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On a far away planet, in another sector in space, was a planet called Neet. From afar, the planet seemed alright, peaceful even. But the planet's surface told another story. The planet's earth surface charred and littered with craters, buildings crumbled and torn down as if by a roaring typhoon, and bodies of the inhabitants of the planet scattered about with no life in their eyes, dead. But there was one person that was alive, but he was not of that planet oddly enough.

His name, was Bardock. No last name, his people didn't really care for surnames. He hailed from the planet, Vegeta, with the king and prince of the planet having the same names, oddly. His people was a special sort of race. They were the saiyans. A mighty race of warriors born for the soul purpose of fighting and nothing else. They all grew stronger at a special rate as they fought countless battle. If one of their people were close to death's door and comeback alive, they power would double, maybe even triple to their original power (if I'm wrong about that, please correct me). The one characteristic that told one was a saiyan was the usual brown colored monkey tail just at the top rear and at the bottom of their spine. If a saiyan had a tail and was under the light of the full moon, they would transform into unstoppable juggernauts of destruction as they turned into giant apes.

The choice of his clothing is strange to a regular person's view. Well, except to his people and the people they are associated with. He was dressed in a black and green armor outlined in white outlines that was strapped by yellow spandex like bands and fins on both of sides on the bottom of it, making it look like an armored tank top. He wore black spandex pants with black alien combat boots. Two red forearm bands that strangely stayed in place and had a red headband around his head. The headband red because of the blood of one of his comrades and his own blood. His hair was a mess of spiked hair, three of the spikes going left and two of them to the right, the middle matted down with only a small fleck of hair coming out the middle. He had dark abyss like eyes and tanned skin, a large scar on his left cheek.

But his state of dress was not one of that had just gotten his clothes after one wakes up, rather, it was one of fresh battle, as his armor was chunked off on his right shoulder, the right leg of his spandex pants from the knee down was torn off, his right arm band missing, and his body bruised and bloodied.

His gaze up to the sky. He did not need to look down as he had already vowed to his former active, but now dead crew. He vowed that one way or the other, the person who ordered their death, and his as well, would pay. He knew his people were going to die, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to die in acceptance, he would rather go down fighting, so that he could meet his team again with a smile once he met them in the after life.

How did he know his people were about to be destroyed? Well, a previous mission he had led with his former crew had them wipe out another planet, while under the full moon and their transformed state. The coming morning had them relaxing after their mission had been completed. What they didn't expect was a survivor surprising them, striking Bardock with a pointed chop between his skull and neck. Since then, within a sort time, he was bombarded with visions of the future. A future where planet Vegeta being blown up, with visions of his child, Kakarott being on earth, fighting battle as a saiyan should, but differently since he was not crazed for battle, rather, he fought for others and for the mere enjoyment of the fight, he was what Bardock knew was a descriptions of a great hero and fighter. But along with those visions was the injured state of his comrades, which were now dead.

Now he knew what the vision of planet Vegeta being destroyed meant. Freiza, their benafactor and his former boss now, was going to destroy it. He certainly had the power to do so and since he found out from his henchmen, Dodoria, that he feared the coming power of his people, he planned on snuffing out the candle before it turned into a raging inferno.

As he flew in the space pod provided to his people back to planet Vegeta, he passed a large spacecraft that belonged to one person. Freiza," great, Freiza, he's coming to Vegeta, I know he is, I can feel it," his eyes then set forward as his eyes turned hard,' how bizarre, it's as clear as day, I can see into his mind,' he thought as he felt the tug in his mind delving into the cold and cruel tryant's mind. The thoughts he heard from him planning on how to deal with killing his people, by using his signature planet destroying technique, the Death Ball.

Just as he passed, alarms went off in his pod. Looking frantically at the controls, he tried to see what was the problem. As nothing was turning up, he slammed both his fists into the counsel," Dammit!" he exclaimed in frustration. That was a bad mistake as the coordinates changed from his home planet to the one he was just passing now," huh?" seeing this, he tried to correct it, but nothing was changing and the coordinates locked in place," no! NO!" he cried in despair as his pod shooting to the planet that he was now heading to.

"Lord Freiza, should we not mark that planet? We would should not let the saiyan go freely," said a green skin and darker green haired feminine looking man said. His name was Zarbon, one of two of Freiza's right hand henchmen.

After a bit of silence, Freiza spoke, his voice aloof and uncaring," no, he will not be a problem. The scouters say his power level was getting dangerously low and there is a power stronger than his at his arriving destination. It should snuff him out," his coldy explained.

"Shouldn't we take this planet if that power should oppose you," Dodoria wondered to his lord and master.

"No, this planet is off the market, and has no value to any of our buyers," the cold eyes of Freiza then turned a bit to the portly hot pink skinned alien," plus, their level of technology isn't advance of enough to venture out of their planet's atmosphere, if I remember from a scout I had sent here," he then turned his eyes back to the path of their destination, already seeing and hearing in his mind the countless cries of death and destruction of the planet. Thinking made him chuckle darkly, but he knew he would be guffawing in satisfaction when he saw it with his own eyes.

On the planet Bardock was heading to, a battle, or massacre is the word more like it, was taking place near a village. This village held powerful warriors called shinobi, warrriors who fought from the shadows and took out their enemies with intelligence in their minds. Though some forgo that and take the fight right to their enemies. This village was called Konoha and was under attack by a demon.

But not just any demon, the demon lord of Makai itself, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It's nine tails swaying frantically and its snarling face showed the raging anger on the powerful demon that was attacking them. It teared the land apart in its show of might and destruction while also taking out the ninjas that were attacking it. The puny mortals dying in an instant as it crushed them. It breathed in and bellowed a roar with a streaming dark red fire shooting toward a large platoon to his side, burning them to instant ash, not even giving them a chance to hear their sweet cries of death. (this remind you of a certain race of people or is it just me?)

