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Demyx picked the wrinkled, once neatly folded, note up, opened it and as his aqua green eyes scanned the yellowish page, they widened, slowly becoming watery.

Dear Demyx,

You and I both know this note will reach you when I am gone from mere existence into final nothingness. No one but one would return from Castle Oblivion, after all, the plan was meant to fail. It was a decoy, to rid those that plan to betray our order. Although Vexen, Lexeaus and I were not with the rebels, we, too, were not expected to return. Hence the reason for this last letter, my final words to you.

We never really talked that much, and now I am regretting it. There were long periods of times that I longed to speak with you, walk with you, be your company. The mere presence of you lightens my spirits and your optimistic mind in even the worst situations like that time in the Pride Lands when those beasts surrounded us and you tried to negotiate with them.

You are such a peaceful person, kind and persuasive. Your element, water, it suits you, perfectly. Always in movement, yet in a steady flow. Calm and deep as the wide oceans. And as the water flows through you, so does your music. The tunes that escape your lips are beautiful, and your talent for the Sitar is stunning. I dare say, that you fight with the voice of a god. The music completes you.

And I have to add, your theory of hearts. I might have never showed it, but I believed your theory. We do have hearts; only we cannot use them fully. We are the Nobodies, risen from those of a strong heart, it would only be natural for us to inherit bits of that heart and treasure it unknown. But even if all reason is against this, I know one thing for sure, which will never change. Even though we are not able to feel, I will always feel for you. You are the light that I will follow when I fall.

I never showed you these feelings, you know that. I knew you liked Larxene with all your heart, and if I really felt for you, I would let you go. But now, knowing that I will not see your bright smile again, I must tell you. I love you.

Yet, somehow I know, we will meet again. I am waiting for that moment to come. Waiting for you, my love. I promise.

And looking back, we realize, that we all, were just victims of love.


Rain started to softly pound against his window again, only this time, it lasted for only six days. The Nocturne grieved once more, for a fallen friend. His heart belonged with Larxene, though there had always been space for Zexion's deep friendship. Now, he , too, regretted it when he didn't talk with the Schemer. There had been so many opportunities and he just threw them away.

Demyx looked up from his friend's broken stone and looked over to his lover's. Tears swelled in his eyes once more as his gaze trailed off to the stone next to the Nymph's one. The Key of Destiny's stone. It wasn't broken, but red, and unaccessible. His thoughts went over to his lost friend. Roxas had left shortly after the incidents in Castle Oblivion, but before Axel had been back. The Flurry searched for him, of course, but once found, Roxas refused to come back. Axel's stone wasn't broken, but also red and unaccessible. He was marked traitor when he refused to kill the blond Nobody.

"Demyx, it's time." Xigbar said from behind.

"Do I-"

"Superior's orders, Nine. He'll even be there himself, don't disappoint him again." Number Two interrupted and left the Proof Of Existence.

Demyx wondered if Roxas could ever return. He had already tried in Olympus' Colosseum, to no avail. Axel had an iron will, he'd go through hell and back to save the Key. He did once tell Demyx that Roxas was his friend, and he said it because the kid gave him a heart to feel that friendship.

And walking through the portal, he thought of the letter again. We were just, victims of love.

Only moments later, the Melodious Nocturne's stone crumbled into pieces, along with his friends'.

He had been right. They did meet again.

More like 15 hours of continuous playing later... damn Demyx is hard to beat. Don't you ever dare say he's weak! It took me almost about a week to beat him, cuz I first went back and trained a couple more levels. Ever played him on expert? Do it, it's a real challenge.

Makes me wonder... what's your record in playing KH II? Like the entire game through? Without handbook? My record is under 36 hour STRAIGHT. Heh, I have obsession with that game. Go shoot now!