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Tell me Something, Chapter 1

Saturday, February 16nd, 10 am.
Miley Stewart slowly turned the handle of a door, and stepped inside a dark room. The sunlight was slightly showing through the curtains, making a straight line towards a king size bed in the middle of the room. She walked silently over there. She could see her one true love, Lilly Truscott, sound asleep, her body tangled between the sheets.

Miley kneeled down next to the bed and looked at the sleeping beauty. She slowly ran her fingers in those beautiful blond hair of hers. She then caressed her face. Lilly stirred in her sleep and moved her head. Without waking up. Miley giggled. She straightened up and brushed her nose on Lilly's right cheek, finishing with a tender kiss. Lilly smiled in her sleep. Seeing that her 'work' had some effect, Miley kept going. She leaned on the bed and kissed Lilly on her forehead, nose, jaw line. Lilly stirred and rolled over towards Miley. She put her left arm around Miley's shoulders and smiled. She still hadn't opened her eyes.

''You forgot...'' she said pointing at her lips.

Miley giggled and looked down at Lilly's lips. She leaned and pressed her lips against Lilly's. She felt Lilly's lips parted and deepened the kiss.

''Happy birthday!'' Miley breathed out as she broke the kiss.

''Thank you...'' Lilly smiled, opening her eyes and playing with Miley's hair.

''I wanted to be the first one to say it to you...'' Miley smiled back as she brushed her finger along Lilly's jaw line.

As a reply, Lilly leaned in and kissed her once more. She pulled Miley towards her and up onto her body. The kiss deepened, awakening the always burning desire they had for each other.

''I don't think we should do that now...'' Miley let out as she felt Lilly's hands going up under her shirt.

''Why not?'' Lilly asked as she kissed Miley's neck.

''Because... your mom is here... I'm not very comfortable with making love to you while your mom could hear everything...''

Lilly stopped, her hands still under Miley's shirt. ''But it's my birthday... You're supposed to do everything I want...'' She pouted.

Miley kissed her on the cheek. ''I'll make it up to you tonight.'' she whispered in her ear.

''Don't know if I can wait that long...'' Lilly whispered back.

They shared another heated kiss and both girls had to gather every strength they had to pull appart.

''Let's go downstairs before I jump on you.'' Lilly said pushing Miley off of her.

''Happy 16th birthday, honey!'' her mom said as Miley and Lilly made their apparition in the living room.

''Thanks mom!'' Lilly grinned as she hugged her. Miley sat at the counter.

''And, just for you, your favorite breakfast! Chocolate chip pancakes! Tadaaaa!'' her mom said as she showed off a plate full of pancakes.

''You actually...cooked...?'' Lilly frowned. She was staring at the plate a little alarmed. Her mom was a terrific cook, literally.

''Naaa. Special delivery from Miley's dad.''

''Awwww!'' Lilly's eyes were suddenly lightened. She loves his pancakes. Lilly glanced at her girlfriend, who smiled slightly. ''I'll have to thank your dad for those.''

''What about me? I'm the one who delivered them here...'' Miley frowned.

Lilly walked around the counter and got next to Miley. ''You're right...Thank you.'' She softly said as she pressed her lips on Miley's. She ran her hands on her hair, as she felt Miley's hands gripping her waist.

''Milk ! We need milk!'' Lilly's mom exclaimed, a little embarrassed by the girls' display of affection. ''I'm going to the grocery store! bye.'' she said very fast. And just like that, she disappeared through the back door.

The girls giggled in the kiss and broke apart.

''We made your mom run away...So, now that we're alone...'' Miley said, a lot in her mind.

''Nope missy. I'm eating those pancakes!'' Lilly exclaimed as she grabbed a pancake and put it on her plate. ''Want one?''

''No, thanks, I've already got breakfast.'' Miley smiled as she watched Lilly literally attack the poor pancake. She put a strand of Lilly's hair behind her ear and kept looking at her lovingly.

''I'm supposed to get my driving license today. Wanna come?'' Lilly said as she was chewing. ''Oh my gosh, they are soooo good!'' She exclaimed as she took another bite.

''I... Er...I'm sorry Lilly.'' Miley stuttered. ''I have a Hannah thing scheduled.''

''You scheduled something the day of my birthday?'' Lilly frowned a little hurt, her fork raised in the air.

''Not me. The producers.''

Lilly sighed. ''I guess this is the price I have to pay for having a popstar as a girlfriend...Sometimes, it really sucks...''

''I'm sorry...'' Miley said, looking down. She hated hurting Lilly. But she didn't have a choice.

''I know...'' Lilly ate another bite. ''I'll see you after then...right?''

''First thing first. Promise.'' Miley smiles a little and leaned to give her a quick kiss. She licked Lilly's lips, tasting the sweet aroma of chocolate. Lilly shuddered.

