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Chapter 1

Life with them

It was a dark, moonlit night as Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, along with his co-worker Minerva McGonagall walked along Privet Drive. A tall brown haired woman with big blue eyes appeared on the street with a crack. Her name was Kisa Tinsley

"Hello Minerva, Hello Albus." she said with tears in her eyes, she had spent a great deal of time crying that night.

"Ah Kisa, my dear what can I do for you?" asked Albus

"Tell me that the rumors aren't true." said Kisa tearing up again, but trying to hold it in.

"I'm afraid I can not. Just as I explained to Minerva here! They are dead and Hagrid is brining Harry." Said Albus

"Albus you can't leave him here." Said Minerva

"I agree Lily and James said that if anything was to happen to them Sirius should take care of Harry." Said Kisa "Not to mention what they'll do to him. I know them, Albus."

"Sirius is the one who betrayed them, my dear, and I am sorry, but they are truly the only family he has are just starting your life in America and it would be best if he stayed away from the magical world."

"No I don't believe it!" Said Kisa backing away thinking of Sirius.

Just then another woman appeared with long black hair and dark brown eyes, she also looked as if she had been crying and had a very worried look in here eyes.

"Ariel." Said Kisa and gave her a hug, tears on the verge of poaring out.

"Kisa, I know it's hard, but everything will work out." asked Ariel. "And I can't stay long I have to go find Sirius."

'Alwayse the optimist'thought Kisa.

"Ariel. They think Sirius betrayed Lily and James. " she managed to say.

"That's impossible…don't they know about the change?"

"Mr. Black decieved you. He has most likely been arrested by now." informed them Minerva "I heared a bunch of Aurors going over to some village; a lot of muggles were killed."

Just as she had said that a giant motorcycle landed in the street with a giant man on it, with a baby strapped to him.

"Hagrid…where did you get the bike?" asked Ariel.

"Sirius gave it to me…He said that he….as his godfather should take care of him, but I told him Dumbledore's orders, so he gave me the bike." Finished Hagrid.

Hagrid handed Harry to the Professors and they walked along the drive to # 4. The moonilight providing the way for them.

"I'm gonna go be with Jay and Seamus. Seamus will wonder why his father won't be there." Said Ariel

"I'll go with you." Said Kisa and both disapperated.

5 long years had passed since that day. Young Harry Potter grew up in a hostile home with horrid people. Kisa had gotten divorced and moved back to America leaving her daughter temporarely in America, just until she went to Hogwarts, since Since she did not want to take her out of the wizard schools they had there, or at least not until she was eleven.

Kisa and Ariel had continued on the paths of Aurors and did quite a few things...that best not be mentioned.

Ariel had been living at the Black estate, a home, Sirius's great Uncle had left him. It was rather large had a full back yard and the most amazing view.

Right now Kisa sat in the lving room playing with her six year old godson Jay.

"Aunt Kisa…." Came the small voice.

"Yes Jay?"

"When is Harry coming?" asked the 6 year old. He had light brown hair that made it look almost orage and had his mother's big brown eyes.

"I want to know too." Said the 8 year old Seamus. He had inherited his fathers long black hair and eyes and had the pranking brain to proove it.

"Kids stop badgering Kisa." Yelled Ariel from the kitchen.

"I'm gonna go get him right now….though I have to change into some muggle clothes first." Said Kisa and waved her wand.

Her clothing transformed into a blue jacked Blue skirt and a white top under.

"You look like a lawyer." Said Ariel, she had become very knowledgeable as her mother was a muggle born and had taught Ariel everything about the muggle world.

"Wish me luck." Said Kisa and apperated right infront of #4 Privet Drive.

She knocked on the door and heard a series of yells coming from inside. A minute later a small boy with black hair and green eyes opened the door.

"Hello. I'm here to speak to Vernon and Petunia Dursley." Said Kisa

"Yes, come in." said Harry sadly. Kisa knew it was him right off. James's hair, and Lily's eyes, best combination of those two there could have been.

She followed the boy inside, he looked very skinny, even for a six year old. He had little glasses on his face that seemed to have been taped in order to stay whole.

"please sit, they will be right with you." Said the boy. He left her in the Living room while he entered the kitchen.

After another minute Vernon Dursley came out looking all big and mean and scary...not. He looked exactly as Lily had dscribed him, the summer before seventh year: fat, ulgy, and stupid

"Hello, How may I help you?" asked Vernon pleasently, yet still rudely.

"I'm here about one Harry Potter." Said Kisa

"Who are you?" he asked

"Child services."

"Oh…Uh…Harry my boy please come here." He said nervously.

The little boy, who opened the door came in to the living room, following him was Petunia Dursley. She held a plate in her hand as she entered the living room.

"Vernon who was at the d…K-K-K-Kisa" Petunia looked at Kisa and dropped the plate she was holding. It fell and shattered into a million pieces

"Petunia so nice that you remember me." Said Kisa. "well hard not to after I filled your pillow with Jelly… that was James….after I….nope James again….oh well I'm glad you remember me, even though I only saw you once that summer..."

"Who is she?" asked Vernon

"She was one of Lily's friends." Said Petunia. "From School! She always hung around that Potter."

"Another freak,…get out of my house." He badgered.

"Oh sit down you filthy muggle. I'm here to take Harry to his own world."

"He will not be going to the FREAK ZONE." he said angrily. Kisa was not intimitaded, she simply smiled.

"Ok you have three options…option A. You give me Harry and I take him to our world….option B. You refuse, I turn all of you into ants and then take Harry….or option C. I turn into a Tiger eat you all and then take Harry…..Your choice." She said peacefully.

