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Tell me Something, Chapter 9

One. Two. Three steps. Turn around. One, two, three steps. Turn around. One, two, three steps. Turn around. That was what Roxy was watching. Miley was pacing in front of her, in the hospital waiting room. She was biting on her nail anxiously while looking at the floor.
One, two, three steps. Oh, for the love of God! Roxy couldn't take it anymore"You know, you're gonna end up make a hole on the floor if you keep doing this." She said, hoping to make the pop star stop it.

It worked. Miley stopped and looked at her. "I'm sorry. I just need to busy myself."

"I know. What don't you come over here? Take a seat next to me...'' She said, while taping the chair next to her. Miley looked unsure, but finally shrugged and sat down next to her bodyguard. She leaned on the back and looked at the ceiling.

Thank god! I would have ended killing her if she had kept-

Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

What the hell? She looked at Miley and sure enough, she was taping her foot on the floor, bouncing her right leg. She let out a sigh knowing that she couldn't ask Miley to stop worrying, and if annoying her bodyguard, unconsciously or not, was a way to let out some of this anxiety, she could take it... Ah, who was she kidding! She couldn't take it! She wasn't the patient type! Roxy stood up abruptly. ''Hey Miley, you want something to drink? Maybe a tea? Or chocolate? Or are you hungry?'' Miley needed to get her mind out of things, and maybe going to the cafeteria would help. At least for a few minutes.

''Oh... er... I guess I'm a little thirsty yeah.''

''Kay. Hot chocolate?''

Miley nodded. Roxy started to walk away but stopped when she saw Miley was still sitting and had started bouncing again.

''You're coming?''

''No Roxy. I'm staying here. In case the doctors come.''

''It will only take a few minutes. The cafeteria is just down the hall.'' Roxy insisted.

''Sorry, but I'm not moving.'' Miley replied stubbornly. ''Besides, I'd like to be alone..."

Roxy sighed but relented. ''You're gonna be okay here on your own?''


'''kay. I won't be long.''


With a last look at Miley and her bouncing leg, the bodyguard made her way to the cafeteria.

God, let her be okay, let her be okay. Lilly had been unconscious during the brief flight towards the hospital. The rescuers had began successfully re-warming her girlfriend's core and quickly reassured her by telling her that luckily Lilly's temperature was just above 83°F which indicated that she wasn't at risk for ventricular fibrillation. They had placed a mask on Lilly, providing her warm water-saturated air. And even though Lilly's condition had been stabilized before they landed, Miley couldn't help but think that something could go wrong. It had been an hour since Lilly had disappeared with the doctors and Miley couldn't wait anymore to know if her girlfriend was alright.

An hour later, John, Roxy and Miley were still sitting on the chairs in the waiting room. John had joined them after calling Lilly's mother to tell her what happened. She had immediately filled out and faxed the paperwork allowing Miley to see Lilly. Miley had barely touched her hot chocolate. She was too deep in thoughts.

''Lillian Truscott?'' A voice suddenly reasoned in the room.

''Right here!'' Miley cried as she quickly jumped off her chair and practically ran to the doctor, followed by Roxy and John.

''Hi. I'm Doctor Sullivan." He said, shaking their hands. "We run some basics blood tests to assess her condition. She had started to recover from her hypothermia in your way over here, and her temperature has kept increasing to a more acceptable one. We took a CAT scan and she has a slight concussion from the fall. Nothing major though. We also took an X-ray of her shoulder and ribcage. No broken ribs, but a rather big hematoma on her chest." He explained going over the file. "You did an amazing job by the way with the splinting." He added looking impressed.

"Thanks." Miley said simply, a red tint appearing on her cheeks.

"I taught her!" Roxy said proudly.

John snickered. The doctor and laughed and continued. "Lilly should be out in two days. We are just keeping her to monitor her concussion and hypothermia. You can go and see her now. Although, one at a time, and only the immediate family...''

''We are the immediate family. There's no one else here. And I'm her girlfriend. And we have her mother's consent...''

''oh... well, I guess in that case... We placed her in the room 324,'' he said with a gentle smile.

''Thank you.''

