I've been playing Vexx a lot recently, trying to beat it. I have 58 of those stupid freaking Hearts and I just need, like, 2 more…! Grrr…!

Anyway, I was going through the Citadel of Shadows (correct me if I'm wrong on that) and I've only gotten two Hearts in that place and it sort of creeps me out a little. That's where this came from. Enjoy!

Kill Him Dead

Cold. It was so cold. So cold that it sliced to the bone, stabbed daggers in my lungs just to breath it in, burned like fire. It hurt it was so cold. But I blocked it out, blocked it all out. The swirling darkness below me, the glowing violet lights surrounding me, barely lighting my path, the growls and snaps of several dark creatures who would love to rip me to pieces; all of it blocked out. One foot forward, then the next. Slowly, carefully, easy now, easy…!

My right foot slipped and I pinwheeled my arms, flailing to stay balanced. I regained my center of gravity, took a deep breath, and started forward again. A perilous way to go but I had to. I had to because I needed to get that stinking Wraith Heart.

Getting into the Citadel of Shadows through the Rift Hub had been the easy part. Getting the Hearts was not.

It was darker than when the Six Midnight Bells tolled. It was colder than the very windswept tops of Frostblight Mill. It was more terrifying than the depths of the Below. It was more haunting than the souls surrounding the Spirit Stones. I hated it and I hated the feeling it gave me.


Fear saturated every inch of this place; it smelled of fear, the air tasted like fear, the hard, cold stone beneath my boots felt like fear, the lights were like manifested orbs of glowing fear. Fear, fear, fear. This place scared me and I hated that it scared me. But fear was an enemy I'd never learned to beat. Fear was Dark Yabu. As soon as Dark Yabu was defeated, so would be my fear. I hoped.

I stumbled onto a wide, solid platform and sank down to my knees for a moment, catching my breath, shaking my head to clear all the whispered voices and dark inclinations from my thoughts. I had one certain goal and nothing would stop me from obtaining it.




Kill him dead. Heh. Watch him squirm and bleed and scream and writhe in agony like he was doing to my grandfather. That monster would pay for all that he had done. All of it! Anger flared within me, my fiery blue eyes shone in the blackness, and I raked the War Talons across the stone, raising sparks that briefly lit my surroundings. They illuminated, for a split second, one of those foul little Grimkins. I growled at it, my ears sliding back. It squeaked and I could hear it coming towards me. At the last possible second I lashed out with the Talons and cut off its overly-large head, letting its body flop with a sickening squish to the floor and watching its cranium roll away and over the edge into the oblivion below.

I stared at the blood covering the silver ends of the War Talons, wishing with every shred of my being that it was Yabu's blood instead of some stupid Grimikn's.

But I wasn't going to get anywhere, I wasn't going to get any closer to that fiend, by sitting here in a blood bath. Slowly, I stood and started off again. My goals in mind.

Seek revenge.

Dish out that revenge ten fold.

Return everything to the way it was.

I snarled and bared my fangs into the blackness surrounding me.

Dark Yabu would pay.


Oooooh, I love the way this turned out…! This is so cool! Love it!

Please don't ruin the end of the game for me, I still haven't beaten it, but I like it because it's so full of puzzles and the music is awesome…!

Please tell me what you thought! Thanks for reading!