Pimp My Sculptor

Chapter 8: Power Wash!

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Itachi finished undressing in silence as Deidara continued to whimper and tug at his cuffs. He stopped moving when Itachi climbed onto the bed and sat between Deidara's legs. The Uchiha wrinkled his nose at the bloody, messy state Deidara's body was in. The dark haired man slid a slender finger swiftly down the inside of a thigh and Deidara shivered. Itachi held up the finger, now coated with blood and raspberry lubrication, and scowled.

"I cannot work with this. Stay," Itachi sighed and swept out of the room, naked. Deidara waited in the silence, trying to listen for any noise outside in the hall. He heard raised voices and Kisame's distinctive chuckle and then Itachi returned with Kisame, who was holding onto a frantic Sasori.


Sasori smiled.


"Enough chit chat," Kisame growled. He stared at bare assed Itachi for a moment before the Uchiha gave him a dark look. The shark nin snapped out of it and summoned a clone to hold onto Sasori and then strode over to Deidara. He smirked down at the blond, who closed his legs and looked away, remembering their previous encounter together.

"No, open those back up, Itachi said you need a bath," Kisame said and he gripped Deidara's knees and forced them apart. When the shark nin removed a hand to make the seal for his water summoning technique, Deidara locked his legs together again. Kisame snarled in frustration. Then Itachi stepped in. He climbed on the bed and sat on Deidara's waist. Deidara stared at Itachi's pale back as the Uchiha forced his legs wide open again.

With his hands now free, Kisame did his stuff, shooting a high pressure stream of water directly on Deidara's ass. The blond gasped from the cold water. Itachi got a face full of it too, and when Kisame stopped, he started to mutter an apology. Itachi shook his dark hair and flicked water all over Kisame and Deidara, but said nothing. Kisame thought about leaving now that his work was done, but seeing Itachi drop his head down to do God knows what to Deidara's freshly power washed ass made him change his mind.

"No! Leave him alone, Uchiha!" Sasori suddenly shouted. Kisame rolled his eyes and grabbed a sock lying on the floor and shoved it in the puppet's mouth. Kisame got rid of his clone and restrained Sasori himself. If the show got too hot, he could make good use of Sasori. A sudden cry from the bed made Kisame whip his head back to the action. Itachi, while still sitting on Deidara, was thrusting his fingers in and out while flicking his tongue teasingly over the tip of the blond's cock. Kisame licked his lips and unconsciously ground against the puppet pressed to his body. Sasori mumbled indignantly.

Itachi crawled in between Deidara's legs and guided himself in. Kisame started to dry hump the puppet, matching the rhythm of Itachi's thrusts. The Uchiha didn't last long, and pulled out of Deidara and his milky seed splattered Deidara's skin. Itachi got to his feet and brushed his hair out of his eyes. When he turned to Kisame, the shark nin pushed Sasori to the ground, tossed the Uchiha over his shoulder and ran out of the room. Sasori rushed over to Deidara and tried to free him, but the cuffs were too tight and he had no key. Deidara looked up at Sasori with watery eyes, his lip trembling. Sasori stopped prying at the cuffs and wrapped his arms around the blond and dropped his head to Deidara's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry…so sorry," Sasori murmured against Deidara's skin. The blond smiled slightly.

"I know, Danna. I don't blame you."


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