Written for lj's teamtheme, Fudoumine Month
"Kamio is chasing Shinji" - 350 Words

When Akira calls Shinji outside after morning practice, red in the face and stuttering, Shinji thinks it must be because of An-chan. After all, Akira has a crush on An-chan, and Shinji thinks maybe he wants advice on how to tell her. Or ask her on a date. Though he is not sure just how exactly Akira got the idea that he knows much about dating. He has read in a book once, that dating should be to somewhere nice, but Shinji thinks he will not be able to come up with anything to help Akira with An-chan.

Shinji tells Akira and leaves him there spluttering and becoming more red in the face, while Shinji continues muttering about dates and flowers, and he has heard Yukimura likes flowers and that Akira should have asked him, even though there is that Kirihara person and Shinji thinks he is quite rude and maybe Akira should not visit Rikkai after all.

Akira calls Shinji outside during lunch again and takes him to the school's roof. Shinji thinks that is quite stupid, since it is raining outside and they are just going to get wet and catch a cold. Maybe Akira wants to become ill, so he can call An-chan to come visit him and tend to him. But Shinji thinks An-chan wouldn't really make a good nurse.

Shinji says so to Akira and goes back inside once again. (An-chan really wouldn't make a good nurse. Besides, Tachibana-san surely wouldn't agree, because she would have to deal with sick people then and she could infect herself, and it would be too dangerous. His sister caught a flu from her friends once. Shinji bought her a cake then. Maybe Akira should try buying An-chan cakeā€¦) Akira grinds his teeth.

On his way home Akira grabs Shinji's sleeve, pushing him into an alley and presses his mouth to Shinji's before the other can start mumbling. When he is released, Shinji thinks, if Akira wanted to practice how to kiss An-chan, he should just have asked.

Akira wants to bash his head against the wall and cry.