A/N: So we all know that I have wonderful, brillant ideas when I am supposed to be paying attention in class, so here is my new idea. It's kind of a different concept, but hopefully you'll like it! Shee if you can figure out who they are talking about when they say him/her/his/hers. Happy Reading!

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I am a child at heart

I am a ladies' man

I am a womanizer

I am the guy that catches the baddies

I am good at what I do

I am the son he never had

I am a friend

I am role model

I am like a brother

I am obnoxious

I am a movie buff

I have lost a loved one

I have had my friend die in front of me

I look up to my Boss

I have permanent brain damage from being slapped

I also have a permanent bruise

I have done stupid things in my life

I am only human

I am Anthony DiNozzo