Author's Note: The idea for this poem came after Bastion rejoined the group after his long trek through the desert wasteland; I wondered how long had he been there, and what had been going through his mind… Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

How long have I been wandering? How long?
For how many days now have I been here?
I've lost all track of time, my mind elsewhere,
As my feet sink into the sandy dunes.
Duel Monsters swarm about me as I walk,
Waiting for me to fall… to show weakness…
Yet I press on; I have no other choice.
Sheer determination is all I have.
My thoughts turn to the friends I left behind.
Do they think of me…? What's become of me…?
Or have they all forgotten about me,
Viewing me as a spirit from the past?
Will I ever see them… or anyone?
I don't know. But I'll never stop walking.