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I looked outside to see the sky darker than usual. It was a dark gray that threatened whoever stepped out in it. I returned to the kitchen to see Charlie choking back the last of his burnt oatmeal. He turned to look at me, scrutinizing my appearance.

"And where do you think you're going?"

I looked at him incredulously, there was only one place I went these days.

"Jacobs" I answered tentatively

"In this weather? I don't think so. That pavement is nothing but a sheer coat of black ice. You can see him tomorrow." he said with finality

I looked at him with a twinge of pain in my eyes. I hated being held captive in my own home. It gave me too much time to think, to remember. I staggered up the stairs and sat in front of my window. I looked out at the sky, as oversized snowflakes plummeted to the ground. Barely anything was visible from where I stood. A white haze of chaos covered everything.

I sighed and sat down in the rocker, curling myself up into a ball. Memories of Edward holding me on days like this flooded my memory, causing an involuntary shudder to rampage through my body. I held my insides together as the sentiment passed. I decided that perhaps I could sleep more, so I lay in my bed and let myself drift off.

I dreamt I was alone in the woods again, letting the rain soak through me. All around me was darkness. From deep within the trees, a sinister pair of crimson eyes pierced through the darkness. It stalked towards me until I could make out the rest of the frame. I was startled by the familiarity yet alieness. The creature had dark, chocolate brown hair, that spiralled to the midst of her back. Her skin was whiter than snow, but softer than a cloud. Her features were all straight and had perfect angles. Her body type was athletic yet delicate. She had curves in all the right places, a figure only seen airbrushed on the top magazine's covers. Her eyes were a startling shade of red, that promised both pain and blood.

I cringed at the feeling of her touch. A bitter draft surrounded me, as if I was wrapped in winter herself.

"Who are you?" I shuddered

She loomed forwards, and took my head in her hands, forcing me to stare in her eyes.

"Bella, dear. I'm you."

I shot up from my bed. A new sheer, sheen of sweat covered my body. My face burned where her hands had been. My heart was pounding in my tight chest.

"Just a dream, it was just a dream." I tried to soothe myself

A sudden blast of wind mixed with snow, shot at me from the opened window. Opened window? I didn't open it…did I? I jumped up from the bed, and struggled to close the rusted window. I peered through the glass, giving in to my curiosity. I could have sworn I saw a figure dancing at the edge of the wood.

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