Umm….Hi. I have a statement and a question.

While looking through this story and its prequel(s), I realized that despite the inexperienced writing, there was something going on here. I actually did like where it was going and I realize that leaving that cliffhanger was one of the biggest cockteases ever. I know some of you are curious as to what happens, and…well…I may have a conclusion. It's rough, but there is something there and while it may not be for a while, I do have half a mind to continue this. Granted half the stuff in this story is rendered null by LoS and its fail continuity (sorry fans, but I really hate DotD).

Naturally, if I do continue this, it would likely start off as a remake of the last few chapters. Why? Well, two characters do not belong to me and I have not spoken with the owners in years, so I cannot continue to use them. As such, that entire storyline may be scrapped or rewritten. I am gonna have to look closer at it sometime within the next week and see what I can't do, but I do have this story still going in my head even now. I know various plotpoints and have plans for the third and final entry to this series. Although I'd say this story is roughly forty-fifty percent done, I can try and at least bring this one to a close.

Now, this won't be instantaneous if I do come back; I take pride on my original work and my book work far greater than FanFictions and those will be my priority and can be found on my Deviantart on my profile for this site.

The more I write about this, the more I realize I dug myself into a hole. The whole separation of Ornlu (God, why did I name him that? Serthal is so much better) and Chaos (AHHHHH, MORE CLICHÉ NAME) was a big wtf and made no sense in the later parts of the story. Plus Larka, who is a complete pushover to her mainstream continuity (renamed Virith), I felt was really underdeveloped. Of course, this is me rambling about my own characters and I doubt you all care about that when there is Cynder to talk about here! Prove me wrong with this.

Anyway, the questions….yes I have two after rereading a bit….are these:

Would you rather me try and find a way to continue as is?


Would you rather me restart the entire series, keeping most plot points and getting rid of the things I found didn't work and updating the story in general with more detail and backstory?

Send a review/note/comment on my Deviantart for your answer. I actually look back from hearing back from you all despite what the other two chapters say (god I was such a noob).