''You're welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or the nurses... I'll come check on Lillian once she wakes up and-" He was interrupted by the ringing of his beeper. He took a quick glance at it and frowned. "And this is my cue to go... I'll see you later." He said, disappearing hurriedly behind the swing doors.

"Let's go see your girl Miley.'' Roxy said as she led her to the room. John silently followed.

Miley had managed to convince the nurses and doctors to let her sleep with Lilly, wanting to be there when she woke up. She had sat on the chair next to the bed and rested her head on the mattress next to her girlfriend's chest. She had fallen asleep after grabbing her girlfriend's only free hand, as the other one was trapped in a sling. When she woke up rather early the next morning, she immediately noticed two things. One Lilly was still sleeping and two, she had a stiff neck. Groaning, she stretched and sighed contentedly. She stood up and leaned over Lilly, kissing her on the nose, the forehead, her left cheek, her right cheek, her chin, her neck, her jaw, her lips. She could have done that for hours, but she was interrupted by someone clearing their voice. Miley turned around and blushed when she saw the nurse standing in the room with a small smirk.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I have to check Lilly's constants..."

"Oh yeah, sure. Go ahead. I'm go grab something to eat while you do that..."

The nurse nodded and Miley left the room, not before giving another light kiss to her sleeping girlfriend.

Lilly's eyes slowly opened. All she could see was... white. Oh no, not again! She groaned and started to straighten up but stopped midway when the pain became too much. ''Miley?'' She called. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head.

''Mil…Err... Hi?'' No it wasn't her girlfriend, but a middle aged woman.

''Hi Lilly. Nice of you to finally join us!'' the woman smiled gently.

Lilly for the first time thought about looking around her. She was in a room. A hospital room. In a bed. And the woman was a nurse.

''Oh thank god!'' She sighed as she flopped down on her pillow with a wince as she again forgot about her painful chest. She shot straight back up. ''Wait. Miley? Owww!!'' Yep, here it is, a sharp pain. Again. Why do I keep forgetting about it?

''Easy there.'' The nurse said, pushing her gently back on the bed.

''Lilly, you're awake!'' her girlfriend squealed as she stepped in the room., a huge and relieved grin on her face.

''I'm gonna go get the doctor.'' The nurse said, leaving the room with a small smile.

''How are you feeling?'' Miley asked as she quickly sat down on the bed next to Lilly, careful not to hurt Lilly. She had her shoulder in a sling and her ribs had been bandaged.

''Better. Confused though... what happened?''

''Roxy had a mini GPS ship implanted in our shoes. She knew we weren't home at 5.30 pm sharp, and when she tried to call us and didn't reach us, she started to get anxious. Or as John put it before he got his arm twisted 'she was hyperventilating in her steak tartare at first, then grabbed the waiter, yelled for a free meal, pushed past a six year old and his mother sending them flying on a table, and out of the restaurant she was.' ''

''Well I'd like to say I'm stunned by Roxy's reaction, but really, I'm not...'' She chuckled. ''But How come we had to wait so long for her to arrive?''

''They didn't want to let anyone out with this weather at first. But you know Roxy. She can be very persuasive...''

''The Puma?'' Lilly asked knowingly.

''The puma.'' Miley nodded. ''Anyways. They finally found us. I heard the helicopter and tried to tell you but you were already unconscious. Hypothermia. But the doctor will get into that. Next thing I know, a rescuer is coming down from the helicopter above in the sky, a stretcher descending with him, and after asking what happened, put you in it and lifted you back safely. And then, he came back for me. We were at the hospital around midnight and they took care of you.''

''Awww man! I missed the cool part!'' Lilly whined, in a child-like fashion.

''Yeah, it was pretty cool... next time, I promise I'll be the one unconscious.''

''Thanks...'' Lilly said with a goofy smile.

''You're welcome!''

''How about you though? You're okay?'' Lilly asked as she cupped Miley's cheek.

''Yep, I'm perfectly fine.'' Miley smiled as she leaned in her girlfriend's touch.

They were going to share a kiss, but they were interrupted by the doctor entering the room.

''Hello Miss Truscott!'' He said with a bright smile.


''How you're doing this morning?''

''Pretty good. Tired, but good.''

''Great. I'm doctor Sullivan by the way. I took care of view last night. You got lucky Lillian-

Lilly cringed at her full name. ''Lilly. Please.''

