Scorpius Malfoy sat on the train, slowly flipping through a quidditch magazine. He sighed and threw the magazine to the side glaring at the empty compartment. His friends had deserted him. It was the start of their third year and the others who had been sharing his compartment had left. They had muttered something about the Gryfindors that were sitting in the compartment a few doors down.

Normally, he would have jumped at the opportunity to annoy other houses (especially Gryfindor) but he felt restless and even the thought of jinxing unsuspecting students did not seem to amuse him. He sighed as he started around the empty benches and again wondered if he had been put in the correct house.

It was true, Scorpius was an ambitious student. He wanted to do well and he was extremely clever. He knew one day he wanted to join the ministry and restore the Malfoy name to power. And yet, he was so different than the other Slytherin students. He enjoyed wizard duals and trying out new spells, but when it came to using these spells, he wanted an opponent that could give him a challenge. Most others he rode with went after the weaker or younger students. In fact, that was probably why he was not out with them now. He used surprise attacks as an advantage, but only on someone who could defend themselves.

He liked his friends, even if they did not share the same idea of fun. They played quidditch, and made fun of assignments they did not like. They shared jokes and books and snuck out of their rooms to try and out prank other students. But Scor still felt bored. He was tired of the same old routine at school. He was restless, and that did not improve his temper. Scorpius was famous for having the Malfoy glare and temper. And if this was how he felt going off to school, it did not bode well.

Scorpius was shaken from his melancholy when the door to his compartment slammed open. A small girl (a first year by the look of her) dashed in. After a quick peek out the window into the hall, she backed up quickly. She turned and saw Scorpius, and she quickly smiled and winking at him.

Putting a finger to her lips she said, "Shh, don't tell him I'm here." And with that, the small girl jumped on the bench and scrambled up onto the luggage rack. She squeezed behind Scorpius' trunk and seemed to disappear. Just then the door slammed open again.

"I know you are somewhere on this train! Come out right now or I swear…." James Sirius Potter stood in the doorway looking livid. His brown eyes were flashing as he quickly scanned the room. It was then that Scorpius noticed that instead of the normally messy black locks, James' hair seemed slicked down to his head with spikes coming out at odd angles all around his head that wasn't the worst though. Instead of the shiny black hair James was so proud of, it was a bright bubblegum pink with purple eyebrows! Scorpius' eyebrows shot up and he smirked. He was never one to laugh out loud, but this was amusing enough that he almost did.

James looked at Scorpius. "Oy, Malfoy, have you seen a little redhead running around?" James' teeth were clenched and he was breathing hard. Scorpius was a master of emotion and he looked at the older boy with a straight face. "You mean besides all of your cousins? No, I can't say that I have. Don't tell me you made your little cousin Rosie mad now. Tsk Tsk Potter."

With jaw still clenched, James glared, "No, it wasn't my cousin." And with that he stormed down the hall yelling, "You can't hide forever! This train does stop and when it does…!"

Scor waited until the shouting dies down the hall and called up quietly to the young girl. "You can come down, the coast is clear." He watched as a small face peaked around the trunk. She was silently laughing. He watched as her eyes glowed. Her cheeks were rosy and flushed. Scorpius found himself smiling back at her and shaking his head. "I take it you are the one Potter can thank for the makeover?"

The young girl jumped from the rack and landed on the bench next to Scorpius. She sat down and smiled brightly. "Yeah, I've been practicing that for weeks. Not with a wand of course, but I'm glad to see it works." Scorpius stared down and ice blue eyes met warm copper eyes. Her red hair was so dark, it was mahogany and he imagined that it looked quite black in dim light. He was used to seeing red hair on the train. It came in abundance when you added up all the Weasleys that currently attended Hogworts. This was different. It was darker. He had never seen red hair quite like this. Add those copper eyes, and it would be a dangerous combination when she was older.

"Brave to try that out on a fifth year though."

"Oh what's he going to do? I mean he can try to change my hair color, but he will be more worried about changing back before we get back to school. And then he will be on to bigger fish." This little girl was right. James and his cousin Fred would be more worried about their latest pranks than worrying about a little first year. He saw her head turn to the door.

"I think I can make a run for it. Thanks for keeping my secret Malfoy." She smiled at him again. It was such a warm bright smile that he found himself smiling back rather than giving his classic smirk. With a mischievous wink, she was out the door. After she left, the small space seemed to lose a glow and he scowled again. He had forgotten to ask her name.