A/N: HUGE! Big ole thanks to my best friend VeroniqueC for collaborating with me on this epic sexcapade! I know you'll all love it just as much as we loved writing it!! --HUH-- SEXY!

Jacob sighed heavily into the night as he rolled onto his side. Sleep evaded him for the ninth night in a row. It wasn't as if he hadn't kept busy between school and everything else. Television even took a side-seat to homework late at night when there was nothing to do but listen to his own breathing.

He tried everything. Exercising before bed – that did nothing but get his heart rate up – Warm milk – which gave him a stomach ache and kept him in the bathroom rather – even late night PBS fundraisers became interesting! He eventually went so far as to "hypnotize" himself with the swinging end of his necklace. Nothing worked.

He sighed again and rolled to the opposite side. A soft blue light flashed on his skin, lighting up his heavy – yet sleepless – eyelids. He reached over and snapped the cell phone out of its cradle where it was charging and rolled onto his back. He held the phone against his stomach for as long as he could stand before flipping the top and looking at the time. It was late. Too late to call.

He dialed the number.

Chapter One: Midight Call

"Hello..?" I croaked out - trying to mask my sleepy tone - slightly out of breath. A smooth deep voice answered on the other end. I knew it was him though his phone-voice registered much deeper than normal. I wondered if he did it on purpose.

"Hey. Did I wake you up?" he asked, though I knew he was certain.

"It's fine. You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"It's a little late to be calling without an emergency don't you think?" I asked, stretching out beneath the blankets. I pulled them to my chin and settled in, letting Jacob's deep voice wash over me.

"I know, I'm sorry. I can't sleep," he answered in defeat. He sounded exhausted.

"What's wrong, Jake?"

"Nothing. I just can't sleep." We sighed in unison and I heard him chuckle. I closed my eyes and smiled. "Were you dreaming?"

"Mm-hmm." I heard him sigh again. "About you actually."

"What about me?" he asked in an even lower pitch, with a seductive manner. I grinned stupidly and pulled the blankets over my head.

"About our first night on the beach." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"That was a fun night. You flirted with me shamelessly."

"I'll have you know, I was quite ashamed!"

"'Quite' is relative."

"To what?" Silence filled the phone-line and all I could hear was his steady breathing.

"I don't actually know. It just sounded good in my head. It's too late to think that hard," he laughed.

"Too late, indeed."

"I'm sorry. I needed to talk to someone and you're first on my list." My heart spluttered at his sentiment. Jacob was always my number one go-to guy when I was having a bad day, stressed about exams at university, or just plain ole' lonely. "Now what happened in your dream?"

"Uhm…" I struggled to recall the fading images. "It started with me driving up to the lot. I drove my truck."


"And I got out and the wind was blowing really hard. I remember that. I had to put my hair in a ponytail before I threw my shoes in the truck. Then I walked down through the sand and there were no rocks this time. Which is weird, I think, because practically the whole thing is rocks. Anyway, I was walking in the sand, and the water was really cold. I think my feet might have been out of the covers or something."

He laughed.

"So then you kind of appear out of nowhere and you're standing right in front of me."


"And I gave you a hug." I could hear his satisfied hum through the receiver. "Then we walked over and sat on our tree, but it didn't look like our tree. It was more like the big oak that fell over out in the woods by my house. You know the one?"


"Right. So we're sitting on our tree and you start talking about how you're trying to get a job down at Newton's and I said, 'What? Why?! Mike is just going to want to kill you if he sees us working together.' But you insisted and I definitely wasn't complaining. I could use the company anyway, ha-ha." He laughed again and gave me a maybe. I really wouldn't have minded if he had decided to work with me. I didn't mind more than he knew. "Anyway… that's about it," I dithered.

"That's it? What else happened?"

"Oh nothing important," I lied. Of course, he saw right through me.

"I don't believe you. What else happened, hmm?" He was smiling again. I could almost see it in my mind. He was probably lying in bed, in his boxers, half covered in the sheets, grinning just as wide as me.

"Nothing, Jacob. Geez!"

"Ahh, she's getting defensive," he pointed out. "You're hiding something." I grimaced and put my hand over my face. I didn't want to admit to him that the rest of my dream involved a steamy make-out session on the beach and that his late-night phone call woke me up just before we were about to…well. "Oh, c'mon. It's just me. You can tell me."


"Did you kiss me?" he asked eagerly. I heard him rustling around in bed, probably sitting up to pay attention. I hesitated, opening my mouth and snapping it shut several times.


"I knew it." He was loving this. "I could hear it in your voice," he chuckled and I heard him settle down in the covers again. "What was it like?"

"It was like a kiss!" I chided.

"Yeah, but could you feel it? Did it turn you on?"


"What?" He was holding back a laugh at my outburst, which made a blush creep up from my chest. "I'm just curious."