''Sorry, Lilly.'' He corrected with a smirk. ''You have a minor concussion due to the fall you made last night. Your girlfriend said it was quite spectacular...''

''Oh, she did?'' She frowned glancing at Miley who just smiled sweetly.

''You don't have any broken rib but a big bruise on your chest."

"You're sure it's not broken? Coz it sure feels like it is..."

"Yes I'm sure. Your constants are good. You have a light concussion and-"

"and a twisted shoulder."

"Yes. You are going to have to wear the splint for two weeks and check with your doctor if everything's fine before taking it off."


"Well, we're keeping you until tomorrow morning, to make sure you don't have any side effects from your hypothermia. Other than that, you're as good as new!"

"Good. Thank you."

"No problem. I'll see you tomorrow when I'll sign the release form. Bye girls!"

"Bye" they said in unison, as Doctor Sullivan left the room.

"He's nice." Lilly said.


''Does my mom know?'' Lilly inquired, suddenly worried.

''Yes she knows... And before you say anything, she wasn't angry or anything. Just relieved you are fine.''

''Ok. Good.'' She said as she relaxed on her bed closing her eyes. Miley smiled and slowly kissed her girlfriend. "I'm glad you're okay." She breathed against her lips. "I'm sorry." She let out as she broke the kiss and looked down.

Lilly frowned and put her index finger under Miley's chin, lifting it up forcing her girlfriend to look at her. She stared deeply into her girlfriend's eyes. "Miles, it's okay. It's over. We're both alright and that's all that matters. Okay?'' Miley nodded. "And think of the bright side. Now, we have an awesome story to tell everybody at school."

Miley rolled her eyes and, instead of answering, kissed her girlfriend deeply.

The girls were lying on the bed peaceful, their eyes closed. Miley was on Lilly good side and had leaned her head on Lilly's shoulder.

''Scooby-Doo.'' she suddenly heard her girlfriend let out in the silence.

Miley straightened up and leaned on her elbow looking at Lilly, one eyebrow raised. ''Well, that was random...''

Lilly smiled and explained. ''When I was mad at you for running after you yesterday, I tried to find a way to punish you...''

''O-kay...'' Miley said, still not seeing the rapport with the dog.

''At first, I wanted to deprive you from sex. But that would have been as bad for me as it was for you...'' She said matter-of-factly.

The popstar chuckled, knowing it was perfectly true. Lilly wouldn't have lasted long.

''So then, I just though about scooby-Doo and how every time after your Hannah rehearsals you come back with cuts, bruise, and blisters.'' She paused and looked away as in deep contemplation. ''You know Miles, people think you're a real professional, but really they couldn't be more wrong! With all your injuries, I sometimes wonder if it's really you dancing on stage and not a doublure...''

Miley pinched Lilly gently on her arm and pouted, but didn't say anything. Lilly giggled and sat up. She leaned to place a peck on these pouty lips which quickly curled up into a smile.

''Anyways. Every time, instead of going home with your dad, you come by my house to get your band-aids and a kiss on every single one of your Booboos... And one time, when I asked you why you didn't do that at your house, you said that it was because the first time you had an injury while showing me your new Hannah moves in my room, I had immediately ran to the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit. I had cleaned up your wound and put a Scooby-doo band-aid on it with a small kiss. And just by doing that, I had completely made the pain disappear and worth it... You said that since then, every time you got hurt, you wanted to come to me and have me take care of you with Scooby.''

''And a kiss. Scooby is not as good if I don't have a kiss.'' Miley added lovingly. ''So you're saying that you wanted to stop your partnership with a cartoon character in order to get back at me?''

''Yeah... at least for a while...''

''And now? You still want to do it?'' Miley asked with small pout.

Lilly smiled at her cuteness and crinkled her nose. ''Nope. I love doing that for you. So really, it would have been just as bad as no sex... besides, we're good now.''

''Yeah... We're good now.'' The popstar smiled. She leaned in, kissing her girlfriend slowly and passionately. She quickly moved to straddle her girlfriend and buried her hands in long blond hair. Lilly wrapped her good arm around Miley's petite waist, pulling her closer, without hurting her bruise ribs. The embrace deepened and become hotter by the seconds. Miley licked Lilly's bottom lip asking for entrance. With a moan, Lilly parted her lips and let Miley explore her mouth, enjoying the familiar sensation. They both groan when their tongues brushed.

