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Love Struck


"My little baby is all grown up," Tifa said, voice cracking as she looked at Denzel in a tux. He really was a handsome boy, and she wasn't just saying it because he was her son—though that had something to do with it. She shifted Noah on her hip as her baby ate a piece of banana. "I bet you're sad that I won't be able to go, huh?"

"Absolutely devastated," Denzel replied as Zack handed over the corsage for Marlene and a few couple of gil. "What's this for?"

"So you can take her somewhere after prom, and I mean like a restaurant, not a hotel," Zack clarified when Tifa glared at him.

Denzel's cheeks colored and he cleared his throat. "Do I have a curfew?"

"Does Marlene?" Tifa asked.

"One in the morning," he replied.

"Then I expect you here at two," Tifa said, wincing when a piece of squashed banana slid down her arm.

Denzel nodded and kissed her cheek before shaking Zack's hand and then rubbing Noah's hair gently. "Thanks ma, I'll tell Barret to send you the pictures later on. Are you sure you won't be able to go?"

Tifa shook her head. "I want this to be your night," she said, eyes tearing up. "But I do expect you to be on your best behavior. Make me proud."

"I will," Denzel said with a grin, making his way out of their home.

"Take care of Marley!" Zack called before he had shut the door. "Wow. They do grow up quickly, don't they?" he asked with a grin, pressing a kiss to Tifa's forehead.

"You didn't even know him before he was sixteen," she commented, walking with him towards their bedroom. The baby went into his playpen and Tifa took a look at what she had already organized for their wedding. "Where do you want us to get married then? I gave you the week you asked for to decide, and it has passed."

Zack sighed. "Sweetheart, I don't know. Anywhere is good enough for me as long as we're finally legally married."

"So you have no preference?"

"How about we marry in Costa del Sol? We'll have the beach, we can stay at a hotel, and it won't be too expensive. I hope," he added with a sigh.

Tifa just grinned. "We need to find someone to leave Noah with. I think that Yuffie might need a break, since she's the only one who baby-sits when we need to go out."

"How long would our honeymoon be?" Zack asked, waggling his eyebrows as he risked a look at her wedding dress. Tifa slapped him on the back of the head. "Geez, do you want me to lose my memory again?" he asked, rubbing his head.

"Don't use that ruse on me, Zack Fair. I don't want you looking at my dress because—for the love of everything precious—we don't need anymore bad luck," she said with a grin, leaning in to steal a kiss from him as he lay on his back and looked up at her.

He just smirked and caught her by the back of the neck, bringing her back down for a deeper kiss. "How much longer are you going to keep me on my futon? You have no idea how much I need you," he murmured.

Tifa sighed and looked at Noah, who was throwing all of his toys outside of his playpen. "I told you that until we got married," she said, going back to her planning.

"You were serious?" Zack nearly whined.

"As serious as you were while you lied to me about not remembering anything yet," she said casually not stopping her notes.

Zack looked away guiltily and nodded. "Fine," he said, sounding and looking like a big five-year-old. "I'll give Noah his bath and then put him to sleep."

"Okay, thanks. I need to discuss a few things with Yuffie either way," Tifa said, watching him as he stood and picked up their son before walking away. Her look turned a little sad as she watched him go and realized that some part of her still hurt when she remembered that he had lied to her. She just had to find a way to keep from bringing it up. It wouldn't be healthy for their relationship if she didn't learn to let go of the wrongs done to her. They weren't perfect, she knew it, she just needed to be more mature about her love life.


Zack watched Noah as the boy looked at him with his big reddish-brown eyes. He loved the fact that his son had inherited his mother's eyes, even though the rest of him was all his. "You think your ma will ever forgive me?" he asked the baby.

Noah just made baby cooing noises and splashed water into Zack's eyes. "You forgive me, right? Besides, you were in it from the beginning and you didn't judge me." Zack paused and used a washcloth to clean tiny arms and hands from banana residue. "You know I love you, right? I hope I raise you to be a good person, kinda like how your mom raised your big brother Denzel to be a good guy. He's almost grown up, you know, but he's had a good mother to guide him."

Tifa watched and listened to Zack from the doorway of their bathroom. Noah was in his baby tub in the space between the double sink, making it much easier for Zack's tall form to watch over him. "I think Noah will grow up to be a good guy too," she murmured, walking over to wrap her arms around his waist and hug him tightly. "He'll have you there to be the best dad you can be."