"You're such a dog…"

"Woof," he joked. I laughed and squeezed my eyes shut. I wanted to tell him all about it, but I was too embarrassed to let him know that I was out of breath even now. "Tell me, please," he whined.



"Oh, grow up," I giggled. Oh god – now I was giggling – what next? Twirling the phone cord around my pinky? He didn't respond, so I took a deep breath and continued. "It was actually pretty sexy. You had your hands in my hair, pulling it, and biting my neck. Then uhm…"


"I'm getting to it!" He chuckled and I took another deep breath. My hands were starting to shake. "Then you scooted closer and put your arm around my stomach and pulled me in. Your hands were on my hips and I leaned in to kiss you again, but you backed away and I kissed your jaw instead. You were scruffy," I giggled again and he laughed. "And you weren't wearing a shirt. You looked like you do now – tall and muscular and everything. I put my hand on your chest and you pushed it up around your neck. I was almost leaning in so far I could sit on your lap."

"Mmm, that sounds fantastic," he mumbled and I heard the blankets shift again. "What were you wearing?"

I held in my laugh at his question which sounded more like one of those creepy perverts than the sweet innocent Jacob I knew and loved. "A black button down shirt and khaki capris."


"Comfortable," I corrected.

"Go on, what happened next?" I was beginning to feel slightly less embarrassed, as the nervousness died away. I decided to go into more detail.

"You grabbed my leg and lifted it onto your lap so I could…straddle you." He hummed again. The shaking in my hands had traveled downward and I started to feel restless. The heat of my blush rose throughout my body, increasing the moisture I already had between my legs. "I sat on you while you kissed down my neck and bit my shoulder. I ran my hands over your stomach and licked your ear and bit down on your earlobe. My hands rubbed your chest and then came up so I could grab your hair and pull on it."

I tried to keep my voice from shaking while I spoke. Everything I described was coming back to my mind's eye with full force. I could smell the salt from the ocean mixed with his earthy scent. I could hear his heavy inhalation through the phone and my heart was beating wildly.

"Damn, babe. That's so hot," he sighed. I bit my lip and closed my eyes tighter. My legs were shaking now, and I couldn't catch my breath.

"Is this turning you on?" I asked shyly.

"Mm-hmm." I could have fallen out of bed from the sound of his dark hum. It was lower still – almost a growl coming from deep in his chest. "How about you?" I was silent for a minute and I could hear him breathing.

"Uh-huh…" I answered with a yielding lungful of air.

"Keep going."


"You were rubbing me and pulling on my hair," he prompted.

"Mmm, yes. You lifted your head to kiss me again, and I bit your lip then sucked on it, and you started to massage my breasts through my shirt. I tried to undo the buttons, but you ripped it open before I had a chance. Then you sucked on one of my nipples and pinched it with your teeth. I pushed my hand between us and grabbed you through your jeans and squeezed you while I rubbed on the outside of the zipper."

"Oh, god…"

"Yeah…" I agreed and a wicked smirk crossed my face. "Are you touching yourself...?" I must have caught him off guard from the way his breathing stopped. "Oh, c'mon, Jacob. It's just me. You can tell me," I mocked him with his own words, putting emphasis on each syllable of his name.


"I knew it." He chuckled and hummed again.

"Are you?" he jumped in.

"No." But my free hand had moved to my stomach and I was scratching my nails over the skin just under the hem of my tank.

"Why not?"


"Because, why?" he pressured. I had to think about it. It definitely wasn't because I wasn't turned on. My panties were probably completely soaked by now.

"Because, I wanted to know if you were, first."

"That's a lame excuse," he pointed.

"Do you want me to?" I knew the answer already.

"Hell yes, I do." His voice was heavy with lust and breathlessness.

"How do you want me to?" I couldn't believe what I was saying!

"Hmm. Cup your hand over yourself and rub your fingers on the outside. Pretend it's me." I did as he said and felt that the fabric was saturated. I let out a quiet moan and traced the outside edges with my finger tips. "Are you wet for me?"

"Yes," I sighed.


"Now what?" I asked.

"Rub yourself and use your thumb to press on your bud."

"Are you still touching yourself?" I asked, following his instructions.


"Are you hard?"

"I'm so hard for you right now. I wish you were here. Sucking on me and licking me."

"I want to run my nails down your chest and wrap myself around you. I would take you inside of me so easy. Shit, Jake. I'm really wet right now."

"I wish I could feel you. I'd slide my fingers into you and feel how hot and tight you are."

"Squeeze yourself harder," I ordered. He groaned and panted into the phone.

"Goddamn, girl. You're killing me."

"Now lick your hand and slide it over the tip." I heard him spit into his hand. He took in a sharp gasp and it made my eyes roll back when he let out a long moan. "Grip yourself and move up and down like I was licking you all over."

"Okay," he panted. The slick sound of his hand pumping along his erection was faint in the background. "I want you to pinch your nipples and make them hard for me. Twist them like I would and pinch them as hard as you can stand." I raked my hand up my stomach and caressed my breasts, rubbing the palm over my nipples. They were already semi-hard and I felt them tighten beneath my hand.

