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Chapter Three

"Life's never going to be simple."

In a way, that sentence was inaccurate. Right now, life for Samus Aran was as simple as can be. Her fighting days with the Smash Bros Core were long gone and her bounty hunting days were over as well.

Right now, Samus had a different occupation- housewife.

She never minded. Since her retirement ten years ago, Samus moved back to the Chozo village and lived in peace. There, life was simple as long as there wasn't a threat. The village's customs were pretty basic as well, almost like a medieval village. However, this village had some advance technology. Like one thing- running water. Samus visited Link's old village a few times and could only wonder...

"How can you guys survive like this?"

Well, if there was one thing she had grown to love about her husband, it was his nonchalant nature. Really, there wasn't anything that could get to that man's spirit. After all, if he could tolerate her on a bad day, that meant something.

Almost all of her thoughts were centered around her husband at the moment. He had gone to help her foster mother with something and she knew that he was suppose to return any minute now.

Really, life in the Chozo village could be so peaceful that it was close to boring. Luckily, since she saved quite a bit of her old bounty rewards, she had been able to provide for her family in more ways than one.

She had bought their house and everything in it. Though Link was a hero in his land, he didn't receive any payment for his deeds. He offers to help with the payments, but it has never been necessary. To be honest, Samus had collected so many bounties in her lifetime. So many, in fact, that she saved up enough money to take care of her great-great-great grandchildren.

Within her household, Samus stood over her stove, keeping her eyes on her cooking. The roast was nearly done, but the meat was still too tender. The cabbage's sweet scent roamed throughout the entire household. They were ready, but she had to wait for the roast.

It's funny, really. If someone told Samus that she would become a housewife nineteen years ago, she would have laughed in their face. The mere thought of that possibility infuriated her at the time. Back then, falling in love was just out of the question for Samus. She didn't have time for it. Besides, only the weak of heart fall in love and she would never develop such a pitiful weakness.

That is, until she met him...

She couldn't lay her finger on it, but she was quite drawn to the elf. She didn't know if it was his undeniable charm or his light-hearted nature. Either way, she always came to him, like a moth to the flame.

"Like that will ever happen..."

Those words continuously echoed throughout her mind. Life was unpredictable, yes, but life for Samus Aran was just plain outrageous. In a way, she was thankful for the countless twists and turns. If she led a normal life, she never would have joined the Smash Bros Core or met her husband.

Her blue eyes softened at the thought of her elven husband. His messy blond hair would cover half of his face at times. Those big blue eyes would always make her face hot and his smile could now and always steal her heart.

Link... the name of an angel.

"Hard to believe it has been sixteen years," she softly muttered.

It's funny how fast time could fly at times. Just sixteen years ago, Link got on his knee and proposed to Samus. Then a few months after that, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Sammy... the mini-angel of the family.

Then, a smile slowly formed on the woman's face. She wouldn't consider her daughter a mini-angel anymore. She had grown quite a bit from her baby days.

As big as she is now, people may mistake young Sammy for Samus herself.

Though she had a couple of Link's features for a while, namely his pointy ears, Sammy grew to look more like her mother than her father.

He never complained though. In fact, he was happier Sammy turned out that way.

"Eh, at least she'll be taller than me."

Samus couldn't help but laugh at her husband's positive nature. She loved how absolutely nothing could get him down, the way he smiled, his positive outlook on life...

Never mind. She loved everything about him...

Before she realized it, someone had made their way inside her home via the front door. Samus raised her eyebrow and continued on with her cooking. She knew who it was, but she decided to play along for a minute.

The 'intruder' had successfully made his way into the kitchen. Right when he saw Samus, an evil smirk formed on his face. The mysterious man tip-toed closer to the blond. Right when he was within range, Samus turned around and held the man up with a butcher knife.

"What have I told you about doing that?" Samus stated in a warning tone.

All the man could do was chuckle. "But you knew it was me, right?"

Samus merely sighed and placed the knife back on the cabinet. "Link, you know I hate being surprised."

It didn't take long for the elf to get reacquainted with his wife. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and rested his head against her own. He took in her scent and smiled slightly. Despite cooking at the moment, she still smelled as heavenly as the Faron Woods.

"I know, but your expression is priceless," Link countered before he placed a kiss on the blond's cheek.

Samus quietly broke away from her husband's embrace and responded, "You always say that, but I guess I can't mind it. Your surprises are usually pleasant."

While his wife focused on her cooking, Link pulled back a chair and sat by the kitchen table. His limbs ached slightly from his past endeavors and a warm meal seemed like the perfect medicine at the moment.

"Link," Samus called out, "you're awfully quiet. Is everything okay?"

The Hylian's mind was too far gone. He was in deep thought about a certain matter. While Samus was setting up the kitchen table, she noticed the concerned look in her husband's blue eyes.

"You're daydreaming. That means that something is on your mind," Samus calmly stated.

All Link could do was smile. "Is it that obvious?"

Once the table was completely set up, Samus placed her hand on his shoulder. Before Link could say anything, Samus had placed a tender kiss on his lips and made herself comfortable in his lap in the process. The kiss was brief, but it was enough to bring Link back to his senses.

"So," Samus coolly started, "what's on your mind?"

He knew was busted. Throughout his entire life and his sixteen-year marriage, Link had never been able to successfully keep a secret from anyone, let alone Samus.

"I was just worried about Sammy," he finally confessed. "It has been a year and a half since she left to join the Smash Bros Core."

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was wrong. Samus rested her head on Link's shoulder and sighed. Despite being in a content state, her heart couldn't help but feel heavy.

"I know," Samus sighed. "I miss her, too."