"Dammit, this damn demon just keeps coming," exclaimed a shinobi as he crashed himself on a tree in a show of fatigue.

"Just keep holding it off, we have to wait for reinforcements from our Yondaime," called back another shinobi as he threw a salvo of kunais at the beast.

Not that faraway, Bardock's pod crash landed on the planet, showering the area in an explosion of earth, the shrapnel cutting and lodging into the surrounding trees. The crater spreading a good distance, a testament of how hard the crash and entry had been. A hiss sounded throughout the area as the hatch of the pod slowly came down and stopped when it touched the ground.

Groaning, as his injuries from the impact had worsened his injured state more, Bardock stumbled out of the pod, holding his right side in a bit of pain. Bardock though, through his pain, was scowling at his surroundings in anger. He was angry with himself for being so idiotic as hitting the fragile equipment that of his pod. Before he had came out, he had checked if he could immediately lift off and get back on course to his home planet. Sadly, the circuits were fried now with noway of repair. And with no knowledge of the level of technology of this planet, Bardock was pretty sure there would be no possible way to repair it at all. And that meant only one thing now,' I'm stranded,' he thought in resigned despair.

He would not be able to warn his people of the coming danger, he would not be able to warn his king of the coming danger, he would not be able to tell Freiza right in the face that he was his own person now and didn't work for him anymore. He let the fatigue of his injuries get to him as he sank down to his knees and let out a yell of frustration and anger of the unfairness of the situation.

But that yell turned into a pained scream as his mind felt another tug, the familiar feeling of another vision coming,' it's happening again,' his mind's eye showing a child with a bit paler skin than his own, same hair and eyes, a brown monkey tail coming out of the bottom of his pants,' it's Kakarott,' Bardock noted on an instinctual level, the smiling child's face and body changing from that of a child, to one of an adult that held the same innocence and peaceful nature in his smile and eyes.

Another vision came, this one showing the battles of his son as he fought as a child to an adult, a fight with two Nameks, an old man who seemed a bit too perverted, a three eyed man, a long haired rogue, and even the prince, Vegeta, himself. He also saw his adventures as he journeyed around earth's surface, making his own experience of life and death, taking on challenges with his head held high in sure, but not arrogant confidence.

'The one power Freiza seeks will never have, I have given it to you Bardock,' said an ethereal voice inside his head. He looked slowly left and right for the one who was talking, but then slowly recognized who's voice it was. It was the humanoid lizard alien that had attacked them on his last successful mission,' so that you could see..see that horror of your end,' the ethereal voice explained further to Bardock.

'Where am I?' Bardock asked he kept seeing vision within his own eyes as they continued.

'This is the future, Bardock,' the voice explained,' this is that kid from before isn't it?' asked the voice, though Bardock knew that question was rhetorical, since he knew the voice knew.

'My son?' Bardock thought in surprise as now knew he definitely wasn't going crazy, these vision were coming to become true.

'Yes, your son. He's growing into a powerful warrior, just like his father is, or was supposed to be 'was',' the voice replied and confused the battle hardened saiyan.

'What do you mean 'suppose to be 'was''?' Bardock asked as that last part confused.

'It seems fate has something in store for you, you were supposed to have died along with your planet,' answered the voice in slight confusion of the deviation that occurred on Bardock's fate.

Hearing the confirmation of what Freiza was going to do made him remember his situation,' No! Freiza!,' he thought angrily at the events unfolding before him.

'Take heart, Bardock. A savior has been born,' said the voice gently,' with his power, he'll be able to save people from the likes of Freiza, and you,' the voice then laughed cruelly at his situation and vanished as the vision's ended with planet Vegeta once again being blown up.

His eyes snapped back open and tried defiantly to get back on his feet. As he did so, he kept remembering Freiza's laughing, purely enjoying the destruction of his planet and people. Gritting his teeth in anger, he stood up proudly to himself," NOOO!" he called out," FREIZA, HEAR ME NOW, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, I WILL FIND MY WAY TO YOU AND YOU WILL PAY FOR THE CRIMES YOU HAVE COMMITED," he vowed to the skies above in righteousness as his life blood spurted out a bit from his wounds. He would prove he wasn't anything like that tyrant. And he knew one example to follow, his son.

'Kakarott, I promise that we'll meet someday, so that I may apologize for the crimes I have committed in my life because of that scum bag,' it was that thought he made his second promise. He enjoyed battles, sure, but he had only done more than he should have for that tyrant so that his crew could gain fame and favor from him. But that was not to be anymore.

If Bardock had paid closer attention, he would have turned back to his pod by now. But it was too late as his eyes then focused to what was above in the skies. A full moon. Seeing this, he tried to avert his gaze quickly, but his primal urges wanted to be let out, to destroy everything in sight in frustrated anger of what was going on, and so it held his head in place,' no,' he felt the changes, he tried to turn his head, but it was too late,' No!' his pupils started to fade from his eyes,' NOOO!' he called out in his mind as his pupils left his eyes, as the white of his turned blood red.

Off in the distance, back at the massacre that was taking place near Konoha, the Yondaime Hokage, who also known as Namikaze Minato, stood on top of a large red toad. The toad having a bleeding line over its right eye, a symbol of the battle it just had with the Kyuubi," Gamabunta, it's time," Minato said in resignation.

"Are you sure gaki?" the giant toad asked, not really wanting to see this summoner of the Gama clan to fall.

"It's the only way, you know it," Minato said firmly to the red toad.

