Hello again everyone! I was re-reading my old stories and reading some new ones posted by some very talented writers (like Opaque Opal) and was inspired. I'd like to point out that some of the ideas or chapters will be thought of by Opaque so please read the A/N note at the beginning to see whose work your reading lol.

My idea: An ugly girl ironically named Rose is a servant for Frollo. She watches what goes on during the whole "movie" time; how he's obsessed with Gypsies and Esmeralda and such. We see her thoughts about it. No Phoebus in the story; it'll be following the outline of the movie, not the complete thing itself. So one night she's at a pub working another job for her drunken father and she overhears something about gypsies. Accepting a bet to go to the graveyard/Court of Miracles...she gets caught. It'll be a Clopin/OC fanfic.


"Rose, you best be careful. That Judge has a wicked temper at times and if you slip up once morally, he'll not only fire you but arrest you as well!" A longer working servant warned the new girl.

The girl she spoke to was seventeen and considered on the path of 'spinster hood'. While most girls her social class was off married by the age of fifteen, even sixteen, she was single and alone. That was why she worked two jobs; Servant at the Palace of Justice and a waiter at some pub.

It was quite ironic about the Palace of Justice; she thought when she had entered. Most people were falsely charged and put to death or inflicted pain upon. It rarely brought Justice to the public, like finding a diamond in your backyard. It was also ironic that this girl be named 'Rose' when the last thing she looked like was a flower.

Her hair was waist long, a dark red like fire. Although this would have been beautiful, the ends were split and it was constantly frizzy. In an attempt to control her wild hair, she pinned it up with several pins. Despite this making her looking like a walking Lightning rod, it kept her hair down and out of her face.

She was tall and gangly in a way. She stood proudly at five foot seven, something very rare for girls her age and social class. Her body held muscle from working since she was young, since her mother died at the age of twelve. And although she had muscle, she hadn't an ounce of fat on her. This was bittersweet for while she was not overweight, she didn't appear to be a good 'child bearer'. This also damaged her chance for marriage.

Her eyes, which should have been the most exotic feature of her since her mother had them as well, were plain and dull. They sparkled, oh yes, and shined with whatever she felt…but they were a common boring color; brown. No hint of green, no twinkle of blue. Just brown.

Her forehead was too big and too wide. Her skin was too dark sometimes. Her lips were a pale pink, boring once more. To make matters worse, her once full of life rosy cheeks were pale now.

All in all, the last thing one could describe her with was 'beauty'.

She was ugly; the end.

Despite her looks, her personality was…well, shocking. She had a feisty spirit when provoked but rarely seen. The attack of her mother had made her timid, scared to speak up. A church mouse was louder than her at times!

She read but could not write; she could quote some Philosophers by heart; she knew what piece of art was made by whom. She was intelligent in books and hardly considered smart in house work.

This ugly girl, however, would have to travel a surprising and interesting road soon enough. She would have to help gypsies, the very thing she was supposed to hate because of her mother. She would have to defy the most powerful man in Paris despite her respect for him.

All because of a stupid bet…

Next chapter: We see her first day in life, morning, Frollo's palace…etc. We see what her typical day is like in other words. We see what her family is like and a hint of her past. Review please.