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Clopin lay on the ground, unconscious. There was a slash to his cheek which bled slowly but freely; aside from that, he looked alright. His breathing sounded normal for someone who just got into a sword fight in the dark, fast from action and fear of not knowing where he was or who he hit.

The window was open, allowing the cold air to rush in. The light from the full blown moon gave illumination to the small blood puddle that wrapped around Clopin's head and face. Rose came to one conclusion; Claude must have cut him, knocked him out, and escaped through the window.

Without a moment to spare, she ran towards the gypsy and carefully rolled him over, placing his head on her lap. Ignoring the fact that she sat on the blood puddle, she gently ran her hand around his head, her fingers sliding through his silky-oily hair to ensure there were no bumps or cuts.

A soft groan left his lips, those lips that Rose wanted to kiss. Resisting doing so, she looked around and frowned. Of course; this was an abandoned hide out that had no medical supplies. What was she thinking? Adjusting him so she could rip the edge of her expensive dress off, she dabbed the cut. She needed to clean it before an infection came.

"Clopin." She whispered. "Clopin, get up. Come on, please. Wake up." She knew damn well that she couldn't pick him up.

"Birds and candy…" he murmured, his head moving back and forth slightly. Rose paused in her attempts to wake him up; what in the world was he dreaming of? "Candy and flowers…sweet smelling flowers. Beautiful flower…"

She blinked. Was it possible that he was thinking, dreaming, of her? Rose shook her head, not wanting to be silly enough to even think of that. "Clopin!" She shook him a little bit more though she knew not to shake him too hard. What if she hurt him more? Killed him?

This made her stop. She froze. The very idea that he could die made her heart get caught in a vice. Tears swelled up in her eyes briefly, the idea making her tremble. For him to die right now or even later, for him to die before she confessed her feelings…oh how horrible! Covering her face briefly, she wiped away the tears and whispered his name.

Slowly he opened his eyes.

"Rose…what?" He softly spoke with confusion in his eyes. "Where are we?"

Swallowing back her tears, she smiled at him. "You don't remember? Frollo and you fought in this stinky cottage…shed…whatever, and he ran. How do you feel?"

"I just got hit in the head; what do you think?" There was a taunting smile on his face. "I feel good…now that an angel is watching over me." In his tone held a hint of drunkenness though there was no way he could have touched a drop of liquor that night.

"An angel? Clopin; the bump to your head is far worse than I feared." She frowned, no joking in her tone. Both of them knew she was hideous; after all, he didn't call her 'princess' out of kindness.

"I'm fine…if anything I've seen things clearer now." He whispered his affection, grabbing her hand with his gloved one. Her cheeks flushed immediately and warmed her whole face.

"…You speak nonsense." She looked away. She knew very well she was no longer really engaged to Frollo and strangely…she didn't mind. If anything, she was…happy! "Hush and let me clean the cut; I saw a well outside."

A week had passed.

It turned out that Esmeralda somehow persuaded the captain not to arrest her or any of the gypsies. In fact, she persuaded him so much that they were getting married! Rose was stunned just like Clopin.

Both of them looked away when they heard the news, congratulating them weakly. Though a thought crossed both their minds, they refused to ponder it; if an esteemed leader of soldiers and the beautiful gypsy could marry, why couldn't they? So for the rest of the evening, they avoided one another.

Yet when Esmeralda's wedding came, Rose watched with a grin to see Clopin reluctantly give her away. She wished her father would sober up one day and give her away…if she were to ever marry. Had her mother lived, she would be in Esmeralda's place right now, of that she was sure.

Her mother…she knew Frollo had to kill her. After Clopin had protected her and helped her so much, it just had to be true. Yet she felt her presence all around her, pushing her gently towards the man she herself had helped when she was alive. Was this her way of guiding her to a better life? Oh the irony; a better life with a…a…gypsy.

As Rose walked with Clopin through the city though, she looked shy. "You…Did you mean what you said?"

"At the wedding?" He blinked, looking over at her sudden question. Their eyes met, they looked away.

"No at the hide out that day. When you got up from the injury…" She let her sentence trail, obviously hesitant of the whole thing.

Clopin looked at her, silent for the longest moment. If he said no, she wouldn't be surprised…though she would be hurt. One never got used to being ugly, being called names and tormented. If they did, something surely was wrong.


"Does that…mean we could have a future?" She asked, looking at him with hope dim in her eyes. They paused as they went past a stand selling poetry.

Both of them were caught up in the sample the man was reading to people of all ages. It was a romantic poem, one of great common knowledge. Clopin looked at Rose with a smile.

"I'm like Cyrano with my big nose…"

"And I?" She blinked, knowing he wanted to add more.

Taking a step closer, noticing her skin flush instantly, he whispered, "You are like a rose from Romeo and Juliet…a rose by any other beauty is just as beautiful."

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