Gamabunta sighed and nodded. Just as he was about voice his readiness, an explosion occurred a fair distance away from the Kyuubi. They turn, along with the demon, to see what it was and widened their eyes as they looked at what it was. A giant monster like ape! What was strange was the clothing it had. Minato could tell it had been in a battle as the strange armor and clothing were in tatters and broken. The giant ape had blood red solid eye, no pupil in the center. It's face was almost the same as the Kyuubi's, a snarl of white-hot rage playing across it's features.

'That can't be Shukaku, he's a Tanuki,' Kyuubi thought as it looked at the single tail that was swaying back and forth in anger. The odd thing it noted was the energy coming off the beast. It was like the energy the ningen used, Chakra he remembered. But it was just one part of the energy, with no help from the mental part of energy that was supposed associated to the physical energy coming from it. So that left one source of energy that it was using,' Ki,' the Kyuubi remembered the other term of energy Martial Artists and warriors used that didn't use the ninja arts.

This also left another conclusion to it,' it is a saiyan,' it thought as it got ready for the fight of it's life. Living for countless years, he only remembered the battle most worthy to his attention. He had fought what he assumed was a scout of some sort. Before that happened, he had scoffed at the thought of actual aliens from the stars above. But seeing the scout fly around and shoot energy blasts at him changed that view. The battle had been one-sided at first, with Kyuubi being in the lead of the fight. But that night also had a full moon and he saw the transformation with his own eyes. After that it, it had gotten a little harder to get rid of stupid ape, but he had come out of it with only a slight limp. When he had cut it's tail off, the scout had shrank back down to its original form, letting the Kyuubi get a hold of him and get some information. After learning about his people and forcing him to lie about the value of this planet, he didn't need trouble from anyone who wanted to disturb his slumber, he crushed the fool and went about his way. Though he would always remember the battle just in case of another encounter.

And now it seemed it was a good thing he remembered one weakness about the transformation, the tail. He'll have to cut it off. But looking into the eyes of the saiyan told him it wasn't going to be easy. Even though he could see the primal instincts taking control of the saiyan, just like the last one, he saw an odd sense of ordered thought going through it's eyes. That meant along with that instinct was continuous battle experience that was coherent in its mind and would be most likely prepared for what he planned to do.

Minato knew none of this as he pointed frantically with big white eyes and gaping jaw at the giant ape," YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! ANOTHER BIJUU?!" Minato was really panicking now. He couldn't seal two Bijuu's into his son, Uzumaki Naruto. The last gift his Kushina had given him before her death. The sealing of one Bijuu would be enough strain on his son's developing Chakra coils. Two would kill him and free them to wreak havoc again. His only hope would be that they fought each other and one of them died so that only one could be sealed away.

His wish was granted as giant ape opened up it's mouth and let out a pink beam blast from its opened jaw at the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The blast surprised the demon, as the last one was only able to blow fire, and was thus immune to it. In its shocked state, it was hit full on as the blast hit its side and set him flying into the ground, making a large trenched from sliding on the ground and parting a large part of the forest around them.

The Kyuubi let out a snarl as it stood back up. It wanted a blast, okay, it would get one from it as well. Spreading out his tails and opening his mouth, a ball of crimson Chakra appeared just outside of its mouth. More Chakra started to drift from his tails particle by particle. Energy being seen slowly moving to the sphere of crimson, pulsating every now and again. Once charged enough, it chomped down on it and swallowed it.

'What's it doing?' Minato wondered as he observed the fight that was starting. His question referring to both Kyuubi and the supposed new Bijuu. The Kyuubi's forming attack left questions in his mind, but it also left time for it to be attacked by the giant ape that was Bardock, not he knew who or what he was. The ape just stood there, as if waiting to challenge the attack the Kyuubi would make.

He then saw the Kyuubi's body expand disproportionately before it opened it mouth and roared out a large blast of Chakra towards the ape. Minato had to, with Gamabunta, hold onto the ground with all of his worth as a great sonic boom and shockwave coursed throughout the area of the forest and Konoha.

The blast was upon Bardock in mere seconds, the ape quickly crossing it's arms in a guard. When the blast hit, the night skies were lit up by great explosion that had occurred on impact. When the light died down, it showed a raging inferno blazing the area that had occupied the giant ape.

Almost scoffing at the sheer stupidity the ape had, he knew the ape had an opportunity to attack him and ample time to do so, he turned back to the giant toad that had the ningen's leader on its head. Minato himself got set back to going through his plans of sealing. But they turned back to the inferno when they heard an ape like roar from it.

From out of the inferno, Bardock charged through, still in ape form, and tackled the nine tailed demon to the ground. The Kyuubi roared in frustration and started to claw at the ape, the ape itself beating it with it's stronger arms and fists. The two struggled with each other, clawing, punching, kicking, and occasionally chomping on each other's body parts.

Minato never thought he'd see such a brutal fight, and the landscape was certainly changing the forests of Konoha because of that fight. He looked back towards the battle from looking at the scene of the forests and saw the two of them had their heads thrown up in the air. Right when they opened their jaws, the two let's out their respective blasts. Bardock's was still pink in color as the Kyuubi's was crimson in color. The two blasts hit each other and held at a stand still, the brightness of their attacks glowing like a beacon in space.

As they continued to struggle, the Kyuubi could tell that the blast from the ape was getting stronger by the second, while its energy stores were starting to slowly decline. Despite the popular belief that it it has unlimited Chakra, the Kyuubi only had really large reserves that were considered god-like to the people of this planet and had never tired or even had to use more than necessary energy than usual. But this damned freak of an ape came and brought him further into his already weakened state, since that Uchiha tried to steal his energy by using his Doujutsu, the Sharingan. That was the reason it had come, to steal back the power Madara had taken from him and kill him and his clan.