Zack smiled and nodded. "I hope so," he murmured, catching her eyes in the reflection of the mirror. "I thought you were going to talk to Yuffie?"

Tifa shrugged. "I forgot that she and Vincent were going to the prom. Poor Oren, Yuffie is always looking to embarrass him, even a little. You want me to order in?"

"Yeah. I'm in the mood for some pizza, if that's okay," Zack said, carefully washing Noah's mini-spikes.

"Okay, you put Noah to sleep and I'll wait for the pizza," Tifa said, patting him lightly on the bum before she walked—more like pranced—out of the bathroom. Zack sighed to himself and went back to his son, a smirk on his face.


"I remember our prom as if it happened yesterday."

Vincent turned to Yuffie as they watched the seniors graduating that year. Denzel had just arrived with Marlene, Oren had his date, who happened to be Pauline Highwind, Cid and Shera's only daughter, though she was expecting another baby now. The rest of their friends followed with their dates, and they all seemed to be having a good time. "You were wearing a dress a little too low-cut for my taste," Vincent murmured.

Yuffie grinned and kissed his cheek. "Pfft, you know you loved it. What I remember the most though, is that we made good use of the back of that limo," she said, smirking when his cheeks colored a little. "Actually, I think that was the night Oren was conceived."

"You think so?" he asked in amusement.

"I'm not too sure, but you know… we can reenact that night if you wish. We can make good use of the back seat of my car," she said suggestively.

Vincent made a noise. "I think not. I do prefer a more softer surface."

"Like your drafting table?" she asked, waggling her eyebrows.

"No more of that. I think we almost broke it last time," he said in a low voice. "Have you thought on our wedding yet?"

Yuffie nodded. "Tifa and I have been planning a few things. I'll let you know when we're ready for your help."

Vincent sighed and pressed a kiss to her hand. "Prom was one of the last times we were actually happy."

"We're together now, and that's what matters. Better late than never," she replied. She smirked slightly when Cloud approached them to say hello. "I didn't think you would come to this thing."

Cloud shrugged and motioned towards the woman on his arm. "This is Jessie, my girlfriend. Jessie, this is Yuffie, an old friend. And Vincent you already know."

"It's nice to meet you," Jessie said with a warm smile.

"You too," Yuffie replied, wondering when Vincent had met her. "We've seen each other in the hall but we've never had time to talk, have we?"

"No, but it's good to finally get to know you," Jessie replied.

"Did Tifa come?" Cloud asked.

Yuffie shook her head. "She decided to stay in with Noah and Zack and let Denzel have this night to himself. I think Aerith is here though, I just saw her around here."

Cloud nodded. "I'll see you two around. I hope you have a good night," he said before he walked away with Jessie.

"Did you have to make that comment about Aerith?" Vincent asked Yuffie with a sigh. She gave him a puzzled look. "Tact, Yuffie. I don't think things are mended between them."

Yuffie shrugged. "You know better than anyone that tact wasn't always my strong suit. But I guess you're right. He has to get used to it though. He has a new girlfriend, and Aerith is pretty serious with Sephiroth."

Vincent just sighed and pulled her to the dance floor, where a few other couples were slow dancing for the moment. "Sometimes staying silent is the best thing to do," he said casually.

"Are you telling me that I talk too much?" Yuffie asked, eyes narrowed.

"No. Of course not. Saying that to you never crossed my mind," Vincent said flatly, twirling her before she had the chance to reply.

"I was voted king of my prom."

Aerith giggled. "How am I not surprised to learn that?"

"I didn't take such a foolish title though," Sephiroth replied, noticing that his son had a very pretty girl on his arm. "At least the runt found a date."

The brunette next to him slapped his arm. "Don't call our son that! He's an amazing boy and I'm proud of how you raised him," Aerith murmured as they slow danced.

Sephiroth nodded and reached up to rub a thumb over her cheek, watching how her green eyes glittered up at him. However, the moment was ruined when a throat cleared next to them. He looked up and his eyes narrowed in anger. "What… do you want?" he hissed.

Cloud glared right back. "Do you mind if I have this dance with Aerith?"

Aerith looked from Cloud to Sephiroth with wide eyes. Sephiroth merely gave her a look and she nodded once before he stepped away. Cloud took her in his arms gently and they remained quiet for a long moment. "Did you need to talk to me about something?" she asked hesitantly.

Cloud nodded and moved back to look at her. "Are you happy? Have you fixed your situation with your son?"

She smiled. "We're making progress. He calls me mom now. Sometimes we're not as comfortable with each other as we would like, but we don't argue, and he trusts me a little."

