Hello again readers of fan fiction. I have come up with another idea for a fan fiction because I love you all so much.


Kirsten Black is like any other teenage girl, except for the fact that her mother and father are a vampire and a werewolf. Her mother, Bella Black, was turned into a vampire shortly before Kirsten was born. Jacob Black is Kirsten's werewolf father. Kirsten has the physical traits of a vampire, but the anger of a wolf.She still hasn't phased, but she may just be a late bloomer. As Kirsten gets ready for junior year, a new family moves into the old white house in the wood. What happens when someone from Bella's past meets Kirsten and a secret is reveled that Bella tried to keep from everyone, even her own daughter.

I know this is short, but I will not be posting two chapters a night like I did with my first one. I will post every night, if I can. I love you all and chapter 1 will be up tomarrow.