But now he had to use the rest of it to try and kill this ape. Then again, there was always another time, though it may perish, its goals would still be accomplished, along with a new one,' tell me, saiyan, what is your name?' Kyuubi telepathically called out to it. Being more than a millenia years old, you tend to pick up some interesting skills.

The Kyuubi could tell coherent thought was being forced through primal instincts as the name rang out in his head,' I...Bardock,' answered the ape in feraled voice,' you...dead,' it continued.

'Indeed, I am, but...' the Kyuubi then let its blast go and let the ape's attack, much larger than it normally was, envelop it, disintegrating it into nothing. But before it's head was destroyed, it smirked evilly at him,' my will and essence will not be destroyed,' it's evil laughter echoed throughout the land, a laughter of letting anything and everything know of disasters to come. When the blast continued and hit a mountain, a great explosion occurred, a shock wave ripping through the air.

Minato saw the ape lift its head into the air and let our a roar of triumph and beat its chest repeatedly. He looked at the area and knew it would take a long time for the forest to grow back, but what caught his eyes was a small flicker of light. He looked towards it and saw it was a sphere of bright red energy floating where the Kyuubi used to be. It then shot towards the horizon in a speed of light, leaving a long energy tail trailing behind. Minato knew what this meant, it meant that the Kyuubi was still alive, and the only thing that could fight it off again, was right in front of him.

Knowing this was his only chance, Minato looked into Gamabunta's eyes and nodded. The toad understanding what Minato was planning and stood at a ready, just in case the ape got any funny ideas. Minato went through a series of hand seals,' Snake, Boar, Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird...' and reluctantly, he did the final seal, but this was for preparation for Kyuubi's return," HORSE! SHIKI FUJIN! (Dead Demon Consuming Seal)," he exclaimed as he suddenly felt the chilling presence of the Shinigami behind him. Looking behind himself, Minato saw the Shinigami's demonic reaper form. If it had been under different circumstances, he would have pissed his pants, but all he did now in this situation was give him a sidelong glance and nodded to himself in preparation," let's go Gamabunta, one last time," he said solemnly to the toad boss.

With a sad nod, the toad bunched up it legs and quickly jumped fast towards the primal ape. Bardock, in his primal state, was too absorbed in his victory and thus did not have time as the toad tackled him down onto the floor, pinning him in place. Just as he was about to punch the damned toad off of him, Gamabunta called out," NOW GAKI!"

"RIGHT!" he then gave start to the ritual summoning and had the Shinigami do it's job. Almost immediately, the Shinigami pierced its cold hand into the giant apes chest, freezing it in place as it did so.

As the paralysis of the jutsu took over his body, Bardock's mind went into overload as he faced another vision. Breathing hard from the battle and at what was going on, Bardock looked up to see he somehow got to be on another planet. The surface full of islands, the water green in color, and the sky in a sort of aqua color, the tree perfectly straight with perfectly ovaled or sphered shape branche and leaves,' Bardock,' a voice called out to him, making him look around for the voice.

Seeing no one, he called out," Who is it? Show yourself? Who's calling me," he demanded to the voice, as it was not the last voice he had heard from before. Seeing no one moving or coming, he tried again," Come out?! I know your here!"

"Bardock," the voice said out loud instead of speaking to him in his mind. He looked back and saw a man with his hair style, but had orange and blue gi and blue wrist bands on his wrists with the kanji of his school of Martial Arts, King Kai it said," you know who I am, don't you Bardock?" asked the stranger to him.

Knowing at a instinctual level, he tried to reach out to the stranger from position," yes," he answered, his voice heavy emotion he didn't hardly know," your my son," he said with a shaky voice as he continued to reach out to his offspring.

"It's not too late Otousan, to be different," his son, Kakarott, turned to him and showed that his face was an exact copy of his without his scar, but that face slowly blurred to show Freiza's face, smirking at him in an evil manner while chuckling darkly at him," and to be different than him," Goku's face then phased back," when the time comes, you will remember everything Otousan, so until we meet, stay strong," with that, everything went black, and Bardock knew no more. On the outside, a peaceful smile found its way onto Bardock's beast like face, as the Shinigami ripped his soul out his body and sealed it into a baby.

A baby named Uzumaki Naruto.

Moments later, Sarutobi was frowning the situation presented to him. Not too long ago, after being reinstated as Hokage, he came out of a meeting regarding to the new Jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Naruto. Though information had been let out that what was sealed into him was the Kyuubi by his old nemesis and warhawk, Danzo, who suggested the boy be sent to his division for 'safety measures', Sarutobi had corrected him by letting them know it was actually the beast that had beaten the Kyuubi that was sealed into the baby. That had made Danzo to increase his suggestion about drafting the baby into his division of Anbu, Root.

But Sarutobi had rectified that by saying that he would be under his protection, since he was like sort of ape in nature and he'd be able get help from his personal Summons on how to take care of the baby. The other clans had agreed, since it seemed logical since the beast that defeated the Kyuubi was ape like in nature, so the old man would be able to come to terms with the primal ape instincts the boy might have. Though some of the council, particularly the civilian councils, seemed to view him as some sort of monster, the Shinobi council saw him as a ray of hope in defeating the Kyuubi once and for all. Some of the council even offered up to protect the child under their clan names, namely the Nara, Akimichi, Yamanaka, Inuzuka, and the Hyuuga clans. But aside form the civilian councils hate, came one more clans protests of the situation. The Uchiha clan head, Fugaku, seemed against having the such power running around loose if it wasn't within his grasp. But luckily, he was overruled by the majority of the council to be handing the child to them.

