Heyoo everyone! I have a new fic in the emerging pipeline! Emerging cos I'm posting the prologue now and pipeline cos only this and the first chapter have been written. Now, if you're hoping for something nice, light, sweet and fluffy like my other stuff, you might wanna go away -- Fraid I wanted to write something a bit more mature and…yeah. So to warn you, this prologue has a scene that some may find distressing, though I've gone for more artistic language with contrasts and stuff rather than all the blood and gore and ewwww stuff that some like to go into. But it won't get worse than this and the first chapter now that I think about it! Well…maybe don't take my word for it cos as I said, it's not written so anything may still happen… I hope this random burble of stuff doesn't turn you off reading this fic cos I am going to make it into my greatest masterpiece! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Enjoy

Rebellions and Revolutions


"Thank you for a lovely evening, Ash." Misty murmured softly, her head resting on his strong shoulder as they strolled back to their apartment, his arm warm and protecting around her.

He replied with only a soft kiss on the top of her head, not wishing to speak and break the calm that had come over him. The one that fell over him like a warm blanket anytime he was in her presence. His small yellow Pikachu and faithful companion trotted happily on his other side, full of ketchup and other tip-bits he had sneaked from their plates.

Gazing around, Misty lazily took in the bright lights of the few shops and restaurants around them, still with a few people lingering outside having a last drink or sweetmeat. It was wonderful to get away from Viridian City and into the much quieter town of Cerulean where fewer people bothered them and peace was all about.

Suddenly, and for no reason Ash stopped dead in his tracks. "Huh? What's wrong?" she asked with Pikachu adding in a small comment from below. Staring into his handsome face Misty was filled with nothing but fear as his face was frozen, empty and stone cold to the world and everything in it. Almost as if seeing her for the first time that night he turned upon her, his golden brown eyes that were always full of such love and joy for the world were now a terrifying black, darker that anything either Misty or Pikachu had ever glimpsed before.

A few people had paused around them and heads had turned from nearby restaurants to see what was going on with the strangely familiar couple and the Pikachu at their feet. Curiosity soon turned to shock and then utter horror as the stone man, for that was the only description anyone could think of to describe him, pulled from a holster around his back a black and heavy gun that fired multiple times into the red haired woman before being turned on the stunned yellow pokemon at his feet.

Nothing more was gained from witnesses as even the strongest of heart had fled the scene and the emergency services had arrived where the young man had stayed, slumped on his knees with blood over his hands and clothes. A hollow, dead expression upon his young and handsome face, the "smoking" gun still resting in his limp and lifeless hands.

"Today the judge in the trial of the former Pokemon Master, Ash Ketchum passed his sentence today." The grey haired news reader told the nations from Kanto to Sinnoh the outcome of the most prolific trial to be held in recent history.

"Mr Ketchum has been charged for the brutal and unprovoked murder of his fiancé, Misty Waterflower and his most famous pokemon, Pikachu." An image of the stunning red head appeared behind the newsreader, clutching the much loved pokemon who had, along with his trainer, inspired so many young children to strive and become pokemon masters themselves. "The incident occurred just two months ago and the completion of the trial has been one of the quickest in history for such a serious crime. We can now go live to our reporter, Becky Cantara outside the courthouse."

The image of a young woman with blonde hair appeared, standing outside an old building where a throng of other reporters and photographers obscured the entrance, waiting for something or someone. "Today, Ash Ketchum was sentence to a life order imprisonment, meaning that Mr Ketchum will spend the rest of his life in prison. This has been one of the most severe sentences passed in recent days and illustrates just how serious…"

"Here we are," sneered the guard as he opened the large door wide to let the newest prisoner into his cell. "All done up nicely, just for you, sir!" He gave a greasy smirk as the young man, once respected, admired and almost worshiped by so many, walked step by step, carrying the small bundle of black clothes, his only allowed possessions, into the four concrete walled cell with only a dim bulb to give a little light.

Once within his prison, the door was slammed shut and he was left alone with a cot, toilet and cracked sink as his only companions. It would be many years before he would ever see anything more again.

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