Mawrharhar... welcome to the evilly horribly written thing I call my epilogue!

Recently, I've gotten super re-obsessed with Mahou Sensei Negima! So I think I'll write a fanfic on that next... don't worry, I'll come back and dabble some more in Gyakuten Saiban (and hopefully Teen Titans for those who are still waiting for it). Then again, I have a million obsessions, so you dunno what one I might write on next. But really, it's only the stuff I'm super obsessed with that I ramble about... so yeah... anyways... Useless little epilogue thingie, coming right up! Oh and it's really short, because it's not really meant to be a full chapter. I mean... really really short...

RIGHT. FORGOT ONE THING. If you're wondering where the name Faye Bifeng came from, here it is. Faye obviously was taken from Fey to create some sort of connection. And Bi Feng in Chinese means to shelter from the wind. So from my little interpretation thingie, it's meant to say that you'd better hide, because a storm is coming... or something like that... Blehs, it made sense at the time. My stupid Chinese is pretty bad, so don't believe everything I say. lol

Note: In this chapter, it mentions "Bamboo Shinais". They're those bamboo swords used in Kendo. I believe I mentioned one in chapter 6.

Ch 11

March 13, 1:30 PM
Wright Anything Agency

Cramped. That's how Apollo would describe life at the Anything Agency now. Because Maya Fey, who had been channeling Mia Fey all along, had now been freed from the grasp of an evil madman, she made the decision to move in with the Wrights... plus Apollo. Now, Mr. Wright shared a room with Apollo, while Maya boarded with Trucy. Things were okay, except that Mr. Wright obviously was not a person who does not kick in their sleep. Not to mention that fact that he snores, and loves to steal all the blanket and sleep on it.

Mr. Wright's old photo album had proved to be true, Maya did have 3 stomachs. Not only was she eating a hole right through Mr. Wright's wallet, she was moving onto Apollo's. However, things were looking good. Mr. Wright recently retook his bar exam, and he was sure to pass with flying colours, Trucy had been hired to perform at several popular venues, and Apollo had gained popularity and now was getting several requests for him to defend people already.

The place also seemed to liven up because, not only had Maya been a new addition to the family, but in a way, Mia as well. Once in awhile Maya would channel the ex-defense attorney, who would give him some tips and teach him several defense techniques and laws that he didn't even known about before. She was nice and very helpful indeed, but somehow, his mind kept thinking about the pile of broken bamboo shinais he had seen in the basement.

Apollo stared out the window absentmindedly as he thought deeply about his life now. When he had first moved into the Wright Anything Agency, he most certainly didn't want to stay for long. But without him realizing it, he began to feel more and more as if he was at home.

"What'cha daydreaming about Polly?" A boisterous voice suddenly cut into his thoughts.

"Hm... nothing much. Just thinking about how things are looking up now." Apollo replied to Trucy without turning around.

There was a moment of silence.

"Hey Trucy?"


"I love you."

Trucy flushed. "You what!?"

Apollo chuckled, "You seriously took it in that way? Of course not. I mean as a family member."

Trucy blushed nervously and turned away, "Geez, don't confuse me like that." she grumbled.

"I never knew my parents, so living with you and Mr. Wright has really made me feel at home. Thanks Trucy."

"You're very welcome." Trucy grinned.

Maya suddenly burst into the room exclaiming, "HEY HEY HEY!!! What are you two doing just staring out the window? Planning a marriage or something? We haven't got all day, chop chop, let's go out to eat!"

Apollo groaned, "Didn't we just have lunch an hour and a half ago?"

"Well, you obviously don't know anything don't you? That was an hour and a half ago, now is now. That was lunch, this is an afternoon snack. Besides, I've got a stomach for each meal of the day! Now let's hurry up and get outta here!"

Apollo sighed, was it just him, or did this woman grow even more stomachs? "I'll go get my wallet."

Maya clapped her hands together cheerfully. "Great! I'll go get Nick."

Within minutes, the trio, dragging Mr. Wright behind, were taking a walk through the crisp air that March brought. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and children were playing in the parks.

Walking with a family through the city, his family, was just a dream for him when he was younger, never once did he believe it would come true.

Today was a beautiful day, and life couldn't be better. Apollo had to agree with himself, that he wouldn't change anything for the world.

BLEHS. Boring epilogue. Just tying a few loose ends like, what happened to Maya after and stuff like that. Hope that just about covers things folks. I hope you've enjoyed my sorry excuse of a story and I hope you will read my next one, even if it is of a different fandom.

By the way, not that it means anything much, but this is the first fan fic I've ever brought myself to finish, I'm so proud of myself. lol

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