Feeling things getting a little out of hands, Miley pulled back. She saw her girlfriend ready to protest and put her finger on her mouth to prevent her from talking. ''As much as I'd like to keep going, we're in a hospital and you're hurt.''


''But I promise I'll make it up to you once we get home.''

''But it's like in two days!'' Lilly whined.

''Well, I guess I'll have to think of something special to do now, won't I?'' She said coyly, wiggling her eyebrows.

Lilly shuddered at the thought of what Miley could do to ''make it up to her.'' She felt Miley get off of her and settled back down next to her, pulling her with her. Miley claimed back her previous spot on Lilly's shoulder and closed her eyes as she felt Lilly's arm wrap around her body, holding her close.

''I love you, Lilly.''

''I love you too, babe.''

It was late in the afternoon. Lilly was lying on her hospital bed with Miley still wrapped up in her arms. She smiled as she felt Miley playing with her left hand, tracing her fingers one by one, up and down, and lacing her fingers from times to times. Lilly adored when Miley played with her hands like that. It was making her feel calm and sleepy. In those moments, it was only Miley and her. It was pure bliss, it was pure love, it was-

''Hey girls!'' Roxy exclaimed loudly as she entered the room soon followed by John. Lilly growled as the interruption.

''How're doing Lilly?'' John asked from the end of the bed as Roxy perched herself up on the bed.

''Good. Can't wait to be out though.''

''Tomorrow...'' Miley breathed in her neck.

''You scared us good last night girls.'' John said.

''Yeah... we just lost track of times... and because of the weather, we couldn't see where we were going. '' Lilly babbled. She was lying but she didn't want Roxy to blame Miley or her for acting reckless and childish.

''Lilly...'' Miley interrupted.


''They know?''

''Know what?''

''I told them... everything.''

''You mean how the blizzard made us miss the sign.'' Lilly articulated with a pointed look trying to make Miley understand she was trying to find them an excuse, and that she should back her up.

''No the other version. The real one.''

''Miley!'' Lilly yelped. ''Didn't you see my look!'' She exclaimed, glancing briefly at Roxy, panicking.

Miley chuckled. ''And didn't you hear when I said I told them what happened?''

''You mean Roxy knows?'' She asked as quietly as possible, to avoid Roxy to hear.

''Yes, Roxy knows.'' The bodyguard said. Crap. ''And Roxy is not mad. Anymore.''

Lilly let out a breath. ''Geesh, you got me worried there for a moment.''

''Like you got us worried. I'm just glad you're both ok!'' She said, patting Lilly on the leg. She wasn't used to show her emotion, and this was the most she could do. The girls smiled at her, understanding the nature of what Roxy was trying to say. It was like a silent 'I love you.'

''We're gonna head outside for an early dinner. We'll see you girls later.'' John said a few seconds later. Roxy nodded and they left the room, leaving the girls alone.

''Gosh!'' Lilly groaned disturbing her sleepy girlfriend. ''I need ice cream! I crave ice cream right now! Do you think you could get me some ice cream?'' Lilly asked with a sweet smile.

Miley didn't reply, still enjoying her slight slumber. She felt Lilly shake the shoulder she was resting in an attempt to wake her.

''What?'' Miley mumbled, her face buried in Lilly's chest.

''Ice cream? For me? Please please please please?''

''Ice cream, Lilly? Really?'' She frowned propping herself up to look at her girlfriend properly. ''After all we've been through? Sure you don't want a hot chocolate, or a soup, or-''

''pleeeease?'' Lilly asked her eyes bright with hope.

''ugh! Fine!'' Miley relented. Lilly's adorableness will be the end of her... She gave her a kiss and hoped off the bed, heading out. She opened the door of the room, but was stopped by the sight in front of her. Lilly and Miley's eyes went wide.

''Awww, John and Roxy, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...'' Lilly sang in a small voice. The couple stopped kissing realizing they had been caught, and the bodyguard glared at her playfully. Lilly stared at Roxy her eyes dancing with amusement. She could see the slight blush on her cheeks and the light sparkle that was definitely new. Roxy was falling in love. The bodyguard hid her face with her hands and Lilly grinned at her girlfriend, communicating through their eyes. She could see Miley was thinking alike. She mouthed to her from across the room ''I love you.''

