"Morning everybody!" Kole grinned as she walked into the main room. Starfire floated over to her.

"The pleasant greetings friend! How are you this morning?"

"I'm fine Starfire." Kole smiled. Her gaze slowly went over the room. It was full except for Beast Boy (who played video games until one a.m. and slept in), the three kids Raven were in charge of (who annoyed Raven into the earliest hours and slept in), and Gnarrk (who slept in anyway).

Her cobalt blue eyes fell on a boy with blond hair, apple green eyes, and a guitar; his name was Jericho. She blushed slightly.

"Waffles for anyone that wants one!" Cyborg held up a massive platter of waffles. Kole got two plates and two waffles.

She sat down next to Jericho and smiled.

"Waffle?" He looked up from his guitar. Jericho blinked a few times and took the plate. He smiled thanks. Kole smiled back.

"Your welcome."

ღ ღ ღ

The alarm sounded.

"Titans! Trouble!" Robin fallowed by Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Jinx, Kid Flash, and the rest of them, ran out of the tower.

"No way!"


"The Mad Mod?"

"That's right my duckies!" he said in his cockney accent.

"What do you want?" Robin demanded. "I thought you'd give up teaching by now." Mad Mod laughed.

"Of course I did laddie! But I needed a fund for my new job!" he held up a bag of money. Raven groaned.

"You are one sad man."

"Titans! Go!" Everyone sprang into action.

After a few dozen hits, Mad Mod took out his cane.

"Dude! How many of those things do you have?" Beast Boy waved his arms around. Raven smacked him on the back of his head.

"Idiot." Beast Boy wiggled his eyebrows.

"You know you love me!" Raven had a look of embarrassment and disgust on her face.

"Whatever." Her black aurora surrounded a car and she hurled it at Mad Mod.

"Good try! But not good enough!" Mad Mod waved his cane around.

"Hi-ya!" Kole, who had crystallized, was hurled at Mad Mod by Gnarrk. The British man laughed.

"Sorry loveie!" Mad Mod zapped her with his cane and teleported himself out of there.

"At least he's stupid enough that he forgot the change." Bumblebee held up the sack of money.

"Friend Kole!" Starfire flew over to Kole. All of the girls slowly gathered around her. Kole heard them call her name, each one fading father away, before she faded away completely.




Kole blinked her cobalt blue eyes. She was surrounded by Starfire, Jinx, Raven, and Bumblebee.

"Hey girl!" Bumblebee smiled.

"'Ello loves." Kole said in a cockney accent.

"Hey! That's my accent!" Argent put her hands on her hips.

"What?" Kole sat up and shook her head wildly. "What happened? And why am I talking like a Brit?" Jinx gasped.

"Remember when Mad Mod zapped her with his cane?"

"Is that what the zap did?" Starfire looked at Kole.

"So I'm suck with this accent?"

"I think so." Raven said in her dreary monotone.

"I guess I'll be fine love." Kole stood up.

"Do you need something?" Robin asked. "Water?"

"Water would be grand, love."

"Love?" Starfire asked, crossing her arms.

"Don't blame me, love!" Kole held up her hands.

"Maybe it the accent." Argent suggested. She looked over at Kole.