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Who's at the door at this time of day? Harry wondered, rubbing his eyes as he dragged his tired, sleepy body down the stairs to open the door. He tripped in some stuff lying on the floor, and groaned loudly. He fell face-first into the floor, yelling at himself inside his head. He thought a second that he should just lay there and die, but then he dragged himself towards the door, opening it. No one. He groaned. Why did people have to bug him at this time of day? He was just about to close it, when…

"Meow?" a tiny squeal said from the floor, and Harry looked down, meeting the eyes of a kitten-shaped Draco Malfoy. He groaned loudly, and threw his head back. What was wrong with this guy? Couldn't he just leave him alone? He looked down at the kitten again, and sighed. He couldn't say no to the kitten shape of Draco Malfoy, so he stepped to the left, swinging his arm into the room.

"So? Are you coming in or what?" he said angry, but the kitten just stared at him, without blinking. They stared at each other for a few moments, grey meeting green. Then Harry let out a frustrated sound, before he bent down and picked up Draco, placing him on his shoulder. Draco purred loudly, pressing his body against Harry's ear. Harry growled, and closed the door, walking into the livingroom. But before he got that far, Draco jumped down from his shoulder, and ran up the stairs. Harry spun around, and ran after him.

"Oh no, you little brat! You're not going up there!" he shouted, and ran up the stairs, growling furiously. He could see the tip of Draco's tail disappear into his bedroom. Harry growled again, and ran after him. But when he came bursting through the doors of his bedroom, it was not the cute little kitty who was seated on his bed, but a very delicate looking Draco Malfoy. He was wearing the same pair of pants he had been wearing earlier that day, and the same shirt, which slid up his stomach, exposing some milky-white skin. He was panting from the running, and his hair was messy, for once. Harry swallowed, and stopped dead on, very obvious of his nudity. He was wearing only a pair of boxers, which by the way was too small and very, very worn. Draco eyed him up and down, blinking slowly. For once, he wasn't smirking at the dark haired boy, or saying something rude. He had a blank expression on his face, which made Harry more than a little concerned. But instead of backing away, he walked over to the bed, and dropped down on it, not looking at the blonde who was sprawled all over his bed.

"Why, Draco, why?" he mumbled, hiding his face in his hands. He was very aware of what he had told the blonde when he was in kitty-shape, and what he had seen. Harry blushed at the thought. Someone moved behind him, and then slender arms wrapped around his waist, legs resting on each side of his body. A nose nuzzled into the crook of his neck, and Harry leaned back, closing his eyes.

"First of all, you bought me. I ended up in that muggle store by accident, and if you didn't notice, I was attacking you as good as I could. But you didn't seem to care, and I thought a lot of times on changing into my normal shape, just so you could let me go. Then I remembered that father placed me in that muggle shop for a reason, and that was because there were people after me. So I had no other choice than to stay. And… and as time passed, I saw the real you. I didn't see The Golden Boy or The Boy Who Lived, I saw Harry Potter. See? You made my brain sappy in just a few months," Draco ended, growling. Harry wasn't laughing at the cold joke the blonde just made. Instead, he was staring into the ceiling, wondering if he should go wild and throw things at him, or just listen. He figured he had done enough of the first thing, with shouting those things in the middle of the shop. So he listened.

"Damn it, Potter. I don't like this any more than you do. Or maybe I do, I don't know if you're straight or not, I just know that I'm not. And believe it or not, you're quite a catch. Besides, the way you took care of me when I lived here… not even my parents gave me that much love." Harry had to turn around at these words. He had yelled at the kitten, given it evil glances and muttered curses under his breath. Of course he had loved it, cuddled it, and such, but he wasn't half as loving as a parent should be…

"They… they didn't?" he muttered, and Draco shook his head, snuggling his nose into Harry's neck and wrapping his arms tighter around his naked waist, as if he was scared he'd run away.

"No. No hugs, no kisses, no 'I love you'. It was just duty for them." Harry's eyebrows shot up, before he turned away again.

"Don't try to make me feel sorry for you. God damn it, Draco, you lied to me! Besides, I'm a bloody Gryffindor, if you had come to me, asking for help, I would have helped. Not with a smile on my mouth, and I wouldn't be happy 'bout it, but I would have helped, because that's who I am. And I think you know that. I wouldn't have cared if you lied to me before, but now… I don't know. It just feels worse." Suddenly, a pair of very soft, and very wet lips hit his neck, nibbling and licking. Harry gasped, and tried to pull away, but Draco placed his lips on his ear, breathing hard.

"So why don't you punish me?" he whispered. Something snapped inside Harry's brain, and the next thing he knew, was that he was all over Draco Malfoy, kissing, biting, squeezing and scratching. Draco was moaning and squirming, wrapping his legs around Harry's waist, and pushing his hips upwards, making it clear that he was more than ready. Harry groaned, and pulled on his tight jeans.

