50 Themes of Beka and Rosto

Disclaimer: I own nothing Tamora Pierce created

1. Harm

That day he'd kissed her, she should have punched him. But she hadn't. She couldn't bring herself to. After all, what was the harm of one kiss?

2. Opposite

But soon, one kiss became many, and she knew it had to stop. They weren't right for each other. They were on opposite sides of the law for goodness sake!

3. Initiation

She never let it go further than kissing, and she never initiated it either. He was the one to kiss her, and she didn't complain...too much.

4. Wants

She wanted him so badly. She needed him. And that was exactly why she couldn't let herself have him.

5. Love

She'd never thought it was love. Love was for people like Tansy and Herun, not for her. She'd done naught to deserve it, and it was rare enough. No, it couldn't be love. The very idea terrified her because it was something she couldn't fight.

6. Scared

But when he came home one night, blood staining his shirt, and swept her into a kiss she could no longer deny it. She was in love with the Rogue. And that scared her more than anything.

7. Wonder

She wasn't going to be just another of Rosto's bed warmers. But when Aniki assures her that he's single now, she can't help but wonder...

8. Breakfast

They still ate breakfast together every day. She was surprised the others didn't have something better to do. Somehow, between Kora, Aniki and Ersken, she always ended up next to Rosto. It was infuriating that they would try and set the two of them up, but she couldn't say she minded.

9. Home

She comes home from watch that night, battered and bruised from the brawl at one of the many gambling and drinking dens. He is awake, waiting at the top of the stairs to make sure she made it home.

10. Goodnight

He says goodnight with a gentle kiss, however much he knows she wishes he wouldn't, but doesn't try anything. For that she's grateful, and she wonders if maybe he wants something more than a night with her.