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Chapter 20

The Final Frontier

Robin had been back in Jump City with the Teen Titans for about one month. He had concocted some story with Slade about being tortured and held captive. He really didn't remember what he had said because he had been in a daze. It had dropped Slade and Wintergreen off at Slade's haunt and taken the chopper much to Wintergreen's dismay.

He had done a pretty convincing crash landing in the bay and managed to tear up his costume enough to make it look like he would have been kept in a tortuous hell for almost three months. Robin and Slade had spared rather obnoxiously the day prior to Robin leaving so that it appeared he had had to fight his way out of Slade's cruel grasp.

The Team bought it, ignoring whatever loop holes they may have noticed do to the fact that their leader had been returned.

The odd thing about the entire situation was when Cyborg had asked Robin where on Earth had Slade been keeping him Robin had found himself unable to answer. No matter what he tried, paper and pen, sign language, verbal, he was unable to inform his friends of his location or any of the things that had happened while he was away.

Words from Slade echoed in his head, "Nothing that happens in this place will ever be discovered."

Perhaps that is what Slade had meant because his own team could have attempted to beat it out of him and he wouldn't have been able to talk. Perhaps it was part of the islands natural aura, or perhaps there was more about that island then either Slade or Robin understood.

After a week of relaxing and not being allowed to go on outings in order to "heal" from his horrible adventure Robin was out on the town and had been for about a month. The city was relieved to see the team reunited and Robin was glad he was back.

Slade had not crossed his mind for a few good weeks as he slowly fell back into the routine of things.

Until one night….

"TITANS GO!" Robin said as they team chased the thieves who were running from the jewelry store. The Titans split up and Robin took to the roofs in an attempt to spot the thieves from a distance.

He was stopped in his tracks when he found a Slade bot standing in his way. He stared at it in shock and it motioned for him to follow. Robin looked all around for any sign of his team and then followed the robot into the shadows.

"It's been awhile." Robin heard the voice echo around him.

He was on the outskirts of the city, on the edge of the large forest that had often been his place of escape.

"Only a month." Robin said.

"Miss me?" the voice cooed.

"Depends what you mean by miss you… do I miss you terrorizing my city… no… do I miss you and me…. yes." Robin admitted with a blush.

"Come into the shadows, you are like a neon light in the dark." Slade barked in annoyance.

Robin debated a moment; his team was probably wondering where he was. He glanced back at the city and saw a giant explosion on the Far East side. He turned to run for it but stopped when he heard Slade whisper his name, "Richard."

His footing haltered and he turned back to the darkness, "Come to me." Robin didn't want to comply, he wasn't a dog, but some how his feet turned him around and he moved into the darkness and waited. In this spot no one would be able to see him unless they were right on the outskirts of the woods.

Before he could even look around he felt two large hands take hold of him and push him up against a giant tree.

"It's been too long since I last had the chance to take you."

"Slade I can't… not tonight… my friends need me."

"Your friends are going to have to wait… I need you right now and you need me. A whole month with out any attention. You must be dying."

"I managed just find before you kidnapped me… I can manage now too." Robin said in anger.

"I doubt it… you already admitted that you missed me my young bird… you can't deny things you've already said. But I want you to tell me how much you missed our little sessions."

"Slade… I really have to go…" Robin said.

"You're playing hard to get. Very well I like a challenge… I will let you go but first I demand at least some form of satisfaction."

Robin was trying so hard to keep himself from falling into the old routine. There was no playing coy now he was back in the real world. Slade would take him down to easy if he just gave in the instant he saw the man.

Slade clicked his mask off and leaned in, Robin turned his head slightly and sighed, "If I give you a kiss will you let me go?"

"On one condition." Slade said in a stubborn tone.

"Fine what's the condition then?"

"I will let you escape from me with just a kiss if you promise to meet me after your little mission with your friends is over."

Robin bit his lip and debated… would he be able to get away? How suspicious would they be? He could always sneak out and hope that no villains acted up later tonight. What choice did he have? It was either take the kiss and try to meet him later, or get fucked up against a pretty pine.

Robin turned and gave the man a smirk, which he could tell threw the man for a loop.

"Fine… kiss me now fuck me later… but I want to make sure you understand you won't get your way every time."

"Of course not… just tonight." Slade said with a humorous gleam in his eyes.

Slade leaned in and kissed Robin with a passion that knocked the boy's boots clean off. Robin couldn't believe the amount of passion, and possession, and dominance and tenderness that could all go into one little kiss.

When Slade pulled away Robin's head swam and his lips tingled and his groin had swollen to a rather large size. Slade let him down and he wobbled as he stood, "Be at the drop off point tonight at one am… I suggest you drink some caffeine because I want you lively and ready and raring to go." Slade smacked Robin on the butt as he rushed off towards the city.

"Tonight young bird you are mine once again." And with that said Slade slipped into the shadows.


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