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Booth stared at the paper the next morning.

He didn't conciously acknowledge it, but in the back of his mind, he had formulated plans for the papers he had in his hand. He ran over the more appealing ones in his head.

One: Burn them and tell her it was an accident.

That would never work, he knew. She would just go back to her lawyer and get another set. But, it would buy him more time to convince her that their marriage would work. The problem was, short of staging an elaborate and romantic plot, which he knew she wouldn't fully appreciate anyway, he had run out of ideas. He carried her to breakfast, told her how much he loved her, found time for her no matter how much it cost him his job, gave her her space. All the things she would appreciate him doing. She had no idea how many times he wanted to pull the romantic card. The hot-air balloon rental place switch board operator was tired of him calling her and then saying, "Never mind." He could have sent her a billion flowers. He could have swept her off her feet and walk off into the sunset...

She was lucky he was so considerate.

Bones didn't need cliche. She needed someone who would care, who would protect her when she needed it, back off when she needed it, listen, allow her to cry, love her for who she was.

And he had been doing that.

What else was left?

Two: Tear it up. Go to her house and make passionate love to her, pouring out his soul physically, and verbally if it came to it, to convincing her of how much they belonged together.

Done to death all throughout their marriage. It was still appealing, though. If he could just show her how much he loved her...

But one thing he learned over their marriage was no matter how great the sex was, Bones would take it at face value. It never occurred to her that the reason it was so good was because he was pouring all the love he had for her into it. Feeling like a desperate housewife, he moved on to option three.

Three: Shred it and feed it to Sweets.

That had been when he was at the height of his anger with the psychologist. He was still angry, but not so angry that he would stuff paper down the kid's throat. It wasn't his fault that Bones was leaving him. He was even actually trying to help him keep her. So was Caroline. And even Director Cullen. He bet that everyone they knew would be on his side. If the whole world could see it, why couldn't she?

Well, actually he thought she could. But she dismissed it, because she was too busy proving her theory that their marriage wouldn't work. He chuckled sadly. He was in love with a mad scientist. If nobody needed a wake up call, his wife sure did.

There was always the next option.

Four: Sign the papers, and hope that it would wake her up to the fact that she couldn't go back to being just partners, that they were way beyond that and that neither one of them wanted that anymore anyway.

It was a really frightening option. There was the chance that she actually did believe deep down that they wouldn't work out. But she didn't. He knew she didn't deep down. He knew it might come back to bite him in the ass, but it seemed like the only choice at the moment.

He took up the pen and flashed off his signature next to hers.

"Coming!" Brennan called as the person at her door knocked on her door again. She tripped over the large book that she had been reading as it fell out of her hands on the way to the door. Looking through the peephole she saw her husband.

Hopefully ex-husband by now.

Opening the door, she ignored any formality, "Have you signed the papers?"

"That's my shirt," he pointed at the blue shirt she had on, emblazoned with the words 'I Can't Remember my Vacation' and a beer bottle on it.

She looked over the shirt. It had ended up in her suitcase and she had found it when she was unpacking. She had intended to return it, along with the sneakers, but they were so comfy. She added them to the list of "Things Booth Won't Get Back in the Divorce Settlement" which for some reason included the blue and black socks, a suspense novel and the pen he did crossword puzzles with on vacation.


"I want it back!"

"You didn't even miss it!"

"You know it's really getting disturbing that you're stealing my stuff. If we were still married it wouldn't be that bad."

"Does that mean you signed the papers?"

She might as well ignore the look of hurt in his eyes as well, "Yes, Bones. You win. Here are your damn papers."

He put them in her hands. As she put her fist around them, she felt like something squeezed her heart. She shouldn't! This was the right thing to do. She and Booth would eventually make each other miserable; they would be two old people sitting in matching rocking chairs and waiting for the other die first.

But does that mean you expected to be married to Booth for the rest of your life? a little voiced in her head sounded.

"Stop stealing my stuff," Booth warned as he turned away from her door.


He turned and looked at her, suddenly looking a decade older.

"Um..." she struggled to voice her thoughts, "I...I really didn't have a bad marriage Booth. You'll make somebody a good husband some day."