Miley smiled and mouthed back ''I love you too.'' She left the room, not forgetting about her lover's ice cream.

The girls spent the night together at the hospital, Miley had not left Lilly's bed since her expedition for Lilly's second ice cream of the night. At Miley's dumbfounded expression, she had defended herself saying that the servings here were small and that one wasn't enough. To this, Miley had rolled her eyes but complied.

It was now 10 a.m. and the girls were ready to leave the hospital. Lilly had had the green light from the doctor and hopped down the bed, eager to just get the hell out of there. They were waiting for Roxy.

The girls were driving back with Roxy, Lilly being unable to drive and Miley not having her driving license. Lilly's car had already been shipped from there to Malibu yesterday morning, and arrived last night. Roxy soon pulled in front of the hospital entrance, and the girls jumped in, both in the front. And off they were, back to Malibu. The girls were a little sad to leave the mountains. This week had been important to them. They had celebrated their anniversary and had reached another step in their relationship. Miley couldn't be any happier. She finally knew where Lilly and she were standing and where they wanted to go. Lilly felt relieved because she had voiced her fear to Miley. Her girlfriend had known what to say to reassure her and make her feel better. The girls had also lived quite an experience with being stuck in the cold at night, and Lilly had had her ice cream. Roxy had found her special someone. John was staying here for the end of the season and, depending on where they were in their relationship, would decide if he wanted to move in L.A. at the end of April.

The ride back was filled with playful banter. The girls spent their time teasing Roxy with John, sleeping in each others arms, listening Roxy's CD collection, another source of teasing according to Lilly. Roxy had all the albums of Olivia Newton John, Celine Dion, and Barbra Streisand. Roxy's puma was now seen as a little kitty... They spent the night in the same motel and left early the next morning. Lilly had complained to not be able to wake up, until she stole Roxy's coffee while she was rearranging the bags in the truck during their lunch break. To Roxy, it was the worst two days of her life. To Miley and Lilly, they felt like they had connected with Roxy in a different way. She wasn't only Hannah's bodyguard now, but more of a friend.

Monday afternoon, Mr Stewart was sitting at the piano, waiting for the imminent return of her daughter and her girlfriend. They were supposed to return yesterday and go back to school today but their little sejour in the hospital had changed the plans. He was playing the piano with Linda, composing the new a new song when he was rudely interrupted. ''Need to pee, need to pee, need to pee, need to pee!'' A flash of blonde hair cried as it barged in the house and flied up the stairs. Mr Stewart laughed and turned his attention back to the door as he saw his daughter step inside with two of their bags.

''Hey Bud!'' He said as he stood up and made his way to her daughter.

''Hi dad'' she said as she dropped the bags and gave him a hug.

''Lilly okay?''

''Oh yeah!'' Miley giggled. ''She just needed the bathroom really bad. Roxy refused to stop when Lilly asked her because, and I quote, 'she shouldn't have drunk the puma's coffee while she had her back turned and that now she was going to have to deal with the consequences'. But the truth was she was just eager to go back to call John, and thus didn't want to stop at all, no matter what.''

''John?'' Mr Steward frowned.

''Roxy's boyfriend.''

''Boyfriend?'' He asked looking lost.

''Yep. Roxy likes a ski instructor!''

''Ski instructor?''

Miley laughed at her father's dumbfounded expression. ''I'll fill you in with all the details during dinner.''

''Uh-huh!'' Her dad nodded, still a little perturbed.

Lilly reappeared downstairs and let out a long breath.

''Feeling better, Lils?'' Miley asked, trying to suppress a chuckle.

''You have no idea!'' Lilly smiled, contented.

''Hey girls! The bags won't come walking on their own in the house!'' Roxy said from the entrance. '' So get your butts down there and go take care of them!''

''But my shoulder'' Lilly whined trying to find a way out.

''Exactly Lilly. Shoulder. Singular. Which means you still have a perfect good arm. Don't wanna waste it. Now go! I'd like to go home if you don't mind!''