''You're right. Those are good.'' Miley winked.

Lilly giggled and kept devouring the pancakes.

Lilly got out the shower and quickly made her way back to her room. Miley was sitting at her desk, busy with the laptop.

''Did you know that Hannah had been seen kissing Zac Effron behind Vanessa's back?'' She frowned looking at the screen.

Lilly scoffed. ''I'm doomed. How can I compete with him? I'm nothing like him...'' she said dramatically, putting her underwear on.

''I think you d...'' Miley said turning towards Lilly. But she stopped suddenly, taken aback by the view in front of her: Lilly in her underwear, her body slightly wet. Lilly looked at her amused.

''You like?''

Miley nodded, unable to say anything. Lilly grinned and walked towards Miley who spread her legs apart making room for Lilly. She held her by the waist, leaning her head on her stomach as Lilly wrapped her arms around her neck. Miley pulled back a little and looked up to a smiling Lilly. ''You know I love you, right?''

Lilly scoffed. ''It's not like you have a choice! I mean, look at me!'

Miley giggled and kissed Lilly's stomach. She saw goose bumps appear on her skin as soon as her lips made contact with her body. She kissed her again, and again, and again, eliciting shudders from Lilly.

''Girls? I'm home!'' they suddenly heard Lilly's mom exclaim from downstairs.

''Awww man!'' Lilly groaned. ''She always ruined everything!''

''that she does.'' Miley smiled as she kissed a last time Lilly's stomach.

Lilly headed back to her bed, grabbing her top as Miley turned back to the laptop. ''It's almost noon. I should get going.'' She said as she got up.

Lilly zipped up her jeans and nodded. ''Kay. Call me when you're done!''

''I sure will. Good luck for your test but I'm sure you'll do perfectly fine.''

''I hope. I have a few things in my mind we could do if I had my driving license.''

Miley frowned, amused. ''Oh, really?''

''Yep...'' Lilly grinned. ''But I won't tell you... Not yet.''

''I hate when you're being all cryptic.'' Miley grumbled.

Lilly giggled and gave her a peck on the lips. ''Go.'' She whispered in her ear. ''Or Hannah's gonna be really late.'' She purred.

Miley smiled and squeezed Lilly's hand. ''You have a happy birth-day...I'll take care of your night...'' She soothed seductively.


Miley left the room, and Lilly laid down on her bed.

''I got it!!'' Lilly exclaimed as she ran towards her mother. ''I got it, I got it, I got it!''

''Okay! I get it!'' Lilly's mom smiled. They were standing outside the driving testing center.

''I can't wait to tell Miley!'' Lilly cried as she grabbed her cell phone and dialed her girlfriend's number.

''Hey there, it's Miley. Leave a message! And if it's Lilly, I love you and happy birthday!''

Lilly smiled. Miley had changed her voice mail just for her.


''Okay, that was cute, Miley.'' She said to the voicemail. ''And I love you too. Guess you're a little busy right now. I'll call you back later!'' She hung up and got in the car next to her mom.

''Can I drive?''


''Come on Mom, I have my license now!''

''I know, but I want to get back home as soon as possible. I don't have time to respect the speed limit.''

''What a bad example you make! I'm so shocked!'' Lilly teased her mom.


Lilly's mom finally pulled up in the driveway and Lilly got off the car, soon followed by her mother.

''Gosh, it's only 5 and it's already dark!'' Lilly grumbled. ''Hey, mom, I was thinking. Maybe we could go to car seller tomorrow...''

''Lilly, you don't have the money...''

''I know...'' Lilly looked down. ''I just wish I could drive now. What's the point of having a driving license without a car? It's completely absurd!''

''Honey, we agreed. You will have to earn your money to get your car. I can't afford to buy you a car right now...'' Lilly's mom said as she opened the front door.

They stepped in. ''I know. I was just sa...''


Lilly literally jumped as the light switched on. All of her friends were there. She felt a pair of arms wrapping around her stomach from behind. No need to look back, she knew it was Miley. She leaned in the embrace, her knees still weak from the 'shock.'

''We got you good...'' Miley whispered in her ear.

''That... that you did.'' Lilly said, her heart still racing.

''Happy birthday.'' Miley breathed out before kissing her cheek tenderly.

''So... I take it you weren't really ''busy'' today...'' Lilly smirked.

''Nope...'' Miley beamed as Lilly turned over to face her.

''I love you so much.'' Lilly grinned. She wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's neck and pulled her close for a slow and tender kiss.

''Hello Lilly!''

Lilly still wrapping in her girlfriend's arms, turned around so she could see who was greeting her. Her laugh stopped and soon a huge smile appeared on her lips.