"Jacob…" I moaned, and he breathed heavily.

"Damn, I wanna fuck you."

"Then do it. Grab yourself and pretend your fucking me, hard." He growled and I moved my hand back down to shove it in my underwear. I pushed two fingers inside, then a third, and pumped them roughly. "I can feel you inside of me," I breathed. I could envision him now with the sheets tented and stroking himself while he moaned, holding the phone next to his ear with a shaky grip. The heaviness of my approaching climax increased with each caress of my fingers. I circled my thumb on my aching bud and my knees bent as I inched closer.

"God you're so wet, babe. I can feel how tight you are around me. I'm ramming in to you as hard as I can."

"Yes...oh, yes."

"Can you feel me?"

"Fuck, yes…" And I could feel him surging into me. My skin was slick with sweat and I craved the weight of his heavy body against mine. "Jacob, I'm getting close. Go faster." I could hear the way his breathing shook with the motion of his hands. He was panting and grunting as we neared the end.

"I want to flip you over and put you on your knees. Just bite you all over."

"Would you do that if I was with you?"

"I would fuck your brains out if you were here right now."

"Will you lick me and suck on me?" My breaths were coming in gasps.

"I'll do whatever you want. I'll fuck you sideways if you want me to." My back arched off of the bed as the image filled my thoughts. "You would love a steam-clean wouldn't you? You would love to feel my tongue inside of you."

"Yes, baby. Fuck, I'm close."

"Me, too." He grunted loud when I squealed and bucked under my own hand.

"Cum with me," he pleaded. He must have been further along than I expected. I imagined him biting his full lip and closing his eyes while he listened to my moans. "I'm right with you."

"I can't…I…"

"Cum for me, babe. Move harder and feel me filling you up as far I can go."

"Ja-Jake…" My body was tensing and my hand was tired, but I continued to stroke myself. I squeezed my eyes shut and tiny white lights began to dance around as my orgasm took over. I yelled his name and through the fog of lust I heard him grunt loudly and cry out as he shuddered through his own climax.

I dropped the phone to the bed and gasped for air. I was trembling as I pulled my hand out and rested it on my stomach. My breathing slowed and I heard Jacob's voice in the distance.

"—you okay?" he ended with a chuckle.

"Uuuhhmmm…Yeah…" I sighed and took a deep breath. "You?"

"Oh, yeah... I'm great." His voice was hoarse and deep. "That has to be the hottest thing I've ever experienced." I laughed half-heartedly and pulled the blankets over my rapid cooling body.

"Good dream, huh?"

"Hell yes."

"You should call me more often." He laughed and I heard him shift in bed. The line was silent for a while, until he spoke again.

"Hey uhm…I'm gonna go clean up real quick, okay?"

"Sure," I blushed, thinking of the mess that was probably everywhere now.

"I'll call you back in a bit. Will you be awake?"

"Most likely."

"Great, talk to you soon.," he said smiling.


"Bye, babe. And thank you so much." I smiled and felt the blush return.

"Bye, sexy. I'll be waiting for you." I snapped my phone shut and dropped it back on the bed next to me. Holy hot hell! I could not believe what just happened. I grinned and slapped both hands over my face with a happy groan. I rubbed my temples and sat up to comb the tangles out of my damp hair. Jeezus, my clothes were sticking to me and I stared at the way the light from my window cast shadows from the peaks of my still erect nipples. I chuckled to myself and threw the covers back.

I padded across the cold wood floor to the bathroom – so thankful that Charlie picked this weekend to go on a fishing trip with Billy – and rubbed the goosebumps on my arms. I flicked the light on and leaned on the sink, looking hard into my flushed face.

I looked like I'd been ravished. I splashed my face with some cool water and turned on the shower.

"Shit." I ran back to my room and snatched the phone from the bed. No calls. Whew.

Hot water poured over my back, washing away the sweat and easing my tight muscles. I didn't realize phone-sex was such a work out. I lifted my face to the water and closed my eyes. I imagined Jacob standing in there with me, wrapping his strong arms around my waist, or massaging my scalp with conditioner. I trailed my hands down and they slid effortlessly over my wet skin. I cupped my breasts. The weight of them was comforting. I rubbed my hands over them and squeezed them with a sigh. I couldn't get the sound of Jacob's moaning out of my mind. No more waiting. I rinsed off the rest of my body and stepped out into the steam filled bathroom.

I wrapped a towel around myself and checked the phone. Still no call. He probably fell asleep. I laughed and grabbed another towel to dry my hair. I kept my eye on the phone while I finished in the bathroom.

Still no call.

My clothes flew across the room as I yanked them from the dresser. I slipped into a lacy black and red bra and panties and tugged on some jeans and a low-cut shirt. Jacob wasn't going to know what hit him.