Cloud nodded. "Despite what happened between us and my two failed marriages, I'm hopeful about the future. I want to have more kids," he said, smiling faintly.

"And you think your girlfriend is the girl for that? If she is, I wish you the best. I really do want you to be happy," Aerith murmured, reaching up to flick on of his spikes.

Cloud smiled and nodded. "I know Tifa's happy, all I needed to know was that you were happy too," he said.

"I am," Aerith replied. "And I hope you are too. You deserve it."

"We'll see each other around then?" Cloud asked as the song ended.

"Of course," she said, smiling brightly before pulling him into a tight hug.

Cloud sighed and released her. They had their closure. "Stay in touch."

"Don't forget to invite me to your next wedding," Aerith said with a smile, watching as he smirked and gave her the thumbs up as he walked away. She turned to look for Sephiroth and saw only the tips of his long hair as he walked out the doors of the hall the prom was being held in. She frowned to herself and followed him as quickly as she could, moving past the hallways of the hotel and towards the back exit. The stars were shining brightly in the sky and Sephiroth was staring up at them from where he stood in the shadows of the dimly lit pool. "Hey," she said softly, approaching him slowly.

Sephiroth looked at her and his eyes glowed faintly with the light from the moon and the stars. "You seemed… content in the arms of your ex."

Aerith watched him carefully for a moment and something occurred to her. "You're not jealous, are you?" When he didn't reply, she released an exasperated sigh and wrapped her hands around the silky strands of his hair and forcefully jerked him to eye level. "We were getting our closure," she said impatiently. "He was asking me if I was happy, because he is happy with this Jessie girl. Maybe he finally found the woman perfect for him. We said goodbye Seph, and I must admit that it hurts to know that you don't trust me after all this time."

Sephiroth stared into her watery eyes and released a heavy sigh. "I do trust you. But… when you hugged him, you had a look on your face that I haven't seen you use with me before."

A few tears trailed down her cheek. "You wanted me to look relieved with you? Why?" she asked with a small laugh. "I was relieved that Cloud was happy and that I hadn't permanently damaged him in some way." She kissed him before he could reply or say something that would piss her off like, "Maybe you still love him." She would break his nose if he even considered it. She kissed him in a way that left no room for argument over what she truly felt for him.

Sephiroth took control of the kiss and turned her, pressing her against the wall, his hands on her hips. She finally released his hair and wrapped her arms around his neck, sucking his lower lip in a way that meant to drive him crazy. He pulled away and sighed as he pressed their foreheads together. "Maybe we should start thinking about getting married as well," he said.

Aerith stopped and stared at him. "What?"

"Marriage. You and me."

She drew away from him in indignation. "I thought you knew me better than this!" she snapped angrily.

Sephiroth looked at her in surprise, and for the life of him couldn't understand her reaction. "Don't you want to marry me?" he asked her.

Aerith let out a slow breath, pushing him away and walking off. Before she walked back into the hotel, she turned to look at him, green eyes narrowed. "If you haven't gotten to know me enough to realize that I want a proper proposal and a ring, then you shouldn't bother asking me to marry you!" she turned, nose high in the air, and walked off.

Sephiroth watched her go in bewilderment and wondered why he was always saddled with the crazy ones. No matter, he thought with a smirk. He'd get her the damned ring and a proposal she would remember for the rest of her life. He let out a sigh and followed Aerith back to the prom.


Tifa sat in her bedroom, brushing out her hair as if on auto-pilot, her mind thousands of miles away. Noah and Zack were asleep in their rooms, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get to sleep herself. Maybe it was worry of her son, since it was almost one in the morning and he had sent her a text an hour before, telling her that prom was over. Maybe it was something else. She sighed to herself and set down her brush. She shut off her light and quietly padded her way to Zack's futon. She had been serious in making him sleep there for lying to her, but she didn't want to keep him away until they actually got married. It's not like she was a virgin who wanted to wear white on her wedding day. She had his son, for crying out loud. With her mind made up, she opened his door, ushered the dogs out when they whined and then shut it after them. They would most likely invade her bed, but as long as they stayed quiet and didn't wake Noah, that was fine.

Zack was sleeping in the futon sprawled out, spikes and his feet sticking over the edge. They hadn't been able to find a futon long enough to fit him, since the man at the furniture store had said they had been sold out of the biggest type of futon. Zack had told her it hadn't mattered, so he had picked the one he was on now. All they had done was place an ottoman at his feet so that he could have somewhere to place them. She smiled to herself and pushed his blankets off and away from him, taking in his bare chest and the silk pajama pants that matched the color of his eyes.

