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AAAHH! a songfic! sort of. okay, just one line is from it, otherwise it just inspired me. thought counts!

song: victims of love – good charlotte

Disclaimer: No, as much as I want Roxas to be mine, the characters in this fic belong to Square-Enix.

In the beginning, I tried to warn you. You play with fire, it's gonna burn you. And here we are now, same situation, you never listen.

The blond swiftly walked through the corridor to a certain room in the white castle. She was so confused, even to draw advice from him. She didn't approve much of him as a fighter, barely anyone did. He was kind and peaceful, not always looking for trouble, unlike... someone else. In fact, he was the complete opposite from him, not only elemental at that point.

She opened the door, not bothering to knock. The man inside looked up to her, his aqua green eyes shimmering.

"Larxene. Anything wrong?" Number IX asked her in his melodious voice, slightly startled about her appearance. The blond Nymph lost her facade and came over to her superior, flopping down on his bed.

"D-Demyx,... I ... I don't know what to do..." she stuttered, very close to tears. Demyx looked at her, stunned by her behavior but immediately put an arm around her shoulder, comforting. He stayed silent, letting her continue.

"I don't... we're... I... I've been having these strange... feelings... for..." she said, holding back tears.

"Axel." Demyx finished, sighing innerly.

True, this wasn't the first time Larxene came to him seeking comfort. She visited him from time to time, talking with him about her problems. Demyx could proudly say that he was Larxene's very first friend in the Organization. He was the one who had showed her around the night she arrived. He was the one she first trained with when choosing her weapon. He was the one telling her about the Nobodies.

Lately, her visits had improved. She came to him more frequent, concerned about her stability. Demyx believed that Nobodies had hearts, only their feelings where bound to a certain point, and Larxene shared that thought with him, even though she didn't show the others. She acted different around him, Demyx had realized, only he couldn't quite figure why.

Back to why Larxene came to him, she had told him that she felt stranger than before. Especially in the company of a certain red head. Axel, Flurry of Dancing Flames, only one rank higher than Demyx, making him Number VIII of the thirteenth order. The fiery red head had twisted Larxene's mind with his endless flirting with her but pulling away and backing out in the last second. Demyx knew Larxene tried suppressing these feelings for the Flurry, but sometimes, like now, she couldn't hold her frustration forever.

And sometimes she was reckless, with only Demyx to stop her from making such a mistake that would ruin her, break her, for eternity.

Demyx patted her on the back, softly, while whispering soothing words to the troubled female. She calmed and regained her usual self.

"Better now?" the Nocturne asked softly. Larxene nodded.

"It's just, ... what should I do?" She looked up to him, aqua green meeting emerald.

"I told you before. If he pulls back when it gets more serious, he doesn't... care" Larxene frowned at his words.

"Don't play with fire, it's bound to hurt you."


"Hey, sparks, looking exceedingly womanly today."

"Or maybe it's just your excuse to like me." she flirted back to the red head that had sneaked up on her. He laced his fingers under her chin and pulled it up, coming extremely close to Larxene.

"You wish." he breathed out. The blond smirked at him, not showing her disappointment. On the other side, she moved in on him, gently pushing him against the wall. Axel kept smirking but a flash of insecurity came to his eyes.

"And I thought you liked this." Larxene whispered to his ear, brushing her lips past his hot neck. Axel showed her his trademark smirk.

"You're such an amateur, sparks."

He pushed her off but against the other side of the corridor, pressing his soft lips against hers. Startled, she let him take control, letting him drive crazy with her body. She had to admit, Axel was one hell of a good kisser.

"Get a room, you two."

They parted from each other immediately, Larxene throwing deadly glares at the young blond that had appeared out of nowhere.

"What do you want, Roxas?" Axel snapped, yet smirking at him. Number XIII placed his hands behind his head and his lips curled.

"Just annoy you, that's all."

Larxene growled at him. "I would stab you righ-"

"If you did, superior's gonna kill you." the boy teased. If one laid a finger on the Key of Destiny, said person was dead on the spot, quoted by Xemnas himself. Larxene threw another death sentence at him before stomping off. The two males left started chuckling.

"Why do you keep flirting with her? You know you can't feel." Roxas said once Larxene was out of sight. Axel looked at his short 'friend'.

"It's all just a game, Rox. Who in their right mind would like Larxene?" The two snickered and left the corridor.

Around the corner, the Savage Nymph fell to the floor, crying the nonexistent life out of her.


"Hey water boy! Watcha doin'?" Axel's voice rang through the room. Demyx also heard the almost soundless snicker of Roxas. And, very faint, distant, a cry of pain and emotion. As the Melodious Nocturne he had an extended sense of hearing, not only he could make out every tone played and differ instruments by just listening, but also hear sounds that others are deaf to. Something was wrong.

"Axel, what brings you here?" the dirty blond said cautiously. The Flurry smirked at him.

"Boredom." Roxas snickered again.

"No actually, we wanted to convince you to help us in our quest to find that memory witch. Roxas envies me and Sparks, he needs to get laid."

That swiped the grin off Roxas' face.

"Wha- No I don't! Stop trying to hook me up with that witch!" the blond said furiously. Axel's turn to snicker. Demyx didn't even listen to their pointless conversation, he was too occupied with finding out from where those cries came from. He portalled out of the room for better hearing. Then he heard it clearly, coming from his own room.

"De-emyx... please... where are you..."

Larxene. He was off that instant. Stepping out of the portal, he saw the blond woman, sprawled on his bed, crying into the sheets. Number IX rushed over to her, sat her up and cradled her in his arms. She had her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

"Demyx... he... he..." she cried onto his shoulder.

"Ssshh, it's alright. You don't have to tell me that he was a jerk again." Demyx whispered to her.

"No... he said... that... nobody would ever... like me..." her sobs became more rapid with every word.

"Not true. Never."

"Oh really?!" she snapped with a cracking voice. Demyx held her tighter.

"I like you."

Larxene calmed. "For real? No jokes just 'cause I'm crying?"

He smiled at her, shaking his head."Larx, when have I ever lied to you?"

She couldn't speak.

"I've liked since you came here. Only, " He frowned." you want Axel."

The Nymph still couldn't speak.

"But that's okay, as long as we stay friends at least."

She finally got her voice back and spoke, looking directly into his aqua green eyes.

"All this time?"

He nodded.

"But you never interfered with me and Axel."

"That would have been rude to you. I meant no disrespect." he smiled at her "When he's your number one, then-" but he was cut off by her kissing him. He flinched at the sudden affection but soon replied passionately.

What Larxene had realized then, that one could run after someone all their life, but only ever realize that the person one loved was the one running with them.


"Hey, Demyx, you gonna help us now or-" But the red head stopped in his tracks when he stepped foot over the threshold of the Nocturne's room.

You play with lightening, it's gonna strike you.

aha. I have a great idea for a sequel. a Larxelic sequel.

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