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September 1, 2009

"Mum, why did I have to come? I wanted to stay home and read." A young girl with bright green eyes asked her mother, who rolled her eyes in response as she herded the girl and her older brother into King's Cross station with a single trunk on a cart.

"Ivory, you know very well that you aren't allowed to be home alone. And I'm not going to let you run around London either." Vaughn answered quickly checking her watch again.

"You were running around London when you were my age." Ivory said angrily.

"That's completely different."

"Is it?"

"I had supervision."

"Grandpa isn't supervision. You said that yourself."

"Ivory, you do know that we aren't even related to Sable." Her brother said smugly.

"Doesn't mean I can't still call him grandpa."

"It makes you wrong."

"Yeah, well-"

"Enough," Vaughn said sternly, "That means you too, Kris. Leave your sister alone, she's mad enough that she can't go this year."

"Yeah, poor ivory has to go to a muggle school again this year." Kris taunted, and received a sharp kick in the shin.

"Ivory, no kicking, Kris, no taunting. Got it?" Vaughn said, when both chanted that they did they crossed the barrier onto platform nine and three quarters. Even though it was Kris' first year, they had gone to see Jet off enough that the barrier had become commonplace. Once through though, Ivory ran off once she saw something, "Ivory May, get back here!"

Vaughn knew Ivory didn't hear her, she never did when Rebel was in the vicinity. Rebel Malfoy was Ginny and Draco's youngest, a fair haired boy with chocolate brown eyes. His sister Lyra was the one going to Hogwarts this year, and also had inherited a mellower form of the Weasley red hair. Of course their red headed cousins Eyra and Conner weren't too far off, Ron and Hermione's Children. Pale little Angel Longbottom was excitedly talking with the other first years, Lyra Malfoy, Eyra Weasley, Kris Potter and Smoky Hawthorn. Yes, a muggle and a squib had had two wizards, but their twelve year old daughter Ebony was a muggle.

Vaughn joined the other parents that were present, Draco, Luna, Hermione, Ron, Sable and Ferret. Harry, Neville and Ginny were currently at Hogwarts preparing for another year of teaching. Vaughn watched all the kids talk until they needed to get on the train. There was a mad scurry to get everyone to say good bye to everyone else and pushed on to the train, but it miraculously happened. Vaughn sighed, the house was going to be quiet with both of her boys gone and Ivory being an extreme introvert that rarely talked when it wasn't to egg Kris on. Sable caught it, and asked, "You okay?"

"As long as they have an easier time than we had." Vaughn said, and they all heartily agreed. Either way, it was time for the Pack's cubs to rise up and live in the world their parents had made peaceful for them.


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