''Dad!'' she exclaimed as she gave him a big hug. ''What are you doing here?'' she muffled into his chest. ''I thought you still had a few more months to do in rehab.'' (A/N: See ''Sweet Dad of mine'')

''I do... I just had a special authorization for your sweet sixteen. Your mom actually helped on that one.''

''Yeah I did,'' Lilly's mom said as she joined them.

''So, how long are you gonna stay?''

''Till the party's over...''

''That's it?'' Lilly said a little disappointed.

''Yes. I'm sorry Lilly... but you know the deal...''

''Yeah... anyways, I'm glad you're here.'' She said giving him one more hug. Her dad hugged back and pulled away. ''Now, go back to your girl. She looks kinda lonely.'' he smiled.
Lilly turned towards Miley who was standing next to Oliver and Becca, but was looking at her lovingly. She could see she wanted to be with her. Lilly smiled to her dad. ''Come with me Dad.'' They headed towards Miley. She wrapped her arms around her and kissed her softly on the lips.

''Miss me?''

''Every single second.'' Miley breathed out, pressing her lips against Lilly's once more. Lilly smiled in the kiss, and tightened her grasp.

''Alright girls, want us to come back later?'' Lilly's dad said in a joking tone.

''Sorry...'' Lilly said as she let go of Miley.

''Still going strong I take it?'' Her dad smiled.

''Yeah...'' Lilly said as she looked lovingly at the girl in her arms.

''It's gonna be what... 5 months?''

''Six actually. Sunday.'' Miley said proudly.

''Wow! When I was your age...''

''Yeah, we know, television didn't exist...''

''Okay, Oliver, how old do you think I am?'' Lilly's dad asked sarcastically.

''I... errr... '' Oliver said blushing.

''It's okay Ollie, I was kidding...'' He said giving him a tap on his shoulder.

''Right. Ah ah!'' Oliver forced a laugh.

''So, I was saying, when I was your age, the longest relationship I had lasted about 3 weeks. I'm proud of you girls. You're perfect for each other. In fact, I...''

''Steve, can I talk to you a second please?'' Lilly's mom grabbed her ex husband's arm and dragged him away, leaving Lilly, Miley, Oliver and Becca with an amused look on their face.

''Your mom and your dad are gonna...'' Oliver started, but he was cut off by Lilly's hands covering his mouth. ''Don't you dare speak another word.'' Oliver nodded silently.

Lilly removed her hand with a satisfied smile. ''Good. Never talk about my parents in that kind of way. It's just...'' She shivered.

''Yeah, I know what you mean.'' Becca nodded. ''Once, actually it was last month, I walked in on my parents, doing it.''

''What were you doing in your parents' room?''

''Who says they were doing it in the bedroom? I will never see the kitchen table in the same anymore...'' Becca said shaking her head, wincing. Lilly, Miley and Oliver bit their lips to keep themselves from laughing. Becca noticed. ''oh go ahead guys! Laugh! I guess it's pretty funny when it's not your parents who are involved...'' She said with a small smile.

The party went on. Lilly opened her gifts, blew her sixteen candles even though she didn't want to do that. She had to make a wish. That we cannot reveal here for we want it to come true, and believe me you want it to come true...

At around 2am, the party came to an end.

''Bye you guys!'' Lilly exclaimed as she watched the last guests walk away. It was just her parents, Miley and Oliver now.

''Gosh Lilly, please, let me go home!'' Oliver begged.

''Not until you help us cleaning. It's one of your privileges as one of my best friend.'' She said proudly, as she handed him a mope.

''Well sometimes, being your best friend sucks!'' Oliver snapped. But he grabbed the mope anyways and started to clean.

''Lilly? Can you come over here for a sec?'' Her dad called.

Lilly put the glasses in the sink and headed towards the door. ''What's uuuuu ...'' the rest of the word stayed stuck in her throat as she saw what was in front of her. A car...a light shade of grey car with a ribbon on it... A birthday car.

''Huh?'' Lilly said looking around her, stunned. Her dad, mom, Miley and Oliver were all there, looking at her with amused and loving face.

''I... how... why... what... I mean...'' Lilly tried to speak, but she couldn't make any sense.

''Lilly, honey, breath!'' Her mom laughed as she wrapped her arm around her shoulders. ''Yes, this is your car. It's a used car though. Your dad helped me pick it so I think it's safe to say it's a good one. However, your dad didn't want anything to do with an automatic car...''

''Yeah! I think every woman should know how to drive a stick.'' He said proudly. ''Anyways, Sally has 34,000 miles, 5 gea...''

''Sally?'' Lilly frowned, cutting him off.

''I mean... the car...'' Her dad let out a little embarrassed. He cleared his throat and continued excitedly, hovering around the car. ''As I was saying, 5 gears, electric windows, airbags, radio/CD, 5 seats, central locking, solid paint, air conditioning.''

