Hollow eyes stared down at ivory keys. A teardrop fell from the end of his nose to land with a tiny splash. A shaky hand swiped angrily at his cheeks. He wasn't going to cry. He wasn't going to let himself mourn for something that never was. And yet….

Amber was so much like him though. The only real difference was that Amber was female. And House was not.

He wished it were something else. Something he could change. His gender, while technically changeable, was an integral part of him. Even if he had the surgeries and such, he'd still be male. He sniffed lightly and gently stroked the piano keys, wiping away the teardrops.

There was a knock on the door.

He wasn't sure if he should answer. It could only really be one person and he didn't particularly want to face James Wilson at the moment. Not with puffy red eyes and salt tracks streaking down his face.

The knocking was becoming more insistent. Jimmy just couldn't leave him alone could he? Heaving a sigh, House levered himself to his feet and limped towards the door.

His hand on the knob, House took a long shuddering breath and quietly thudded his head against the smooth wood grain. The knocking instantly ceased.

"House…Please, House, just let me in…"

Tears were forming again and House rubbed harshly at his eyes. God he was a mess. He swung the door violently open, swollen eyes locking with Wilson's. The younger man froze, his eyes widening in shock.


The word seemed to free Wilson, and with a lunge strong arms wrapped securely around House. He was crushed in the embrace, he ribcage creaking, his face buried in the soft cloth covering Wilson's shoulder. As Wilson whispered, all of House's remaining emotional walls and shields collapsed, leaving him bared and crying weakly into the fabric.

"No one can replace you, House. I see that now. No one can ever take your place in my heart."