Lily Evans seemed like the perfect girl on the outside: pretty, intelligent, popular, a prefect and a shoo-in for Head Girl. But she had deep and dark secrets, secrets that she thought nobody would ever find out… until James Potter stepped into her life.

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A four-year-old little girl sobbed as she curled up tightly into a ball underneath her covers.

"No, please…" she begged as she felt him take off his dressing robe. "Please, no…" He didn't reply as he slowly slid her nightdress over her head and took her panties off. Sobbing, she tried to fight against his hands holding her tightly against his sweating body, moving her so that her legs were spread around his waist.

"My beautiful little girl," he whispered into her ear, stroking her hair. "Why did you do this to me?" He laid her down on the bed and did what the strange men had done to her yesterday, while her sister slept (or at least pretended to) across the room. The little girl cried helplessly, her screams of pain muffled by his hand being placed over her mouth. "Don't scream, my sweet," he grunted. "You'll wake your sister."

When he was done, he redressed her and he put his dressing robe back on. He apologized to her. But instead of leaving, he dropped to his knees, crying himself now. "Why?" he asked her again. "Why did you do this to me?" He pulled something out of his dressing robe pocket, and she recognized it as his police gun – the gun he put on his belt every day when he went to work. The gun she and her sister weren't allowed to touch. He made the gun click, and he pointed it at her.

Crying, the little girl watched the gun. He started swearing as his hand started to turn the gun onto himself. "What? What, no!"

She couldn't help the scream of terror from escaping as the gun let out a loud bang and she felt something like water being splashed all over her face and her front. He fell back onto the ground and she heard her sister screaming from across the room. The sounds of her mother's footsteps coming down the hall, she heard, and her mother's subsequent scream.