He looked at her, and she could almost hear his internal voice say sarcastically, Oh yeah??? Gee, and I was here trying to make you hate me.

"Just stop stealing my stuff, okay?" he said and turned away.

Brennan sighed. She was now an ex-wife.

She was now Booth's ex-wife.

This was what she wanted. Actually, this was what she and Booth needed.

So why did she suddenly feel hollow?


So, he was now an ex-husband

He was Bones' ex-husband.

He was also still in love with her.

How screwed was he?

He got into the SUV and pulled out from the parking space. He guessed he should go home, but he didn't feel up to going to his house. Maybe he'd go get a sundae at the ice cream shop down the road from Bones' house. He felt the need to drown his sorrow in some cookie dough ice cream smothered in fudge and nuts dribbled on top and a cherry. Then he'd chase it with a couple of beers.

As he drove towards the ice cream place, he thought about the last two months. Had he been trying to convince himself that Bones felt just the same as he did? He didn't think so. She had loved him. She probably still did. She was denying herself what she really wanted. Why? She knew he would never leave her.

Well, he sighed, it was all over.

The blaring of a car horn had him turning around and all he saw before the SUV toppled over was a red car speeding towards him.


"You okay?"

Brennan looked up at Angela who had come over a little after Booth left. After commenting on Brennan's state of dress, she then attacked the sneakers. Now they were laying back,

Brennan finally bent to the fashion commentary and changed into a black tank top and a pair of blue and white plaid shorts that Angela didn't have to know once belonged to Brennan's ex-husband.

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"You look like you wanna cry. It isn't about Mystery Guy is it?"

"No, Angela." Brennan lied, "I do not want to cry. I'm perfectly fine."

"Good. Because you know if something's wrong, you can tell me."

Brennan thought of the divorce papers in her bag that she was going to give to her lawyer the next day. She guessed that now that it was over, she could tell Angela.

"Okay. I have something to tell you."

"I knew it! What's up?"

"It's about..."

The telephone cut her off.

"Hang on," Brennan got up, ignoring Angela's big pout, and picked up the phone.


"Yes. May I speak to Dr. Temperance Brennan?"

"This is she."

"Dr. Brennan, I'm from the Victoria Grace hospital. Your partner Seeley Booth was just admitted after an accident..."

She probably couldn't explain it scientifically but she could feel the life force drain from her as she listened to the woman on the phone. She sat down on the handle of the chair.

"Is he okay?" she asked.

"Yes. He was unconscious..."

"Unconscious!" she got back up, "I'm coming down there!"

"Wait, Doctor, I said..."

"I don't care! I'm his wife, I'm coming down there to see him!"

She slammed down the phone, looked at (a very confused) Angela and said, "Come on. We're going to the hospital."

"Who was that about, and why do you say you're his..."

"Hurry up!" Brennan was at the door putting on her (Booth's) sneakers and grabbing her jacket. She opened the door and stormed out, leaving Angela to lock it after herself.


"Can you talk to me please?"

Brennan looked back at Angela as she walked into the hospital.

"Booth was in an accident," she said simply. The look on Angela's face was one of shocked concern.

"What?! Oh my gosh! Do you know his condition?"

"He's fine," said the lady behind the front desk, "I take it you're the distraught wife."

"I just want to see him. And we just got divorced."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, I'm not following," Angela said, "You're not married to Booth!"

"You're not?" the lady asked Brennan.

"Yes we were, but we just got divorced. Technically we're still married. He gave me the papers just before...the accident."


Brennan turned to Angela, who had made the outburst.

"Why was I not privy to this information?! And what the hell do you mean you divorced him? Are you nutso? When did this happen? How did this happen? Who else knows? Am I the last to know?"

"No you're not. Only a handful of people know," Brennan counted off, "Dr. Sweets, Caroline Julian, Director Cullen, our lawyers, Zach..."

"ZACH!" Angela screamed, "Bren, you told Zach!"

"He deduced it on his own."

"If you'd like to see your husband, or whatever you call him, he's in room 34."

"Thank you," Brennan took off down the hallway, Angela close behind.