Tifa let out a sigh and couldn't deny that his body had a very profound effect on her. He was friends with some of the most handsome men she had ever seen, but she could admit that only Zack could make her catch her breath. She just loved him that much. So with that in mind, she slowly moved over him, straddling his hips and sitting back gently. She let out a breath when he shifted and rubbed against her, still fast asleep. "Zack?" she whispered.

He made a noise in his sleep and his hand settled on her hips, but he kept snoozing. Tifa just smiled and leaned down to trail her lips over his collarbone and down his chest, feeling his muscles twitch at her touch. He groaned softly and his eyelids finally began to flicker awake. He blinked into the darkness and let out a shaky sigh as she shifted and trailed her tongue across his Adam's apple when he swallowed hard. "I must be dreaming," he said, voice deep and low.

"Dream about me often?" she asked, moving up to look him in the eye.

"All the time," he said with a sleepy grin.

She hummed softly before kissing him slowly, smiling as his hands slid over her once more slim waist. It had taken her a while, but she was finally okay with the size of her waist. It wasn't as slim as she'd had it before she had gotten pregnant of Noah, but she still looked healthy and slim. She shivered when his hands slipped under the t-shirt she had on to feel the lace of her panties. "I think… it's time for you and I to properly kiss and make-up," she murmured with a smile.

"Really now?" he asked, pulling her down into a kiss and flipping them so that he was on top. "You have any idea how much torture it has been to not touch you?" he asked, a warm hand trailing down her hip and skimming lace. Tifa let out a long breath as he pushed off the flimsy material and let his fingers go lower. He kissed her again, his tongue and fingers making her dig her nails into his shoulders as she tried to contain her moans.

"Stop," she panted. "I want us to go together," she murmured as her hands trailed down the muscles of his back and towards the soft silk of his pants. Her hand teasing him over the fabric was halted.

"You shouldn't do that if you want us to come together," he whispered into her ear, smirking when her breathing hitched. His lips trailed over her sweet skin as he kicked off his pants and then pulled her shirt over her head. They shared another kiss that left them both painting for lack of breath and out of sheer anticipation. It had been more than six months since the last time they had been together and now Zack had his memories back which allowed him to remember that fact. Her skin was like silk under his fingertips, and her scent wrapped around him like a sweet fog, lulling his senses, but also making his movements more desperate.

Zack stopped and stared into her eyes, trying to catch every one of her reactions as their bodies became one. Her lips parted slightly and her hands clutched at his arms. Her hair fanned out around her and there was nothing more beautiful he had ever seen. She always made his heart skip a beat, whether she was smiling, frowning, giggling, or scowling. Right now he was thankful that she wasn't scowling or frowning. He kissed her as he began to move, feeling her surrounding him in any way possible to the point of making him feel overwhelmed since it had been so long since their last time. It was kind of like getting to know her once more.

Her breathing was quickening as his speed increased, the sounds muffled by each other's skin for fear of waking the baby. He was in another room, but there was no telling if he would be able to wake over the noise from that room. His fingers were digging into the edge of the futon as hers moved over his back, digging whenever he flexed or hit the right spot at the right time. Tifa could feel it building, and she tried to control her body at least a little. There was no explaining how much she had missed him, and she had gone all self-righteous and kept him away, putting them both through a certain kind of torture. Well, that wouldn't be happening again, she vaguely thought, tonight he would sleep in their room like before. Just as she finished that thought, her release began to build to a height she had never felt before and her fingers dug into his shoulders helplessly, causing him to groan against her neck.

She was getting tighter around him and Zack hoped desperately that he wouldn't finish before she did—that would only help to make her angrier than she had been in the beginning—but it felt too good, and he couldn't think anymore. Then her fingers were clutching at his spikes as she moaned his name helplessly, her body shuddering and tightening rhythmically around him. Zack felt as if everything he had was pouring into her, including his energy, his love, his regrets, his dreams, everything, and he couldn't bring himself to mind. He loved her more than he had ever felt for anyone, and he wanted her to have all that he was. All that was left was for her to be his wife. "Wow," Tifa whispered breathlessly.

His breathing hitched as one last spasm went through him and he grinned, burying his face against her damp neck. When he pulled back to look at her, tendrils of her soft hair were stuck to his forehead and she laughed lightly as she brushed them away. "You can say that again," Zack replied, rubbing a hand over her flushed cheek and staring at her with a love struck look in his eyes.

