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Alright these will be lots of one shots of different lengths and different themes all about our lovely pairing of Kakashi and Sakura. Hope you enjoy!

Sakura had always felt that she was a bit of a geek when it came to love.

Whether it was because she was obsessing over a boy who would never look her way, or always worrying how people saw her. Because no matter how much she obsessed or how hard she tried to appear calm and collected around the opposite sex she was still a geek in love deep down.

She had tried to ignore this factor for most of her life, tried to push away the embarrassed feelings that assaulted her when she thought of how she had bordered on stalking the Uchia boy, or how she always seemed to make a fool of herself in front of boys who showed any remote interest in her.

However it was the morning she first woke up next to Kakashi that she proved she would always be a clumsy fool around the opposite sex.

The morning after was supposed to be a romantic and wonderful event in a girl's life, a time for warm embraces, gentle kisses and light witty banter. Kakashi didn't even have a chance to yawn never mind kiss, caress or converse with Sakura.

Poor Kakashi never saw it coming; the elbow appeared to soundly connect with his nose from nowhere.

Sakura could barely contain her horror as she flung her arms out sharply to stretch, only to feel her elbow connect with something or rather someone.

Cold fear and embarrassment gripped her as she heard Kakashi stifle a pained groan. She rolled quickly to her side to see her lover's eyes watering and his hands pressed to his nose.

'Oh my god I'm so sorry!' She gushed trying to pry his hands away from his face.

Kakashi sat up slowly on the bed, keeping one hand pressed to his nose whilst supporting himself on his free hand. Sakura sat up with him trying to gain a better look.

'Let me fix it.' She pleaded.

Kakashi slowly removed his hand from his nose revealing a small amount of blood. Sakura immediately moved to heal his nose, but her movement was just that bit too enthusiastic and she recoiled in pain as she head butted the already injured copy ninja.

Kakashi's hands now flew to his nose and his right eye. Sakura wanted the earth to swallow her up and eat her. She glanced at Kakashi worriedly; he would probably never want to stay the night again for fear of his life. But as her eyes reached his she saw a gentle smile and then heard a low chuckle.

She couldn't help but laugh with him; she feared she would cry if she didn't. The laughter became more hysterical as both grasped how ridiculous the situation was.

Yes Sakura knew she would always be a geek when it came to love, but as Kakashi pulled her in for a kiss she found that she really didn't care anymore.

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