Lilly looked at her dad with wide eyes. He stopped. ''You know, you love cars way too much!''

He smiled. ''But I love you more...''

''Awwww.'' Lilly, Miley, Lilly's mom, and... Oliver said.

Lilly's eyes started to tear up. ''Thank you, thank you, thank you!'' she said, envelopping her parents in a group hug. ''I don't know how you did it. I mean, I know we don't have that kind of money... you must have sacrificed a lot...''

''Don't worry about it honey! It's all good!'' Her dad said, reassuringly.

''I can't thank you enough for this. I love you so much!'' Lilly said, tightening her grasp around them.

''We love you too, sweetie.'' Lilly's mom replied, kissing her forehead.

Her parents left a few minutes later, leaving the three friends together, enjoying the present.

''Oh boy!'' Lilly squealed. ''I... I... I can't believe it! I thought I was gonna have to save for months just to be able to get a tire! But now... now... wow!''

Miley wrapped her arms around Lilly's waist. ''I have a car...'' Lilly breathed out.

''That you do!'' Miley smiled.

''I still can't believe it! I mean, I can see it, but it seems so... unreal!''

''What your parents did was pretty amazing...''

''Yeah, I had a new bike for my sixteenth birthday,'' Oliver stated.

They laughed and Lilly made her way towards the door. She opened it and sat behind the wheel.

''This.Is. She said as Miley sat next to her.

''Yeah, so I guess now Hannah Montana doesn't need her limo anymore.'' Miley jocked.

''Heck no! There's no way we're gonna give up limo ride!''

Miley laughed and leaned to kiss Lilly.

''Okay guys, I gotta go. See you later.'' Oliver said. But the girls were too busy with each other to really pay attention. ''Girls...'' He groaned as he walked away.

Miley and Lilly giggled looking at each other. ''Come on,'' Lilly breathed out. They stepped out of the car and Lilly took her girlfriend by the hand, grabbing a blanket on her way. She led her towards the back of the backyard and made them sit on a small lounge.

Lilly laid down and pulled Miley next to her. She covered them both with the blanket. It didn't take Miley too long to snuggle up her nose in Lilly's neck.

''You smell good.'' She said as she kissed her in the neck.


They laid in silent for a few minutes, enjoying the night.



''I've been doing some thinking lately...'' Lilly stopped, expecting Miley to tease her or something, but nothing.

''Wow, I'm impressed.''

''Why? Because I didn't say anything to mock you?'' Miley smiled.


''Well, it's your birthday...'' She replied as she lightly caressed Lilly's stomach. ''Anything bad will come out of this mouth tonight.''

''That's what you say now... Wait till later.'' Lilly replied with a sexy grin.


''What?! You know it's true!''

''I can't help it if you make me feel that way.'' Miley pouted.

''I'm not complaining...'' Lilly smiled as she kissed her on her forehead.

''Anyways, you were thinking... and?''

''And since our six months anniversary is next weekend, and since we happen to have a week off, maybe we could go somewhere...'' Lilly let her voice trail off to let what she had said sink into Miley.

''Do you have anything in mind...?'' Miley smiled as she could feel something goog was about to happen.

''Remember when you saw Oliver and me in my house the other night?'' (A/N : See ''Run Baby Run'')

Miley nodded and straightened up on one her elbow to look at Lilly as she continued. ''We were discussing something. I knew that Oliver's uncle has a chalet in Utah, in a ski resort. And I thought we could spend a few days there, just you and me. ''

Miley had a huge smile on her face.

''Oliver told me his uncle was okay with it... My mom is too... So now, if you're dad and most importantly you, are up for it, we c...''

Miley threw herself in Lilly's arms, rolling on top of her and kissed her passionately.

''I guess that's a yes...'' Lilly grinned when the kiss broke off. Miley didn't reply and sealed the deal with another tender kiss. She rested her head on Lilly's chest as Lilly wrapped her arms around her.

''Wait, how are we gonna get there?'' Miley asked, looking up at her.

''Road trip...?'' Lilly smiled shyly.

''Oh, you're so good!'' Miley grinned.

''I try...'' Lilly replied with a smile.

Miley kissed her in the neck, and Lilly tightened her grip around her waist, enjoying the sensation of her lover's lips on her skin.

''Can I ask you a favor Miles? No, two actually...''

''Yeah, anything.'' Miley said still nibbling Lilly's neck.

''Can you not plan anything on our anniversary and let me take care of everything?'' Miley stopped a few seconds and glanced at Lilly pleading eyes.

''Okay...'' She smiled.


''What's the second favor?''

''Don't stop what you were doing...'' Lilly said slyly.

''I wasn't planning on it...'' Miley replied seductively, leaning back down, and sucking on her girlfriend's pulse point.

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