Tifa stared up at him and smiled. "Don't look at me like that," she said softly.

"Why not?" he asked with a grin. "This is the face of a love struck fool," he said, pointing to himself.

"You're my love struck fool, so I guess it's okay," she replied, smoothing her fingers over his shoulders and rubbing at the marks she had left behind. "I love you," she said earnestly.

Zack gathered her in his arms and kissed her slowly as he moved onto his side. "I love you too," he whispered after, hugging her tightly to him. He would love her for the rest of his life and no one and nothing would ever get in the way.


"I think I'm going to faint," Yuffie exclaimed as Aerith put the finishing touches to her hair. The once silky, flaccid strands were in voluminous waves around Yuffie's face, making her look different than her usual self, but just as pretty. She was wearing a simple dress of pearl colored satin with straps over her shoulders and it hugged her slim waist and hips before cascading down and behind her in a semi-long train. The material at the bottom was comprised of three layers, two of which glittered as she walked. Her make-up was light and only enough to accentuate her almost shaped eyes, and her lips were a pale pink. She looked beautiful.

"Go ahead and faint now and get it out of your system. You can't faint when you're in the process of getting married," Tifa replied as she brought over the shoes Yuffie would wear.

"That's not funny. Can't you see that I'm not up to jokes right now?" Yuffie hissed, wringing her hands. The only pieces of jewelry she had on were a few bracelets on her right wrist and her engagement ring.

"Fine, fine," Tifa replied, grabbing the bouquets from the table in the hotel room they were occupying for the wedding. They were only ten minutes away from the ceremony and Yuffie was freaking out.

The wedding of Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine would be held in the outside of a section of the most beautiful hotel in Costa del Sol. The only guests there would be their closest friends and their children. The sun was bright in the sky, the scent of the ocean was fresh, and Yuffie was throw herself out of the damned window. "Leviathan, I love Vincent, why does this seem like the biggest and scariest moment of my life?" she wailed.

Tifa and Aerith shared a look but then Elena walked into the room looking pretty in a forest green dress. They were all wearing the same color as Yuffie's bridesmaids, but each dress was a different cut and style made to accentuate their individual looks. "The guests are there and Vincent is waiting. How are we doing here?"

"I'm flipping out," Yuffie said, pacing as Tifa handed over the bouquet.

"Do you want us to get you a cab? We can have you out of here in minutes and no one will ever find us," Aerith said seriously.

Yuffie stop and stared and Tifa hid a smirk. "I can't do that to Vince. I love him too much to stand him up. We've been waiting for seventeen years—more I think—in order for this to happen," she replied.

"Then are we doing this now?" Tifa asked a smile on her face.

Yuffie let out a deep breath and nodded. "Yeah. I have a man to tie to me for all eternity and I can't let him down," she said with a normal grin.

"Let's go then," Tifa said, grabbing her own bouquet, which consisted of white roses and little clumps of green flowers all around. All of the flower arrangements were of the same design and only the ones by where Vincent and Yuffie would stand included red roses. They all left the hotel room together, took the elevator and then walked towards the hall where the ceremony and their lunch would be. As they arrived, Yuffie stopped as her eyes fell on Vincent, who was wearing a black tux. He looked absolutely handsome, and as his eyes fell on her, he couldn't help but stare right back at her.

Then Zack appeared as if out of thin air and grinned. "Wow. You all look absolutely beautiful," he complimented, kissing Tifa's temple and turning to Yuffie. "Are you ready?"

Yuffie nodded and smiled. "Thanks for doing this. I didn't know who to ask, but since you've been such a great man for my sister here, I figured you were the best choice," she said, slipping her arms into Zack's.

"No problem, anyone who loves Tifa the way you do is a friend of mine," he said brightly, flashing his own fiancée a wink. She just smiled and took her position in front of them as a more classical ballad of the wedding song started. They all walked slowly to the beat as the guests stood and turned to watch them.

Yuffie had to admit that her heart was trying to jump out of her chest and she wanted nothing more than to run to Vincent and have the man who would ordain their wedding just skip to the last part. They would have a normal legal ceremony, and so would Zack and Tifa. They had all agreed that a small ceremony would be for the best, but they would get the chance to celebrate later on.

