Second Chances: More Then A Miracle

In the middle of celebrating the birth of a new Simon, Rick and Laurie's daughter Robin has a frightening premonition involving her sister-in-law and a violent baby-selling ring. Rick and A.J. find that protecting their family involves not only the next generation of Simons, but also their extended "family".

(This is a work of fiction. No money is being made on it, and the characters are owned by Universal Studios and are only being borrowed for a little while. .)

A/N: For any new readers, "Second Chances" is my "what if?" for Rick and A.J. Simon...What if they didn't end the partnership or A.J. didn't marry Janet or Liz... What if Rick had a long-lost sweetheart who needed protection from a crazed stalker? And...what if Rick and his girl fell in love, adopted her niece and nephew, and made a home first in San Diego, then in Arizona? These "what if''s" are the basis for my continuing "Simon & Simon" as if they never went off the air. This series also includes crossovers from Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman and Dark feel free to read my other stories for the whys and wherefores of these three worlds meeting.

"He's here!"

Melly Simon raced to the window and peered outside, as her cousin Katie bounced on her feet next to her. In front of her, several cars had pulled into the ranch parking area, but her eyes focused on only one. A silver-haired gentleman was just getting out of a small sedan, then he turned and smiling, picked up a small car seat.

"Where….oh, he's carrying Chelsea, she's so small!" Katie exclaimed, her happy voice carrying through the house.

Behind her, Robin Whitecloud wiped a tear of emotion from her eyes as she called to the girls, "Melly, Katie, go ahead and open the door."

At once the cousins ran to the front door and flung it open, only to nearly catch Davey and Robin Simon with it.

"Whoa, watch it squirt!" Davey blurted to the girls, who both whirled around as Katie retorted, "Squirt yourself!"

"Kids…" a warning tone from a stern Rick Simon froze the boys in mid-insult, then a familiar voice ended any further insults.

"Well….I think Chelsea's going to be very happy with her homecoming!" Father Nick said, grinning through the screen door.

"And we're happy to see her, too, Father!" Melly burst out, as Davey held the door open.

"Me too, I'm glad I have another sister, now I'm not the baby…." He bragged.

At that his aunt smiled as Rick replied, "That's right, you're the big brother, so that means you got to show her a good example."

"Oh, I will…'specially how to fish!" Davey nodded emphatically, as his father and mother came up the walk. Only Rick paid attention to them, as the others were oohing and awing over the little pink bundle with her shock of jet-black hair.

"Welcome home, son, Ramona…you can see we have a new star in the house." He joked.

"Well, that's why her middle name is so appropriate, Pop." Robbie replied, grinning as he watched Davey holding Chelsea's finger in his hand. Ramona put an arm around Laurie as she added, "And honoring Robbie's and Robin's birth mother seemed to be the right thing to do…."

"It is, honey, and it makes me very happy to hear of another birdie in our family.." Laurie replied, gazing at her daughter. Robin looked startled as she greeted Robbie.

"Birdie…oh, Starling…I forgot."

"Not like you have enough on your plate, sweet." Laurie said, nodding at Petey and Katie as they brought in a cup of coffee for Father Nick, then perched next to him as he talked.

"Thanks, Mom, I'm glad someone understands…" Robin sighed, as Rick brought the rest of his granddaughter's things in. He caught the note of relief in her voice and looked at his wife questioningly.

"Of course we do, Robin…with Ian away on tour, it means double duty for you, so I want you and the kids to stay here during vacation until he comes home."

"Oh, thanks, Mom, but we'll be okay, besides Ian said he'd be home next week for the holidays…he promised this would be one holiday we'd be together, show or no show." Robin assured her mother.

Just then a loud wail let them all know Chelsea was tired of so many faces around her, and laughing, Robbie rescued her from her brother's attempts to comfort her.

"Davey, it's not you, she's probably….whew!" the younger Simon made a face as Laurie giggled and took the baby from him.

"Been a while since you changed a diaper, has it, son." Ramona grinned as a shamefaced Robbie nodded.

"You've got that right, Mom..thanks."

"It's all right, I've smelled just about everything…" Laurie whisked Chelsea away as Ramona followed her down the hall. At once Rick and Father Nick ragged Robbie about his sensitive nose as Robin enlisted the children's help in putting lunch on the table.

Once Chelsea reappeared, now clad in her Aunt Robin's baptismal gown, Father Nick led the way to the festively decorated patio. There a temporary baptismal font had been set up on the first patio table, and Robbie and Ramona positioned themselves next to it. Laurie gently placed her granddaughter in Father Nick's arms, then moved over so a newly arrived Steve and Jaime could put their hands on the wriggling child.

Glancing up at the large group of family and friends now surrounding them, the retired monsignor smiled as he said, "Chelsea Jaime Starling Simon is a very lucky girl, she has a whole lot of family to look after her. A child this loved will have many paths to choose from, but which one will she walk?"

As Father Nick spoke about the blessings Chelsea would be receiving, tears came to the eyes of Rick and Laurie as they saw the reverence in Robbie and Ramona's expressions.

Rick thought about the other baptisms of his grandchildren and nieces and nephews, and it gave him chills to realize how large their family had grown.

"So I charge you, Steve, and you, Jaime, as her godparents, to help guide Chelsea, and along with her parents, let her know that she is never alone." After blessing a lit candle to symbolize the faith the youngest Simon was to know, Father Nick once again took Chelsea in his arms. As she opened her eyes and peered at him, he dipped his hand in the water font and dripped water on her forehead.

"I baptize you Chelsea Jaime Starling Simon, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Live in the peace of Christ and the love of God all the days of your life."

Seemingly outraged by the wetness on her face, the baby immediately let out a wail and instantly Ramona took her from Father.

"She's a Simon all right….none of you like getting wet!" he chuckled, giving a final blessing. At once Chelsea stopped crying, as if listening to his words, and both Jaime and Steve got teary themselves at the way she looked at them.

As Father Nick finished, everyone applauded then Robbie held up his hand.

"Ramona and the kids and I want to thank you, our family, for supporting us, and for welcoming Chelsea ….this celebration is for you, so as Pop would say…" he turned and grinned as Rick finished, "Dig in!"

Laughing, everyone poured back into the house and soon there was a line of children bearing plates and adults balancing drinks as they spread throughout the interior and patio. Suddenly Laurie saw her daughter put her glass down and grab the back of a chair, and a cold sensation spread throughout her. Immediately she hurried to Robin's side.

"Robin, sweet….what is it?"

"Mom….something's going to happen….something me." The young woman moaned, and at once Laurie put an arm around her and helped walk Robin to her old bedroom.

"Rick….get Rudy….please." she called out, sitting Robin down on the bed, then wetting a washcloth in the bathroom sink, put it on her neck.

A moment later Robin stiffened as Laurie grabbed her hand and quietly said, "Let it go, honey, what do you see?"

"A baby, I see a baby being taken from someone's arms…it's Ramona…someone is going to take Chelsea away from Ramona!" she cried out, beginning to shake.