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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was written prior to Deathly Hallows, and so some aspects of the story and epilogue are different.


She'd never felt pain like this before. The sting of betrayal. Pain like a thousand knives stabbing into her. The grief of realizing that she'd died, that James had died.

She didn't want her last sight to be a maniac, to be Voldemort laughing in triumph as he aimed his wand at her baby, her son, her little miracle. So Lily focused on Harry, on his innocent little face as he started to touch her face with his little hands.

"Ma?" Harry asked innocently. "Ma?" He didn't understand that she was dead, that she wasn't going to catch him into a hug and laugh as she kissed his rosy little cheeks.

Lily saw the room fading away as a green light hurtled towards Harry. Sobbing with no tears or sounds, she tried to scream, 'NO! NOT HARRY!'

Her little boy was screaming and sobbing in her head as she walked down the dark hallway. Crying, Lily looked around her. Though there was no light, windows lined the hallway. In the windows were scenes. She saw Harry being left on her sister's doorstep – she imagined the horror that must've flown through Petunia's mind. She saw Sirius corner Peter in a busy Muggle street, saw Peter frame Sirius and escape in his Animagus form. She saw Remus fall apart as he lost every person who had ever been dear to him. She saw Frank and Alice's torture, cried as Neville, too, lost his parents.

And countless other windows, windows that showed her what happened to Harry. She watched as he grew up, neglected and humiliated, until the day he rediscovered the wizarding world. She watched him face her murderer time and time again. She watched him grow into a man far too quickly, as tragedy struck him time after time.

Suddenly, she was standing outside, in the warm summer sun. All around her were old ruins – not ancient, but old. Looking around, Lily realized that she was standing in the wreckage of her home. Godric's Hollow was deserted, all but decimated.

Turning around, she came face to face with a young man. In shock, she took a step backward, as did he.

He was an average height, slim. Black unruly hair, wire-frame glasses, brilliant green eyes. A lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

"H-H-Harry?" she asked softly, incredulously. Carefully, she stepped forward again. He didn't move, still watching her with astonishment in his eyes. "Is it really you, Harry?"

He nodded wordlessly. "How…" he asked weakly, letting her reach out to touch him.

"I don't know," she said, tears starting to well up as she felt her fingers brush against his sunburned face. "I don't know. I knew you'd survive…" She traced the scar on his forehead lightly. "How old are you now?"

"Seventeen," Harry replied quietly. "I just turned seventeen yesterday."

Had her heart been beating, Lily was sure it would've stopped. She had wished to see him grown up, just once. She was being granted that wish.

"You do look like James…" she said softly. "You even sound like him." A tear escaped. "I don't know how long this is going to last, Harry." She laid a hand against his cheek as she said, "We love you, Harry, Dad and I. We always will. Sirius and Remus, too."

"Sirius is dead," Harry said, with more pain reflected in his voice than she had ever wanted him to know. "He's been dead for a year."

"I know," Lily replied. "But he loved you dearly, Harry. I know nothing will take his place. Your first word was his name."

"Was it really?" Harry asked with a small smile.

"Yeah. Your first birthday. Right before your first steps. Which, coincidentally, Remus snatched up. Can't say I wasn't a little jealous. Your dad got your first smile. Sirius got your first word. Remus got your first steps."

Panicking as she felt herself slipping away, Lily repeated, "I love you, Harry. Don't forget that."

And then she was standing in front of a curtain. Beyond that curtain, she knew, James was waiting. Sirius. Dumbledore. Frank and Alice. Gideon and Fabian. All those people she had known and loved, dead by whatever method. All she had to do was walk through.

And one day, Harry would be here. Hopefully not for a long time, but one day he would come. And then, only then, would she know that her sacrifice had been worth it. That in dying to give him life, she had given him the greatest treasure: love.

Echoing faintly in the empty room around her, Lily heard Harry's voice.

"Thanks, Mum."

Smiling through the tears, Lily walked through the curtain and into eternity.