Sarutobi sighed as he looked down at the baby that was Uzumaki Naruto. From when he first saw him, Naruto had bright blond sun-kissed hair, healthy skin, and big vibrant blue eyes. But since the sealing, his blond hair had matted down at the middle and let three big spikes go from the left and two of them going to the right, a little fleck of hair sticking out in the middle of his matted hair with a spikey mess of bangs showering over his forehead. The color of his hair was mostly still blond, but the end of the spike were black, as if dipped into some hair die. His left cheek had a new birth mark that closely resembled a battle scar as it was widened out a bit to look like one. When he looked at his eyes, they were a very dark navy blue color. But the most unique feature was the brown tail waving just above the boy's rear and right at the end of his spine. Ever since the sealing, the boy has been crying out to the world, wailing his head off as tears streamed down his eyes. But when the little baby saw him, it gurgled happily at him and wanted to be picked up.

Sarutobi chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm and did as his instincts told him, which was also what the boy wanted him to do, as he picked up Naruto and raised him high up in the air,' you shall be our savior when the time comes, I am sorry that we people of this village have to burden you with that choice, but you are the only one capable of fending off the Kyuubi when the time comes,' the reinstated Hokage thought with a heavy heart. But looking at the cheerful expression on Naruto's face, he too saw the ray of hope that was in this boy.

"It seems that fate has changed for the things to come on this planet," a weird squeaky voice said behind the old ninja. Sarutobi instantly had the baby back in the crib and pulled out a Kunai and held it at a defensive position to the intruder.

"Who are you?" the Sandaime Hokage demanded softly to the shadow that was in the corner of the room.

"Well, aren't you on a tight rope," the shadow joked lamely as it snorted and laughed at his own joke. Sarutobi just sweatdropped at the persons horrible sense of humor. Seeing that his 'audience' wasn't getting his joke, the shadow came out with a huff," people these day have no sense of humor," said a short portly blue skinned man. Yes, a blue skinned man with two skin like whiskers, a weird hat that had long antennas, round framed sunglasses, and a black Chinese like gi with the kanji on the back saying 'King Kai'," the names King Kai, over seer of the west sector quadrant of the universe," introduced the portly man.

"What do you want?" though Sarutobi would have been a bit sceptical about other being from other planets, this person was pushing that fact to the wayside now. He could feel the energy coming off this person, and it wasn't even Chakra, but another type of energy he had never encountered.

"Just coming in to let you know what that kid has inside of him," informed King Kai.

"What?" Sarutobi nearly dropped his kunai," but I thought it was a Bijuu," muttered the old man out loud.

"Oh no, the Bijuu are demons that have made themselves lords and home of the world called Makai, but what you have here is an alien of a powerful race of beings," replied the portly blue skinned man. Sarutobi would have argue about that aliens in no way existed. But seeing this man and what he knew about the known information of Bijuu were, he couldn't put up an argument. There was only one Ichibi, and that was the youkai tanuki, Shukaku, who he knew was also sealed inside a child in the hidden village of Suna, he just didn't know which one.

Seeing this as an opportunity to actually learn beyond that of what was known, Sarutobi eased his guard, but didn't let it down completely. He put away his kunai with a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. Not wanting to appear rude now and try to salvage the situation, he gestured to the table nearby where there was some tea," would join me Kai-dono," he asked politely to the seemingly important figure.

"Sure thing," replied the short portly man. But just as the two were about to go and sit down, they heard the baby squeal in excitement and looked to see a short monkey hanging off the side of the crib and poking at the little baby's stomach, making little Naruto giggle at the monkey's action," no! Bubbles, come here, don't mess with the kid!" King Kai rushed over to the monkey, only for the monkey to dash away at speeds that only Sarutobi knew was at least Anbu level.

Seeing this, Sarutobi thought only one thing as he rubbed his temple a bit,' I'm getting too old for this shit.'

"Oh, I dunno, you pretty spry for old man at your age, Sarutobi," King Kai said as he chuckled a bit at the Sandaime Hokage's shocked expression," don't worry, I just read surface thoughts, I don't pry into other peoples information or do mind control," assured the short blue portly man.

Shaking off his shock of hearing his thought being heard outloud when he had never even said a word, Sarutobi sat down in tiredness as everything was going a bit too fast for him," now, please Kai-dono, could you elaborate what is sealed inside of Naruto-chan here," the Hokage gestured to the baby in the crib as its cheerful expression waved over Bubbles to play with him again.

"What you have sealed inside the boy, or rather fused," seeing the raised eyebrow, King Kai waved it off as a thing to explain another time," was an alien that is known as a saiyan. The saiyan race are known as planet conquerors. They were born for sole purpose of fighting and were the best of the best at it because of the talent and abilities in battle."

"Planet conquerors?" questioned the Sandaime. It seemed so unlikely, but the power displayed by this supposed saiyan had proved otherwise, as an Ichibi would not be able to stand at all at the fighting prowess and power of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, since it was known it was the lord of Makai itself.

"Yes, conquerors. Their abilities in battle were second to none with the right sort of training and experience gained in battle," answered King Kai as he sipped some of the tea on the table," nice tea," he muttered under his breath.

"Were?" Sarutobi caught, as it seemed the blue short portly man was implicating what was 'fused' with Naruto was no more.

"Yes, the tyrant that ordered this race of people to become even more known as planet conquerors has just destroyed a majority of the race along with they planet, Vegeta," King Kai informed as he saw Sarutobi go pale at this news," along with Naruto here, there are only four other known survivors, sadly none of them female either," it really saddened to see such potential be wasted and destroyed, the whole race could have been a planet of strong warriors and heroes too.

'Dear Kami,' he thought to himself, not really caring that King Kai could hear his thoughts. But what King Kai said next made him almost shit his pants.