"Get… these… off…" he mumbled in-between furious kisses. Draco lifted his hips, and wriggled out of the slim-fit jeans, letting Harry toss them on the floor and move on to his boxers. When they were off, Draco re-wrapped his legs around his waist, and pulled close, moaning loudly when his erection was rubbed hard against the material in Harry's boxers. The latter was working on Draco's shirt, trying as hard as he could to remove it. Draco grabbed the wand that he had tossed on the bed earlier, and removed the shirt with a spell, removing Harry's boxers at the same time. Harry wasted no time in foreplay: he mumbled a lubrican spell, and pushed one finger harshly inside Draco. The blonde broke the kiss, only to scream out, as Harry's finger hit his prostate dead on on first try. But when he added another finger, he had to squeeze his eyes shut for the pain. Harry scissored his fingers, widening the smaller man under him. Then he quickly pushed in a third finger, slamming his hand into Draco's ass for a few minutes, making the blonde spread his legs wider and wider, while he buckled his hips upwards.

"God damn it, Harry, just do it already," he panted, and Harry pulled out his fingers and turned the blonde over on his stomach. Draco's heart was pounding, he was so hard, so ready… his eyes flew open, and a scream escaped his mouth, as something hard, wet and big was pressed inside him, all the way in. Draco squeezed his eyes shut, but the tears still leaked out, and he grabbed the sheets to hold himself from telling him to stop. But then he moved, and the pain got worse. Draco gasped out, and clenched his muscles. Suddenly, firm hands moved up his back, stroking and squeezing.

"I can't do this if you don't relax," Harry mumbled, leaning down and kissing his neck carefully. Sweat was leaking out on Draco's forehead, and he groaned.

"Bloody hell, Potter. Move, or I swear I'll kill you," he pressed out, his voice tight. Harry seemed surprised by this, but he did as he was told, and pulled back, until only the head was inside him, and then he pushed back in, forcefully hitting Draco's prostate. He screamed out again, and squeezed his muscles around the dark haired boy. Then he losened up again, and Harry repeated his actions, as did Draco. The blonde was pleased to hear the bigger man groan, feeling his hands shake on his hips. Draco felt his climax building up, and he searched for something to grab, something to hold on to… then he felt Harry's hands wrap around his own, squeezing hard. Then he was pulled up in sitting position, his back pressing against Harry's chest and stomach. Harry still held onto his hands, and wrapped their arms around Draco's waist, pulling him up and down. Draco leaned his head back on Harry's shoulder, and panted into his ear.

"Faster, bloody hell…" he mumbled, and Harry obeyed, picking up a quicked pace. Soon, he tightened his grip around Draco's waist, and groaned loudly.

"Damn, Draco," he said, pressing him closer. Draco clenched his muscles again, and two seconds later, Harry spilled his seeds deep down inside the blonde. Draco was pushed over the edge by Harry's orgasm, and soon, they were sitting on the bed, panting and shaking. Harry pulled out of the blonde, and they both collapsed on the bed. Draco cast a cleaning charm, cleaning up the mess on their bodies. Then he looked over at Harry, insecure what to do. Harry had his eyes closed, and he was panting furiously, furring his brows.

"You better by me flowers and candy," Harry suddenly breathed, and Draco jerked his head up to look at him. He still had his eyes closed, and he still looked mad.

"What?" Draco asked, and Harry sighed.

"You have a lot to apologize for." Draco smirked. Then he crawled closer, and wrapped his arms around Harry, who groaned, but wrapped his own arm around the blonde's shoulders.

"I get it, I get it. No need to overrate this." Harry opened his eyes, and looked down at the boy snuggled up in his arms. He had goosebumps all over his white, delicate skin, and his teeth was scrambling from cold. Harry found the covers, and pulled them around himself and the other boy. Draco sighed, and snuggled closer, wrapping his legs around Harry's naked body. Usually, Draco wasn't the one to cuddle, but Harry was an exception. He had cuddled Draco as a cat, and with that spoiled him.

"Harry? Are you home? Are you sleeping? I'm coming up, you better be dressed!" Hermione shouted, before they heard footsteps in the stairs. Harry opened his mouth to answer, when he suddenly found himself naked in the bed, with a grey kitten on his chest. He groaned, and once again opened his mouth to say something, when Hermione came through the doors. She shot a look at Draco on Harry's chest, and smiled.

"Oh, so you found the kitten!" Harry groaned, and placed a hand over his eyes.

"Yes, I found him. And Draco, stop fooling around. I feel stupid." Hermione's eyes shot open, and she looked around, trying to spot Draco somewhere. The kitten on Harry's chest meowed one time, before it turned back to a naked Draco Malfoy, who was snuggled up in Harry Potter. Hermione almost fell straight down. Instead, she screamed out, and pointed at Draco.

"But… but… but…" she stuttered, her finger still pointed at Draco. Harry groaned, and pulled Draco closer, holding his arms around his shoulders. Draco giggled, and entwirled his fingers with his lover's.

"Hermione, I don't know if you can see or not, but I'm busy. Mind coming back later?" Harry asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm. Hermione blushed, then a small smile spread over her lips.

"Okay. You two have a good time, and you better tell me what's going on later." Harry smiled back at her. Hermione was Hermione, that was for sure. Then she smiled at them again, and walked out the door and down the stairs. Draco tried to turn around, but Harry held him tight, nuzzling his nose into his neck.

"You just stay like that for now. I'm tired," he mumbled, lying down again with Draco on top. Draco smiled, and made himself comfortable on top of his lover.

"All right. Good night."

"Good night."

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