Zack smiled as he handed Yuffie over and then he walked over to Tifa and took a seat with her as the official began to speak. It was beautiful and short and in the end Tifa and Cloud signed as witnesses. Yuffie could swear that she almost fainted when the man finally pronounced her and Vincent, husband and wife. Then Vincent turned to her and flashed her a smirk before he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers gently. "Finally Mrs. Valentine," he murmured as her arms wrapped around his neck and they hugged tightly.

"Finally," she agreed as their friends cheered and walked over to congratulate them.

Zack watched Tifa and Yuffie as the both of them broke into tears and he shook Vincent's hand and congratulated him. Vincent smiled slightly and watched the women talk. "It's your turn now," he said quietly.

"Yeah. But I'm not nervous. I know I want Tifa as my wife and I can wait a few hours. I'm just glad that you and Yuffie finally got together too," Zack said.

Vincent nodded. "Do you have any idea why the picked the same day?"

"Something about having no excuse about forgetting our anniversary," Zack replied with a grin, taking Noah in his arms when Marlene brought him over. "You ready to party?" he asked the boy. Noah just yawned and grabbed his tie, trying to put it into his mouth. "I'll take that as a no," he muttered.

Yuffie smiled as Shera hugged her and congratulated her. All their close friends were there, even Cloud and Reno, though Vincent hadn't liked the idea of Reno coming along. "I'm glad you made it," she said to her old friend.

Reno grinned and winked. "I couldn't miss this," he said, eyes darting to Vincent. "Is he treating you right?"

Yuffie looked at Vincent and nodded. "Yeah. He's been the only man I ever loved. Though my old man ruined sixteen years for us, we can finally get our happy ending."

Reno nodded and kissed her knuckles. "I wish you the best then, babe. I'm happy that you're happy."

"What happened to that girl you were dating?" Yuffie asked, waggling her eyebrows.

"Still dating her," Reno said proudly. "For the first time in my life, I may be taking her seriously."

"Well, congratulations," Yuffie said, hugging him tightly. "I expect to get an invitation soon."

"I don't do weddings and tux's sweetheart, you know that," Reno replied, motioning towards the casual look he had on. "I wish you the best, but if he ever hurts you, you let me know. Alright?"

Yuffie nodded and watched him walk away as Vincent approached her once more. His eyes were a little narrowed as he looked at Reno, but she just grinned and moved his face so that their eyes could meet. "Reno will always be my friend, but don't ever doubt that I love you, okay?"

Vincent nodded and stared into her eyes. "Are you happy that we're finally married?"

"How can I not be? I've loved you since we were fifteen," she replied, wrapping her arms around his neck as the breeze from the ocean blew his hair out of his face. "It's a good thing too, since I wanted our next kid to be born under wedlock," she said casually, watching as he blinked a few times.

"Are you…? You're… having a…?" he couldn't even form the questions.

Yuffie nodded and smiled in amusement, her eyes brightening as Oren walked over to congratulate her and his still stunned father. "What's wrong with pops?" he asked, looking at his father closely.

"I just told him that… you were going to be an older brother," Yuffie said gently, brushing her son's hair away from his eyes.

Oren stared and rolled his eyes. "Geez mom, you couldn't even wait until after you were married to get pregnant," he said in exaggeration. "Hey!" he exclaimed, not dodging the hand to his head fast enough. He grinned then and hugged her. "Congrats, mom. I guess it's okay, since I'm gonna move out eventually," he said casually.

Yuffie's eyes narrowed. "What? Move out? I don't think so young man. Vincent, say something to him!" she nearly growled.

Vincent finally broke out of his stupor and wrapped her in his arms. "We're having another child?" he asked softly.

Yuffie nodded and smiled. "Four weeks along," she said softly. He kissed her then, not caring that all their friends were watching and ignoring the catcalls and whistles. Now, their lives were complete.


Once night had fallen and their friends had rested, everyone dressed up once more to attend one more ceremony. Tifa let out a deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled when Yuffie came to stand next to her. Tifa's wedding dress was made of a silky material that was halter and flared down and out beautifully from under her bosom. Her hair was pulled back from one side while the other was free and fell against her face in long, silky waves. Around her neck she wore Yuffie's birthday gift to her, which was made of beautiful diamonds and silver. Due to the place where the wedding would be held, she was wearing flat sandals that glittered with stones, and she had given her guests the preference of going barefoot if they wished.

"I'm so happy," Tifa murmured, running a hand down the cascading silk of her dress.

