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"Bella, its going to be just fine", Edward reached over to take my hand into his, I calmed done…a little. Going to tell Charlie that I was engaged to my boyfriend of 2 years wasn't something I wanted to do all that much, he'd probably be angry at Edward, or me and then yell about how he and Renee turned out.

I sighed, "I know, just nervous, I guess. Scared to find out how he reacts" We pulled up at my house, Edward parked behind Charlie's police cruiser, and was at my side in less than a millisecond to open my door. He smiled, damn that breathing taking smile of his, I thought as my heart spluttered hyperactively. I felt my face turn a deep shade of red. Chuckling, his lips softly brushed against mine, and as usual, he pulled away all too quickly. When my heart calmed down, he entwined our fingers, and together we made out way to the door.

"Ready?" he asked. I looked down at my "new" engagement ring, diamonds smiling in the sunlight.

"As ready as I'll ever be" With that, he reached out and knocked on the door. I heard Charlie heave himself out of a chair with a loud "oof" moments later he opened the door and looked at me strangely.

"Bells, this is your house too, you don't have to knock"

"I know dad, but we need to…..talk about something." He looked confused and nodded. Moving out of the way so we could enter, when Edward walked through, Charlie shut the door, and went back to his spot in the chair, and turned down the T.V.

"So, what's on your mind, Bells?" he asked when Edward and I had sat down on the opposing couch.

"Well dad…" I started to mumbled, trying to think of what to say, so Edward took over.

"Sir, I proposed to your daughter." I looked at him, relieved for the help and turned back to my father.

"and I said yes." Charlie looked at me.

"You're getting….married?"

"Well, that's the plan"

"To Edward Cullen?"

"Yes Dad! Who else?" His eyes turned to fear.

"Isabella Marie Swan, are you pregnant?" He demanded. Without letting me say anything he continued, "I knew you were lying to me that night I asked you about you and Edward. You said he was old fashioned, but now, who knows? I thought you weren't planning to have sex yet!"

"Charlie!" Edward finally choked out, "Bella is not pregnant, and we're not having sex" I could tell by the look on his perfect face that he was embarrassed to be having this conversation with my father as much as I was.

"Dad, Edwards right! No baby, no sex, we're just engaged!" My father seemed to be in deep thought about this. While we waited, I studied the floor while Edward played. Finally, my father spoke.

"Okay, okay. I can accept you getting married, but ONLY if you van tell what your plans are" I grinned.

"Alice is throwing together a big, fancy wedding. I'm sure lots and lots of people will be invited"

"Even Jacob?"

"Yes, of course. We've already sent him an invite" Edward said, speaking fast.

Charlie smiled, and said "You kids better go tell Esme and Carlisle". We all stood up and for a long moment, I hugged my father. I smiled, letting go, and took back Edward's hand.

"Thank you sir" Edward said, gripping my dad's hand and shaking it. Before we left, I turned around.

"Dad, you know I'll probably live with the Cullen's?" I asked, hoping I wasn't hurting his feelings.

"I figured" he said, patting my head, "You're growing up, I understand" I gave him a quick hug, and we were off to The Cullen's.

"Your father is fine with the concept of you moving?" Edward asked, once in the safety of his Volvo.
"Honestly, he doesn't really have a choice" I said, watching his lips form my favorite smile. He put the keys in the ignition, he silver car purring to life. As we pulled away, I asked "When do you want me?"

"Hm?" He asked. I'd probably pulled him out of another train of thought.

"Me, moving into your house" I clarified.

"Ah, lets see now, this weekend?", he turned to smile at me.

"Seriously? This weekend?" I asked, in disbelief, I thought surely he'd say after we were married…but this weekend was okay too.

"Yes, and sorry, but you'll be moving into my room. You don't get your own." I laughed.

"That's fine, can we keep the bed? Maybe we can get good use out of it!" Edward shot me a look. I fixed my mistake.

"After we're married" I added sadly. He chucked, and mumbled, "Maybe I can't wait until we're married"

"Oh god, neither can I" I said, trying to mimic the cool in his voice, but sadly failing. "Has Alice finished the plans yet?"

"Knowing Alice, no. Everything has to be PERFECT" I grimaced.

"Perfection and Isabella Swan do NOT mix, she understands that, right?" Edward looked at me longingly.

"I think you're perfect" he said quietly. I furiously blushed at the simple comment. He let go of my hand and brushed my cheek lightly.

"Oh, how I'll miss you turning pink" He removed his hand, but left an icy trail down my cheek.


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