"It's not just that. I tried to call her today, but she didn't answer her phone," Link replied.

"Knowing how energetic she is, she probably had several matches today," the Chozo stated.

Link couldn't help but laugh. He knew better than anybody how energetic his daughter could get. In fact, there was one time in particular that he remembered the most...

Three Years Ago – On the Outskirts of the Chozo Village

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out, yet it was not terribly hot. A gentle breeze blew every now and then, thus keeping the environment at a steady temperature. However, with a such a beautiful day comes a long day of training and Sammy could testify to that sentiment.

She and her father had been training for over three hours now. Sammy suffered from pure exhaustion and her father was not making things any easier.

"Come on, Sammy. If you can still wield your blade, you can still fight. Now, come at me!" Link barked.

Sammy's body clearly did not want to continue this escapade. Link's wooden blade had left plenty of marks on the young girl's body. Despite these injuries, Sammy still had the wherewithal to continue.

She lifted her wooden blade and growled slightly. "I'm not ready to quit! Prepare yourself!"

With her determination set and ready, Sammy charged her father. When she was within range, she slashed at her father's leg, but the retired hero saw it coming and jumped over the girl's attack.

The Chozo-Hylian followed up with a roundhouse kick, but Link found a way to block the attack with his blade. This was the opening Sammy had been waiting for. She quickly ducked to the ground and swung her sword at her father's abdomen.


At first, it seemed as if Sammy had finally struck her father, but that was far from the case. Just before Sammy could finish her offensive, Link had stopped the girl's attack with an attack of his own.

Sammy's vision blurred as she struggled to stay on her feet. She didn't see what happened, but she damn sure felt it. Her father had stuck her square on the forehead.

"Sammy, don't let your emotions get the better of you. If you're overzealous, your enemy can turn that against you, thus spelling your end," he coolly responded. "Okay, Sammy. That's enough for one day."

A silent tear ran down the girl's cheek. She was not bleeding, but it felt as if her father had split her cranium wide open. Frustration slowly started to take control of the blond's emotions. She forgot about the pain circulating through her head and retook a hold of her blade.

She knew he was stronger. She knew he had the experience advantage, but that would not dampen her spirit. One of these days, she would grow to be just as strong as him.

"I'm not done yet! Let's keep going!" Sammy shouted.

Link couldn't help but admire his daughter's determination. She had been on the receiving end of a beating, and yet she showed no signs of slowing down. Ironically, Link was constantly reminded of himself in his younger days.

She is his kid, after all...

"All right. Make this next attack your absolute best!" Link commanded.

Present Time –

Samus couldn't help but laugh. Sammy was just like her father in more ways than one. Unfortunately, as much as she liked diving into the days of yesteryear, she did not want to grieve. Sammy would not want them to. With that in mind, Samus quietly got up from her husband's lap and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Come on. Let's eat before the food gets cold," Samus calmly said.

Link merely nodded and replied with a simple, "Yeah..."

Several Hours Later –

It was late. Most of the residents in the village had fallen asleep by now. Link was an exception in this case. He fixed himself a nice, hot tub of water and allowed the bubbles and soap to soak away his troubles. However, when the Hylian heard the door close behind him, he turned around to see his lovely wife wearing nothing but a towel.

"Hi," Samus coolly called out. "Have room for one more?"

He had quickly turned his back, namely to hide the blush on his face, but his heart and mind knew exactly what was going to happen. Despite these feelings, when Samus pressed her body against his back, Link's breath had left him completely.

"You know you're always welcomed," Link attempted to respond in a cool manner.

-- Four Years Later --

Link and Samus walked hand-in-hand across the field of flowers with a small boy following them. The child's short, messy blond hair blew slightly as he ran and hopped across each flowerbed. His large blue eyes stayed fixed on a lone insect the entire time.

"Samuel, don't go too far," Link stated, catching the boy's full attention.

"Okay, Daddy," the young boy replied.

Samus closed her eyes and smiled slightly. This was almost a mirror image of her family a few years back. Unfortunately, she and Link were not quite as young as they used to be. It didn't bother her though. Father-time had been kind to her physical features and Link looked exactly as he did twenty years ago. Not to mention, she gave birth to a baby boy three years ago and she lost the extra weight in less than three months.

Despite that, she was sure about one thing... "No more babies."

Two children are more than enough for any woman. Sammy had grown into a beautiful woman and took her mother's place as the universe's head bounty hunter. Young Samuel's only three years old and he's got his entire life ahead of him. Hopefully, he won't be as stubborn as his sister, but she would not count on it.

They're both her children, after all...

That brought her back to her current situation. Link and Samuel had dragged her out of the house and brought her to this lovely field of flowers. Knowing her husband, he had something planned.

"So, why exactly are we here, Honey?" Samus calmly asked.

"Well," Link started before he reached into his back pocket. "We've been married for twenty years now, right?"

"Afraid so," Samus mused.

"Well, would you do this old man a favor and open this box?" Link responded, handing his wife a small black box.

When Samus opened the box, her eyes shot open at the sight of a pair of diamond earrings. Next to them, there was a note...

"We may be growing old, but whenever you're near me, I still feel like a teenager. I love you, Sam. Don't ever change... Link."


"Happy Twentieth Anniversary, Sam..."

Samus swore that she would never cry again. She tried her best to keep her tears at bay, but it seemed her emotions would win this battle for a second time. She then threw her arms around Link's neck and cried into the young man's shoulder. Link accepted his wife's embrace and wrapped his arms around her waist.

It's funny how time can change a person...

-- The End --

Sorry it took so long to finish, but it needed to be done. Thanks to everyone who waited and read this story. Much Love