"You can't really turn into a tiger….can you?" asked Harry

"Course I can." Said Kisa and took the form of a large Tiger. She then turned back and adjusted her skirt.


"Oh fine take the brat." Said Petunia

"Good choice…though I really like option C. Harry go on and get your things." Said Kisa

She watched Harry go to his Cupboard. "Now I am taking Harry away, far away. You will never see him again. Is that clear."

"Fine. Though I could report you to the police about impersonating a child services agent." Said Vernon

"Oh but Vernon. I am not…I am here an Auror….a wizard policemen and the head of The Abuse of young Witches/Wizard department at the ministry of MAGIC, which is actually a rather small demaprtment, just me and two of my friends."

Harry came holdinga hand full of clothes and random possesions. "Hold on let me get you a suite case." Said Kisa and made one Magically appear from her wand.

"WOW how did you do that?" asked Harry as he putt all his clothes in and began to arrange them so he could close it.

"I am a witch like your mom and you are a wizard…a young wizard like your dad and I bet these non magical folks…or muggles probably told you some stupid lie"

Harry did nothing, since he did not know howto respond to the information. "Well the truth is Harry your parents were killed by a dark wizard….but later. Come along Harry. We have to get you to your new home."

"Will I be living with you?" asked Harry

"Not yet….my apartment is not big enough for two people so you will be living with a nice family. Their friends of mine." Said Kisa as she closed the suite case and grabbed it.

"Good bye." Said little Harry

They got outside and Harry looked around searching for a car or some other type of transportaition.

"So where is your car?" asked Harry

"Wizards don't drive cars. Just grab my hand and hold on tight."


Harry grabbed her hand and they apperated to the Burrow., where Ariel, Seamus and jay had just arrived,

"Come on Harry." Said Kisa

They entered the house and Harry was swarmed with hugs "Harry this is Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Your gonna live with them for a little bit." Said Kisa. Harry got the chance then to look more slowly at the new poeple in his life. They seemed nice enough and he desporatly wanted to get to know them.

"nice to meet you." Said Harry

"These are our children." Said Molly. "Charlie, Bill, Percy whose 10. Fred and George who are eight. Ron who is Six and Ginny who is five."

"Nice to meet you all." Said Harry

"Oh and this is your Godfathers wife Ariel." Said Kisa looking at Ariel, who was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea.

"Hi Ariel."

"Hi Harry and these are my kids. That's Seamus." She said looking at the trouble maker standing next to Fred and Geroge "And that's Jay." she looked at the small boy sitting with Ron and Ginny.

"Arthur could you show Harry where he'll be staying for a little while?" asked Kisa "I just want to have a word with these guys."

"Sure no problem." Said Arthur. "Come along Harry."

Harry followed Arthur up the stairsand as soon as they were out of sight. Kisa gathered the older kids around her.

"Now you lot come here." Said Kisa to the kids. "I want you to treat Harry just like you treat each other….and hold of the Pranks." She added looking at Fred George and Seamus who just rolled their eyes. "Don't ask Harry questions about his scar. I will tell him the story tomorrow. PLEASE, be nice to him."

Harry came down the stairs looking excitedly around the room.

"Harry do you want to play chess?" asked Ron

"Ok, but I don't know how to play."

"No problem I'll teach you." Said Ron proudly

"Or you, can watch, while Ron and I play." said Ginny 'I'm not really good, but I know the rules"

"Ok, Harry I'll come and pick you up tomorrow we have to talk." Said Kisa

"And you two." Said Ariel looking at her kids. "Behave"

The two women and Mrs. Weasley left, heading to a small shop to talk and to have some girl time.

The next day Kisa picked up Harry from the Burrow and they headed to Diagon Alley for lunch.

"So you made friends with Ron and Jay and Ginny. That's great." Said Kisa smiling at him.

"Will you tell me about my parents?" asked Harry wanting to get to the point, which Kisa found amuzing comming from a six year old.

"Of course….Come on Harry."

They apperated to Diagon alley and went to a cafe there, it was filled with people, but they managed to find a table for them to sit at. They ordered their food and Kisa began. "Harry you are only six I don't know if you can take it."

"I can don't worry."

"Alright. Well Harry I need you to know that there was a really bad wizard. He killed anybody he didn't like. Your parents, myself, Your godfather and some friends of ours fought against him and his followers. We were called the Order of the Phoenix. Albus Dumbledore came up wit the name…anyway….this bad wizards name was Voldemort."

Kisa flinched a little and continued. "Your parents and you went into hiding….but somehow Voldemort found out where you and your parents were. He entered the home…." She took a deep breath…. "Your parents died protecting you, but when he tried to kill you something stopped him a jet of green light was shot out from somewhere and no one has heared of Vpldemort since." she finished, not going into de tails since he was after all way to young to hear the whole thing

Harry started to get teary.

"You alright?" asked Kisa as their food came.

"T..t...they didn't die in a car crash." he said 'T...they were killed...thanks to this V...volvy..person. I'll never know them." he finished and started to cry.

Kisa did not know what to say. She simply pulled the small boy into a hug and let him cry it out. WHat oculd she have said. "There there, it's ok"

"Your right…." was all she could say

"SO did this Voldemort guy die too?" asked Harry whiping the tears from his eyes and grabbing his spoon and diggin into the soup infornt of him.

"Some think that….but I don't he's probably hiding because he has lost his power and everything else."

Nice ending huh? Well next chapter will be up soon.