"Bardock, the saiyan that has fused with little Naruto here, pales in comparison to the tyrant, Freiza. It's like comparing a really small puddle with your largest ocean to it, the gap is just too great," Now Sarutobi may have been skeptical about aliens, but hearing the truth and nothing but the truth being laced into King Kai's voice made him realize the situation now," but with the potential here, there could be hope," that made Sarutobi see a bit light of hope at hearing those words," many years ago, a scout had come to put a price on this planet, some events happened that made the scout put this planet off the market, so for you, you've nothing to worry about from Freiza himself," that made Sarutobi relax, even if wanted to know the specifics of it, he wasn't going to pry if he didn't need to," but that won't stop other's from trying to conquer your world," okay, this was just really stressing him out now," but with the right training, Naruto could be the only hope you have of defending this world from such beings."

That made Sarutobi go wide-eyed a bit, looking over at the little baby that was Naruto playing with insanely fast monkey named Bubbles, he really couldn't see such a child gaining such ungodly power. But then he remembered the word King Kai used in the conversation they just had," what do you mean 'fused' Kai-dono?" inquired the Sandaime.

Seeing the confusion in the man's face, King Kai opted to explain Naruto's new condition," you have to understand the technique you called Shiki Fujin was meant to be used for demon's and the Shinigami assigned was only meant for that job alone. But it has come to my attention from Reikai intelligence that since Bardock was not a demon, he had to use a technique known as Fusion. Though the technique requires a ritual formation from two people and the two people being just about the same height and exact level of power, the Shinigami had to revise the technique and fused both Bardock and Naruto into one being," King Kai explained. That made Sarutobi ponder about this information, if this were true, wouldn't that mean...," yes, Sandaime Hokage, it means that Naruto is part saiyan now and has the fighting prowess and capabilities of a saiyan himself," King Kai answered the old man's coming question.

"But if what your saying is true, wouldn't that also mean he would have this Bardock's memories as well," Sarutobi pondered about that, would the child's mind be able to cope with such information all at once and be able to stay sane? The thought of crazed and powered up baby razing the village was weird, but terrifying vision.

"Yes, he has Bardock's memories, but it's all locked up, but..." King Kai trailed off as he got Sarutobi's utmost attention now. It seemed King Kai wanted him to fully privy to this information alone," it seems he has also received Bardock's new found ability as well. You see, not too long ago, Bardock and some of his comrades went to a planet and annihilated the inhabitants, because it seemed Freiza had heard of an ability to read and delve into peoples minds if one were to stay on the planet."

'That almost sounds like the jutsus the Yamanaka's use,' Sarutobi noted.

Hearing and nodding at the thought he heard, King Kai continued," Bardock was struck down and given the power by a surviving inhabitant of the planet, with the soul desire of letting Bardock see his and his race's end at the hand's of Freiza, an act of cruel revenge one would say. But it seemed a vision of his future had calmed him enough to accept his fate of being fused with little Naruto here, what it was I don't know," turning away from looking at Naruto, King Kai cast a serious look at the old ninja," I suggest you train the boy in handling such a technique, I understand you have a clan who have what you would call a Kekkei Genkai that deal with the mind powers."

"Yes, if what you say is true, it would be wise to train him in using such abilities within safe boundaries," Sarutobi didn't want to see Naruto go insane if he was not be able to control a power he couldn't handle. If he could help this rising savior of theirs, he would do what he could, it was all he could do at the moment," I will see about talking with the Yamanaka clan head about this later on," Sarutobi informed King Kai.

"Good, when the time comes, I will come and help with the kid's training as well," seeing the raised eyebrow from Sarutobi, he explained further," what Bardock used all his life was not the energy you people call Chakra, rather, it is called Ki. It is the physical energy you people mix with the mental energy, which is Chi. What you'll be trying to help him use first is Chakra, and when it is good enough, I will come and increase his usage of Ki."

"What are the capabilities of this Ki?" asked the old ninja.

"Many usages that your ninja's haven't seemed to explore yet. As you may have seen, the blast Bardock used from his mouth could be used from the palms and even fingers points, with just the right amount of charge of Ki, he could have blown this three mountain in one blast. It can increase strength and speed to near impossible levels, much like your Taijutsu specialists, only without the harmful usages of Eight Chakra Gates that are within the body. And it will allow the power of flight for person," hearing of these capabilities, Sarutobi now knew why these techniques weren't explored, they didn't have the implications of a shinobi. Blowing up things left and right would get you discovered in mere seconds and only be useful in an all out fight. Only the last two abilities he heard seemed to hold favor for a Shinobi since increased strength and speed would allow a person to sneak by unnoticed or come out in a fight in good condition, and flight would let one travel more freely and be able to attack enemy forces unnoticed until it was too late, if the technique was used in the right way," and there are many other abilities that Ki could be used in."

Sarutobi hummed in thought. With all of his training that Sarutobi would personally supervise and instruct, mind training to gain control of the mental power Naruto has, and personal Taijutsu instructions and technique moves King Kai himself would provide, Naruto would be able to have a good arsenal to defeat the coming Kyuubi's attack. Sarutobi hoped that this Bardock had made the Kyuubi gravely injured and allow them the time to fight the demon when Naruto was good and ready. But that was only one problem. If they could get him to be more powerful than Bardock and Kyuubi put together, Naruto could defend this world from coming conquerors or destroyers. And if they had the option, send Naruto to take out this Freiza, such evil should not exist and should be snuffed out.

Finally, after a long silence, Sarutobi nodded, it was for the best. When Naruto would be able to, they would start his training immediately. Even though it sounded like they were not far off from what Danzo would have done to the child, Sarutobi would allow Naruto to have the companionship of friends where as Danzo would say there were a weakness that would hold him back. He was not making a weapon, he was making a hero, a hero that will shine brighter than the sun that shines over their planet.