"Me too. We finally get to be with the men we love," Yuffie said with a smile. "I made sure that Noah is okay. It's a good thing your babysitter agreed to watch over him today all day. Poor girl, she looked a bit tired, but she was more than happy to watch Noah. Aerith and Seph have agreed to watch him for the rest of the week, so we're good to go."

Tifa nodded and smiled when Elena brought her own bouquet over—made of white orchids—and Tifa turned to her and Aerith. They were wearing pale pink, and it suited each and every one of them, even Yuffie, who loathed anything pink on her clothes. "Thank you for going through another wedding for me," Tifa murmured, hugging them each in turn. "You can't know how much it means for me that you're all here to share this moment with me."

"We should go. We still have to walk down the beach," Aerith said as they all got teary-eyed.

Tifa nodded and gathered her dress so that it wouldn't dirty on their journey towards the beach. As they walked out of the back of the hotel, it wasn't too far, but it was away from the rest of the public beach and Tifa smiled as she took in the hard work of her friends and herself. There was a tent of see through material where she and Zack would have their ceremony and the way towards it was lit by tall torches at the edges of a white carpet. Around the tent there were a few arrangements of lilacs and orchids and the moon and the breeze would add to the beautiful setting. As they made their way over, Tseng reached them and gave Tifa a small smile.

"Ready?" he asked her.

Tifa nodded. "I'm ready."

Tseng waited for the women to walk into the tent and turned to his cousin. "Uncle would be proud of the woman you have become."

Tifa's eyes watered and she nodded. "I really hope so. Thank you for being here with me. You're the only relative I have."

"Of course, I do hope this is the last and only time I have to give you away," he murmured with a smirk.

Tifa gaped at him. "I know you did not just say that to me!" she exclaimed with a laugh. "But no, you'll never have to give me away again," she said with certainty. She had trust in Zack and of how much she loved him.

"Let us go then," he replied, offering his arm. Tifa nodded and they walked towards the tent where everyone was waiting. Nearly all of her friends had opted to go barefoot in the sand and Tifa didn't mind. She was happy if they were comfortable. Besides, who would be able to walk in heels through the sand. She smiled as her eyes met Zack's. He looked absolutely handsome in a black tux with a dark blue vest underneath. He winked at her and took her arm as Tseng guided her over. "Take care of her," Tseng said quietly.

Zack nodded. "With my life."

Tifa grinned and shook her head once, realizing that it felt as if she were young again. She was a grown woman, starting over with the man she loved, and her cousin was warning him to make her happy after they had been together for a long time and they had a son in common. She let out a long breath and they turned to the man who would marry them. The ceremony was short but meaningful, and Zack let out a sigh of relief when Tifa finally slipped the ring onto his finger and he did the same for her. Vows were exchanged and he promised to never forget her again. Yuffie was Tifa's witness, and of course Sephiroth was Zack's. After listening to beautiful words of commitment, love, and faithfulness, they all signed. With tears in her eyes, Tifa was pronounced Mrs. Zack Fair.

"You may kiss the bride," the man said with a smile.

Zack turned to her, his eyes a little wide and shiny and he offered her a smile as he bent to kiss her, all gentle and full of love. There were happy cheers all around and everyone walked over to congratulate the newly married couple. Yuffie was the first to squeeze the breath out of Tifa and they both broke into tears.

"I'm just so happy, and hormonal," Yuffie said with a grin.

"I'm happy too," Tifa agreed, a big smile on her face. "We're married!" she nearly squealed. Elena, Aerith, Shera, and Marlene were next. Then the men gave her gentle squeezes and their best wishes, and waiters from the hotel brought over glasses and bottles of champagne.

Denzel walked over and hugged Tifa and then Zack. "Congrats, to the both of you. It was about time you got your wish," he said with a smile. "Mom, dad number two, I wish you the very best and I hope you don't have anymore kids."

"Hey!" Tifa exclaimed. "Noah isn't that bad."

"Yeah, tell me that when he's up crying at three in the morning," Denzel said flatly.

Tifa just smiled and squeezed Denzel's cheek. "You're mommy's baby though, and I want to thank for being on board with Zack and me from the beginning."

"All I ever wanted was for you to be happy, and I'm glad that you are now," Denzel replied, allowing Tifa to hug him once more.

Zack watched them with a smile and then realized that everyone was already holding a glass of the sparkly liquid, except Yuffie, who had non-alcoholic juice in hers. Tifa stepped up next to him and wrapped an arm around his waist. "I want to thank you all for coming all the way over here to share this moment with us," she said as everyone quieted.

