Hey Guys it's me TimeWitch'93. I know you all hate me for not updating, but I can't help it this story is so absolutely ridikulus I just can't take it. But I know how much most, if not all of you enjoyed the K and S pairing. So I am thinking about making a prequel to the story. Tackling the marauders (Kisa included in that) and maybe Ariel...but I won't have her in the group...or maybe i will. IT will be cannon in the sense of Harry's and Neville's parents and will have Sirius and Ariel and Kisa and Snape, although I am changing her name to Chrysanthemum, or Krys for short.

So if you like that idea or if you hate it go to my profile and vote. You have three days...I promise to finish this one.

Story information: It will start from the fifth year flashback that Kisa had. The one similar to Snape's worst memory. First year will stay a flashback and will flash forward to different memories before settling down in the end of fifth year and go on from there. See Kisa and Snape's secret relationship, see Lily and James get together and most important MARAUDER PRANKS GALORE!

So go on vote and VOTE!