"Well, it's time for me to go," King Kai announced to the old ninja. The short portly man then turned to Bubbles, who was looking at Naruto's small sleeping form," Bubbles, come one Bubbles, its time to go," King Kai quietly called as he didn't want to wake up the little hero in the crib. The monkey grunted and oohed as it made its way over to King Kai," til the next time old Sarutobi," a little tick made its way to the Sandaime's forehead at being called old.

"One bit of information about saiyans before I go," King Kai cut off any retort Sarutobi would have made," do not let Naruto see and be under the light of a full moon. If you do, you'll have another giant ape on your hands. The source of the transformation is his tail, but it is also what give him an extra boost in his abilities, so to cut it off will greatly diminish the boys powers, so do not cut it off unless absolutely necessary," and with that, both him and Bubbles left in a flash of light.

Sitting there in silence, the old man let the tick tock of the old father clock go back and forth, sound throughout the living area he was in. Sighing a bit, he got up and went over to Naruto's side, and looked down at Naruto's innocent sleeping face. Thinking about the power the boy would gain, he really hoped the boy would not be corrupted by it like his prized student, Orochimaru. Thinking that made him strengthen his resolve to train the boy the right and better way than Orochimaru was.

"You are the light of hope for our world, Naruto," Sarutobi spoke softly as he brushed s strand of spike blond and black hair aside from Naruto's face," and hopefully, you will gain the Will of Fire your father and your mother had when they defended this village," with that, he left the room and turned off the light, letting one last gaze pass at the crib in the room as he set a Fuuinjutsu on the room. He was not going to take the risk that Danzo was done with trying to obtain Naruto for his own ends, not once would he do that.

Four years later...

"Hey Ino-chan, come on, let's play," little Naruto called out to the platinum blond haired girl that was waiting for her father's cooking to be done inside the back of a flower shop. The little boy was wearing a black and green shirt with a red swirl symbol on the back of his Chinese like shirt, two red arm guards worn on, and black Anbu pants with martial art slipper and white socks. His tail coming out the back of his pants, swaying around playfully as it showed his mood now. Around his head was a red headband. For some reason, it just felt right to wear that color of headband on his head.

Turning around, Ino got in front of her Otousan and brandished a stick," you ain't getting any, you jerk!" Ino exclaimed as she swung her stick at Naruto, only for the boy to jump clear over the attack and land on her back, making her eat some dirt.

Chuckling at the two kid's antics, Inoichi handed Naruto a piece of a burger to him," nice to see you again, Naruto-chan (little Naruto), you ready for your session of training today," Inoichi asked as the boy's face lit up.

"Un," Naruto nodded as he happily ate the burger," Oi, Oyaji (pops)," he got Inoichi's attention as he continued to eat the burger while sitting on Ino's back," are we going to learn a new Jutsu today," Naruto asked excitedly at the thought of learning a new Jutsu.

Inoichi shook his head," not yet Naruto-chan, you have to get better control of you Chakra in order to use our Jutsus, besides, you already have plenty of Jutsus already," Inoich noted to the pouting Naruto. Seriously, the boy seemed like he had the Sharingan engraved into his whole being. Why just the other day, he used the Katon: Goukyaku no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) when he saw it only once and used up his massive reserves to make a regular sized attack, well regular sized for an adult, but for a kid, it was quite the accomplishment on his first try. The boy's learning curve was truly amazing.

He oddly noted he was like that Itachi kid, but only opposite in every way. Where as Itachi seemed cold to everyone and distance himself from them while also being indifferent about certain situations, Naruto would warm his way into anyones hearts and would voice his innocent opinions about what was on his mind. Itachi seemed to cast a cold dark aura around him, where as Naruto gave a warm bright energy about him. At first, the village civilians seemed to hate him for what he was, but after hearing the coming threat about the Kyuubi, and nothing else other than that, they immediately had second thoughts and tried their best to welcome the child. It didn't take long for Naruto to worm his way into their hearts with his innocence and cheerful mood. Some villagers were still stubborn and still called him a monster for what he was, but the boy seemed to not care and kept on with his life and training.

When he asked about why the training with his clan, the Hokage had said an informant had told him that Naruto had a Kekkei Genkai similar to his clan. The delving into ones mind and an ability they knew they didn't have, visions of coming futures. It was the Hokage's wish that Inoichi would help Naruto deal with this power and be able to also strengthen their own clan by examining the extent of Naruto's mind powers.

Inoichi looked back at the two kids to see Ino trying to latch onto Naruto's tail," let me pet it," she demanded to Naruto.

"No, it makes me feel weird when you pet it," Naruto said as he continued to eat and run from Ino. Aside from making him feel weird, he would always felt weak when she squeezed it. It made Naruto resolve in getting rid of that weakness. How was he going to become the best Ninja the world has ever known if he had such an obvious weakness.

Since the beginning of his training when he turned four, Naruto had proclaimed to himself that he would become the best, so he could beat the bad guys who would hurt his home. He remembered the thing Ojiji had told him that his race of people were a group of warriors set onto being the best fighters around and that he had the power to be just like that, but was asked what he would do that with that power if obtained it. That was when he exclaimed that he would be the best ninja in the world, since it was the only thing he knew that was a fighter at the time.

"Please, Naruto-kun," Ino pleaded as she stopped and started to use what every little girl used instinctively, the Puppy Dog Eye no Jutsu. Her eyes started to water up and her lip quivered as if she was about to cry.

Seeing this, Naruto started to wave his arms about comically," ah, come one Ino-chan, don't cry!" he called out in worry as he rushed over to her. Just as he was about to reach her, he saw her immediately smile mischievously. Before he knew it, he was tackled by a giggling Ino.

"I got you Naruto-kun," she exclaimed as she latched onto Naruto and started to pet his little monkey tail, making Naruto blush for reasons unknown to him.