''Awww, Roxy wants to see her lo-ver!'' Lilly sang making her way to the door.

Roxy suddenly blushed profusely. Every time the girls would tease her with John or even mention his name, she would blush, stumble on her words, babble, all these cute things, people do when they were in the beginning of a relationship. The girls found it insanely cute.

Miley followed Lilly outside and unloaded their bags from the van. Roxy drove away as soon as the last bag had left the car, honking as a 'goodbye.'

''You're staying over for dinner Lilly?'' Mr. Stewart asked as he began preparing dinner.

''I don't know... I have to call my mom.'' She answered as she grabbed her cell phone and headed to the deck. On her way, she walked pass Miley and couldn't resist to give her a gentle kiss. Miley followed her girlfriend with her eyes as she opened the back door and disappeared on the deck.

''So how was your trip?'' Mr. Stewart asked with a smirk as he noticed the loving and dazzled smile on Miley's face.

''It was perfect. Even with our fight. We had an amazing anniversary day. And we talked about our relationship and our fear. It was perfect despite all the little flaws along the way.''

Robbie Ray smiled but didn't have the time to respond when Lilly made her way back to the kitchen.

''I'm on for dinner! Better be good Mr. S!''

Mr. Stewart scoffed. ''As if it could be not good! Really Lilly, you know me better than that!''

''Guess you'll have to your reputation then!'' She smirked.

''We're gonna head upstairs dad.'' Miley declared, breaking in. ''Call us when it's ready!'' She grabbed her girlfriend's good hand and led her upstairs.

As soon as they entered the bedroom and locked the door, Miley lifted Lilly up in her arms as Lilly wrapped her legs around Miley's waist. Miley led them towards the bed and lied her girlfriend carefully down the soft sheets, not once breaking eye contact. Fire was burning in each pair of eyes, a fire that never ceased to be strong. Miley's eyes drifted to Lilly's lips and back again to her eyes. She licked her lips and leaned down capturing her girlfriend's mouth in hers, moaning at the heavenly contact.

''I love you'' she breathed against her lips.

''I love you too.'' Lilly replied as she kissed Miley's jaw line.

Miley adjusted herself on top of Lilly. ''Am I hurting you?''

''No... you're good.'' Lilly smiled as she leaned up to recapture her girlfriend's lips in another kiss.

At the same moment, in Chicago, a young boy got off his limousine, a horde of fans and paparazzi surrounding him. After a few waves, hugs and autographs, he quickly got in the luxurious hostel in front him, protected by his numerous body guards. Safe inside, he tried to catch his breath. It was rough, but he loved it. He loved his fans, because they loved him. What's not to love? He chuckled to himself.

''Hey Jake.'' His manager greeted him.

''Larry...'' He nodded. The two of them headed towards Jake's room.

''So, I arranged everything with the studios.'' Larry started. ''You don't have to shoot any new episodes of Zombie high before a few months, and no films are scheduled before this summer. Any plans of vacation?''

''Actually... no.'' He said beaming. ''I have plans... but no vacation.''

His manager looked at him with a quizzing look.

''I'm going back to school...''He announced excitingly.

''Not again!'' Larry whined. ''Jake...'' He said rubbing his forehead. ''You know school's no good for you...'' He sighed. ''It never has been in the past and never been. You're not school material. You're Hollywood material...''

''I don't go there for school per se...'' Jake explained. ''I wanna go back to Malibu... I wanna get Miley back.''

If Jake Ryan was convinced of one thing, it was that he was in love with Miley Stewart. He had let her go because his pride had been hurt. But then, he didn't know much about love, and losing Miley had put things in perspective. He acted like he didn't care at the time, like he wanted to go back in the game, enjoying all the attention from the girls, but he quickly realized those girls weren't Miley and never will. Thus, now that he didn't have to be on sets for the next few months, he had decided it was the perfect moment to seduce back the girl he loved. He hoped that she wasn't dating anyone, it would make things much easier. Although, he didn't doubt that Miley would surely dump any boys she was dating at the moment for him, Jake Ryan. He was sure that Miley was still in love with him and soon, they will be together again. With a smile, he grabbed something from his jeans pocket and opened it.

His manager gasped. ''Jake...''

''I'm gonna propose to her.''

The End

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