A fairly unstructured poem from Jesse's point of view, trying to decide if his love for Susannah is keeping her from truly living…

Don't know where it came from.

But please review anyway? There's some part of it that strikes me as intimately pretty…

Heaven is Real.

Staring at
The corners of time.
Existence was slow,
The words didn't rhyme.
The sun had set
Long ago.
Throttled by shadow

I had been lied to.
Heaven was a myth.
Surely, surely,
No one deserved this.

Then…I caught a shimmer,
A glimmer of hope.
It crackled with life,
A glorious flame.
You called me amigo.
But my name
Is Jesse.

I saw the sun shine,
And I wished you were mine.
Could heaven be real
After all?

Chillingly lovely,
Never before
Had I wanted this more.
To feel your heat
And to hear my heart beat
With yours

Destinies entwined,
Screaming and raw.
Demons dancing
In my mind.
An unholy war,
Of right and wrong.
We couldn't belong.

Temptation is sweet,
And hard to defeat.
I should not stay,
But how can I go?
Not even a dead man can survive
Without you

I protect you fiercely.
This will end badly.
Our innocent hearts do not know
What to feel.
I'm almost sure
That heaven is real…

I'm tired of trying
To turn away.
Pretending I do not love this way.
I may be dead
But I am dying
From lies.

You are my sun,
My only one.
I'd journey to world's end
To see you smile.

…But we both know the truth.
I have no breath.
I'd suffocate you
With my death.

When all is lost,
And this world turns to sand,
I'll stand beside you
And take your hand.
I'll love you
Beyond the corners of time.
I will bleed
Until the words rhyme.

And I'll love you forever.
It's all I can give.
…But I'll pull away
So you may live.

Te amo, querida.
And longer...

You'll go on.
And I will linger
In the shadows of
Your glorious flame.
When all is forgotten
I'll remember
Your name.

Her name is Susannah.

And heaven is real
For I love
An angel.

How she shimmers.