned up the ice cream. But that was after the rest of us found you on your bedroom floor," Mitchell said.

"What?" Landry's eyes widened.

"In your bathrobe," nodded Vala with a grin, her hand moving absently to scratch the ears of the beagle puppy whose paws were draped over her arm.

Landry raised his free hand to his eyes. "Great."

"That was nine days ago, Dad," explained Carolyn. "You've been a coma for most of that time."


"Those headaches you were having? Turns out that they were caused by a brain tumor. Colonel Carter used the Asgard beam to remove it yesterday…"

Landry held up his hand. "Carolyn. Would you do me a favor and explain this all to me again when the hole in my head goes away?"


Sam and Jack's wedding was held that spring in General Hammond's backyard. Cassie Fraiser was Sam's maid of honor, with Carolyn and Vala as bridesmaids. Daniel stood up for Jack, while Cam and Teal'c argued over the position of head usher right up until the day of the ceremony, when Sam appointed them both to the position.

Daniel had never seen Sam so radiant or Jack so nervous. He fumbled with the ring and almost dropped it, but Daniel made sure he didn't. He fought the urge to laugh, and at the same time found himself having to surreptitiously remove his glasses and wipe his eyes. Everyone there knew, to one degree or another, how long this day had been in coming, but of the guests, only Daniel and Teal'c had truly seen the pain of sacrifice that that their teammates had silently endured. None of them had ever spoken of iti—there was no need to among the members of SG-1—but now, with the day finally here, even Teal'c's mouth widened in a satisfied smile. Then, as the happy couple shared a kiss, Vala's grin was decidedly smug, but Daniel decided to let her have her moment of triumph without a reprimand from him.

The bridesmaids and other female guests vied hotly for the bouquet, but in the end, the coveted prize was won by Spike the beagle. The girls all let loose with a chorus of shrieking protests and took off to chase the dog—except Sam, who only covered her face with her hand and shook her head, and Vala, who calmly walked away from the group, whistled, and then beamed at Daniel when the dog scampered up to her and dropped the flowers at her feet.

"I did not plan this," she said firmly, but no one particularly believed her.

The wedding party had seen to it that Jack's pick-up truck was appropriately decorated, and as the newly married O'Neills drove off into the conveniently setting sun, Mitchell turned and took Carolyn in his arms while her father looked on with a grin of approval. Their lips met, and Daniel slid his arm around Vala's shoulders.

"Well, honey, what are you going to do now? Looks like there's no more matchmaking for you to do."

Vala lifted her shoulder in a half shrug and smirked. "Well, darling. I can always work on making sure we have some more weddings."

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