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A/N: Takes place right after the Final Battle.

I think not.
Sleepers strewn across the grounds
Wherever my eyes fall upon.
The forsaken, the courageous, the cowardly
All sleeping, yet lacking the soft pounding in their chests,
The shallow breathing through their nasal,
The rosy complexion of their cheeks.
All that was left were grave and stoic expressions
Save for their eyes animated with horror,
The will to protect the ones who deserve such love
Shone bright against the dull grey hue of the horizon.

The living, the undead,
The mortal, the immortal,
The young, the old
My friends, companions, comrades,
My family, kin, clan
The ones that I could only dream of having.
Now, they belong where they ought to,
Though not when.
Now, they meet the ones I have longed to meet,
The ones who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Once again, I cast my eyes across the crimson field,
How silly of me, of course he would not be here.
He never was one of them.
Never was, never is, never will be.

Bitter, sour – layered.
With his life measured out with boiling cauldrons.
The identity he lived with for a decade and once again.
Dark, mysterious, but not quite handsome.
Misunderstood, disregarded, frowned upon,
The sentiments he lived with for the entirety of his life
By the ones whom he most expected affection from.
Lifelong companions, no such luck.
Alliances, perhaps.
Fiends of benefits, definitely.

The long pallid figure wandering between marble walls.
Around him couples and trios and gangs chatter away
Conspiring, calculating his doom.
Funny, really, how people want him for different reasons
Most wishing to tread upon his broken soul,
Fragmenting it all the more.
Save for one.
The one with hot, burning lava flowing from her head
Down along her neck, spread across her shoulders
Grazing the small of her back.
A slight nod now and then
Progressed to intellectual conversation on a goat's bezoar
Or on a flick and a swish by where the Giant Squid resides.

Fire burned inside him
Melting the frigid icicles that stabbed his heart.
Friendship or more, he knew not
Lacking in the field of relationships.
The darkness was lifted, but not for long.
Misguided and threatened he received the mark of a serpent,
More lethal than any bite.
One that lingers around, leading him to a path of destruction.
Regret, it was too late for that
Yet he lived with it every second,
Used by others at any moment.

Not wanting to be a beast to the eyes of the purest flower
He rejected every sign of compassion she offered
Ashamed of the very monster he was made into.
Years rolled by
He lived in solitude,
She, in happiness, in security.
The little boy she had brought into this world
Was the product of his childhood nemesis.
Little did they know they would be absent
In the prophesied hero's life, minus the first year.
Seven years since he had encountered the shadow of his past
A shrunken image of the man who took his love away
Flung his thawed heart back into the freezer.

Professor Snape,
Even in death, may you be victorious.

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