"But honey, what happened? Why did you get divorced?"

"Only because we realised that it was alright to keep up an impulsive marriage on vacation, but it was not going to work once we were back home."


"I'll explain later," they got to the room, and Brennan opened the door.

Booth was in bed. He had one arm in a cast, his chest in bandages and bruises all over. He looked at them and smiled.

"Hey guys," he said, "They called you, huh?"

"Booth!" Brennan went over to him and kissed him long and hard. He resisted for a millisecond before giving in. She pulled away and wiped a stray tear away, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"You two really are married?" Angela asked, like she hadn't believe Brennan before.

"Wait. What are you sorry for?" Booth asked his wife.

"If you hadn't come over to give me those papers, you would...I know it sounds irrational, but..."

"Bones, the other car went out of control. The girl, she's in surgery, but I bet she'll be fine. It had nothing to do with you."


"Wait. Those are my shorts! And my sneakers! Bones, this whole divorce has turned you klepto. You cannot keep stealing my stuff to compensate me not being there."

"That is not why I steal your stuff- why I have your stuff, correction. It is very comfortable."

"Then get your own."

"Um, 'scuse me."

Booth and Brennan looked at Angela.

"Is someone gonna enlighten me? When the hell did you get married, why wasn't I invited, and why on God's green Earth did you get divorced?"

"We got married on vacation," Booth told her, "It was kind of on impulse, so there was no time to call home."

"And I told you, we got divorced because we realised that our marriage would not work when we came back," said Brennan, her hand now absentmindedly stroking her ex-husband's hair, "Or at least that is what I wanted to be the basis of our divorce. But..."

She looked down, avoiding Booth's eyes.

"But what?" he asked her, turning her face around by holding on to her chin, "What is it Bones?"

"The...the first thing I said when they told me you had been in an accident was that...I was your wife. And I didn't ever believe it more than I did in that moment."

"Well, I bet you were shocked."

"Oh my goodness, this is so cool," said Angela.

"I was. Booth, is it too late for us to call off the divorce? I love you and I'm sorry for doubting that our marriage could survive outside of a honeymoon setting, that it wouldn't fall apart as soon as we put it to the test in the real world. I've been ignoring the fact that despite my insistence about getting a divorce the marriage was working...in a strange roundabout way that only we can achieve."

Booth chuckled, "We really are unique."

"So could we try again? Can you forgive me for being so thick-headed and short sighted about our marriage? Please?" the last word was hinged on a sob.

"Aw come on Bones, don't cry," he held her close with his good hand, "What are you talking about? Of course I forgive you. And as for the divorce, I only gave in because it was what you wanted. So now that you wanna stay married, I couldn't be any happier because that's what I want too."

"Oh you guys!" Angela ran over to them and hugged them both, "I'm so happy! I'm still angry that you didn't tell me and you let Zach find out before me, but still I'M SO HAPPY!"

They looked up at the movement by the door and saw Cam, Hodgins, Zach, Rebecca and Parker staring at them.

"GUYS! THEY'RE MARRIED!"Angela screamed.

Zach beamed, "I knew."

"WHAT?" Rebecca and Cam said at the same time.

"You're kidding." Jack stared.

"We got...we got married on vacation," Brennan tried to say, even as Angela squeezed the air out of her.

"Yeah! Go Dad!" Parker declared. Everybody laughed.

"Congrats, Seeley," Rebecca came over and gave him a peck on the cheek. After a beat, she hugged Brennan too.

"Finally!" Cam hugged them both.

"'Bout time, dude," Jack shook Booth's hand.

"So you know what this calls for, right?" Angela looked at them in a conspiratorial fashion.

"What?" Booth and Brennan asked.

"A party!"

Booth and Bones looked at each other.

"Well, it would be good, you know, to announce it to everybody," Angela shrugged, "I can plan it, if you want."

Booth shrugged, "What do you think, Bones?"

She nodded, "That would be a good idea. Better than mine at least. I was going to suggest we send out an email outlining our marital status."

Everyone in the room except Bones laughed.

"We're having a party?!" Parker exclaimed.

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