Author's Note: The basis for this villanelle is Christine walking home after an audition, realizing how small and insignificant she is in the world, wishing that she was with the man she loves. I intended for this poem to be Raoul & Christine, but I realized that it can also be read as Phantom & Christine. Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

I walk on alone, here;
I, a lonely girl, meek and shy,
Intimidated by the moon's harsh leer.

A wild wind begins to shear.
Shivering from cold and fright, I sigh.
His familiar voice, I cannot hear.

From behind the trees I peer,
But the friendly faces I long for are nigh,
Save for the eyes of a passing deer.

The howling winds seem to jeer,
"He will not come, so why wait? Why?
The one you love is nowhere near."

My heart fills with untamed fear,
And from my lips erupts a cry
As my eyes begin to pool and tear.

But then my thoughts quickly veer
As I see the sparkle of his keen eye.
It seems like we've been apart for a year,
But, at last, I'm with the one I hold dear.