Author's Note: The idea for this poem came after I realized that (in the English version) Cobalt Eagle's voice was a tribute to a certain character from a 1960's sitcom; as such, I have a reference to that character and sitcom in this poem. Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

My regal wings carry me to the skies,
And my keen eyes survey the scene below.
I wait patiently for the right moment,
And when it comes, I fold my wings and dive
At speeds of eighty-six miles an hour.
I could challenge the Blue-Eyes White Dragon
To see which of us is the swifter one;
Blue-Eyes would be a worthy opponent.
But then, the thought is driven from my mind
As I focus upon the task ahead,
And my power and speed come into play.
The other Crystal Beasts now applaud me,
And Jesse thanks me for my helping wing
As my spectacular dive wins the game.