"Yeah. It means a lot to Tifa and me that you're here, especially after the last time we tried to get married," he said with a wry smile. Everyone laughed a bit at his comment. "I want you all to know that I'm a happy man. I love my wife, and I love my sons—I don't plan to replace you Cloud, so don't look at me like that," he said with a grin. "And I want to toast family." Zack raised his glass and everyone else followed. "Now, I would like to direct your attention to my brother, Seph," he said wrapping an arm around Tifa's shoulders as she gave him a curious look.

Sephiroth glared at him for a moment and then turned to Aerith. "I want you to look over there," he said, taking her hand in his. "You said you wanted a proper proposal and a ring," he whispered, right as the first firework went up and lit the sky.

Aerith watched with wide eyes as in the distance a wall began to light up with the words: Aerith, will you marry me? She turned to look at Sephiroth and stared as he reached into his pocket and drew a black velvet box and opened it to reveal a beautiful ring. The fireworks continued and everyone around her waited for her answer. She smiled, against her will and nodded. "Yes. I'll marry you," she whispered, their friends cheering all around them.

"That was romantic," Tifa whispered to Zack as they watched Sephiroth slip the ring onto Aerith's finger.

"Seph was worried about stealing our thunder, but I told him that nothing would ever steal our thunder again," Zack whispered, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Why did you do it today?" Aerith asked abruptly, placing her hands on her hips, the ring glittering with the light from the fireworks. "On Tifa and Yuffie's wedding day. You took attention from them!"

Sephiroth resisted the urge to rub his temples impatiently, but Tifa rescued them from the potential argument. "It's fine. Today is a day to celebrate everything!" she said happily. "Zack and I are married!"

"I'm pregnant!" Yuffie exclaimed.

Aerith looked at everyone and smiled. "I'm engaged!"

"Marley and I are moving in together!"

"What!?" Both Tifa and Barret nearly screamed.

Denzel grinned and Marlene giggled. "I'm just joking," he said with a laugh. "We're going to go to school, finish our careers, and then we'll get married," he said, hugging Tifa and kissing her cheek. "The expression on your face was priceless."

"So was yours, daddy," Marlene said as she hugged Barret.

"My lil' girl ain't getting married without you asking for her hand properly," Barret said to Denzel.

"Hey, no problem. When the time comes I'll do it," Denzel replied.

"Why don't we head to the restaurant so that we can have dinner and keep celebrating?" Zack asked. Everyone nodded and began to walk towards the hotel, leaving the most recently married couple alone.

"You're not going to make me ring bearer in your wedding, are you?" Kadaj asked Aerith as he walked with her and his father.

She grinned and shook her head. "Of course not. I'll make you carry my train instead," Aerith replied nonchalantly, laughing at the look on her son's face. "Oh, come on sweetheart, I'm just kidding!" she said, hugging him around the shoulders. She nearly cried when he didn't pull away or make a face. "Are you okay with your father and me marrying?" she asked softly.

Matching green eyes looked into hers and he smiled. "Yeah. I finally get a real family," he whispered, only enough for her to hear. Aerith stopped and hugged him properly, running gentle hands through silky silver hair.

"I'm so sorry Kadaj," she said softly into his hair.

"I'm fine mom. I have you with me now," Kadaj said, pulling away from her slowly. Sephiroth gave him a reassuring nod and they followed the rest of their friends to the hotel.


"So…" Zack murmured taking Tifa's hands in his. "Are you happy?"

"Very," Tifa said with a smile, her eyes on the ocean, then on the sky filled with stars and a beautiful moon. "It was all so beautiful. Like a dream. I'm just glad that it was reality and that we're really together now."

"I meant what I said with my vows. I promise that wherever we go from now on, I will never stop loving you. You were the one person in my entire life who ever had such a profound effect on me. I can't see myself growing old with anybody else," Zack whispered.

Tifa smiled and reached up to press a kiss to his lips. "As long as you don't turn into one of those old guys who likes to yell at the neighbor's teenage kids."

"I'll wave my cane at them threateningly," Zack said with a laugh. "But I can see us together until our last breaths."

"I'll hold you to that," Tifa whispered.

"Anything for you, sweetheart," Zack said, blue eyes intent on hers.

"I love you. You can't possibly know how much," Tifa said as they began to walk towards the hotel. "And I'm glad we got our happy ending."

Zack shook his head and kissed her jaw. "It's a happy beginning," he said. And he knew that they would have a beautiful story to write together in the years to come.

The End

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