"Alright you two, break it up," Inoichi said as he chuckled at the sight. Those two had really hit it off since Naruto started his training with the clan. He had also became good friends with the other two kids of his teammates. Shikamaru likes him because the two seemed to get good time of relaxing the same way he did, since they just lazed about, watching the clouds go by. Little Chouji took a liking to him immediately as he found out first hand the appetite of a saiyan, not that Inoichi knew what Naruto was. And Ino just seemed to click with the little boy, if he didn't know better, he'd say his little princess was head over heels for the boy. But that would only be made certain in the future.

Ino let go of Naruto reluctantly as she listened to her Otousan, but almost glomped Naruto again as he gave that usual grin of his. That grin that always made her feel good and want to be with Naruto always. She didn't know what this feeling was, but she really didn't want to let that go.

"Now why don't you go and play with that Haruno girl you became friends with the other day," Inoichi suggested to her. Pouting a bit at being taken away from her favority teddy bear, Naruto, she did as she was told and went for find her new friend, Sakura. The girl needed her anyway, the girl had no confidence what so ever in herself and it was up to her help her new friend out," now then, let's go and get your training started Naruto-chan," Inoichi said as he lead the little boy towards the backyard of the flower shop the Yamanaka clan owned.

A few minutes later found Naruto meditating over a pond that was in the back of the flower shop. His body not falling into the knee deep water as he had already mastered the Water Walking technique after trying it out in a few tries. Since the time he had started to get blurred visions he couldn't make out, with the pained headaches they came with, he had come to rely on the calming techniques he had learned from Inoichi-oyaji.

Not even wincing as vision came to him, he calmly looked through the hazed fog as he saw an old man with a extravagant shirt with flowers and strange trees on them (Hawaiian shirt) and blue pants that were similar to his Anbu pants, but were close off at the ankles with the same type of slippers he had on. The old man's frail looking body turned into that of a body builder. The man's massively large and pumped arms going in a circular manner before cupping both hands to the right side of his midsection. He then heard the man starting to call out his attack as a shine of energy started to appear in between the man's cupped hands,' kaaaa-meee-haaaa-meeEEE-HAAAA!!' at then end of his spoken technique, he thrust both hand forward with the two wrist touching each other with the both hand on top of each other. The energy in between his hands letting loose a blast of blue energy surging forward and parting the waters that were in front of him. Once the blast impacted what looked like some sort of battalion of ships, an great explosion occurred, blasting the ships out of water.

Seeing this Jutsu being done, he quickly left the backyard," sorrygottagoOyajibye," Naruto said in breath as he sped past Inoichi.

"What was that about," Inoichi wondered, he looked up and frowned," it's not even the end of his training," seeing this as a ominous sign, Inoichi quickly flared his Chakra twice, letting those who knew the boy was up to something. Not that anyone didn't trust him, but him being sealed with an unknown beast didn't mean they were going to let their guards down.

Once Naruto made it as far as he could from Konoha, never noticing his actions had attracted several people's attention. Thinking back to the Jutsu that old man in is vision had used, he started to analyze the Jutsu he saw. With his incredible learning curve, he noticed that the energy to power the attack was not one of Chakra as the energy could not be exerted in such away and only be projected as far as one has control over their Chakra. No, from what he could this Jutsu used just one part of the energy of Chakra. But just what was...

As if in a trance, he started to instinctively summon his Ki. Cupping his hands in front of with his wrists touching each other, he started to call his Ki to them," Kaaaa..." slowly bringing it to his midsection," Meeee..." he then stopped and locked his postion in place, his knees bunched up in a ready position," Haaaa," a ball of blue Ki was summoned up into his hands," MeeeEEE..." he voice started increase as the sphere of blue Ki shined in ready. With one final burst of Ki, he thrust his hands forward in the starting position he had them in and called out," HAAAAAA!!"

Just as Naruto had pulled off the move, Maito Gai, Yamanka Inoichi, Nara Shikaku, Akimichi Chouza, Inuzuka Tsume, Hyuuga Hiashi, and the Sandaime Hokage arrived at the scene. They witnessed the a scene of great power as Naruto sent a blue beam of destruction that tore and carved a path through the forest that was away from Konoha. When the blast hit the ground, there was great explosion, a great big cloud of dust, shrapnel, and dirt exploding from the point of impact. At seeing this, even those stoic or in control of their emotions, had big white eyes with gaping jaws.

'Kai-dono wasn't kidding about the saiyans destructive capabilities,' the Sandaime then turned to Naruto and could only gape in amazement. Not even a year into his training and Naruto already instinctively tapping into the energy known as Ki. He was already proving to have great difficulty with his Chakra, but even with that, he was already at least high Genin with the training he had received so far. Seeing the sheepish expression on Naruto's face, the Sandaime chuckled, the act of Naruto's expression showing that he hadn't meant to put that much power in his attack and was sorry for what he had done,' he is already becoming the ray of hope we wanted him to become.'

Sheepishly grinning and scratching the back of his head, Naruto analyzed what he had just done,' okay, that move takes time to form, so I'll need to speed up the process and get a precise timing on how to release the energy that I just used. I'll also need to train in using that energy as well as using my Chakra separately, this way I won't mix the two energies and make the mistake of sucking myself dry or blowing my hands off by using the wrong energy usage. Plus, it would better if I increase the reserves of that new energy I used so that the constant feed of using that attack won't drain me as much as it did just now,' as he finished his thoughts, he could feel his leg weaken and fell back on his butt,' whatever that energy was, it seemed to come from the physical energy of my Chakra,' he noted as he knew he was a bit of stamina freak. If everyone had heard his thoughts, they would have thought he was already growing teenager instead of a boy just entering his childhood.

Two year later after that incident

"Calm down Naruto, we'll get these on you soon enough," King Kai chided the small mixed hair colored boy with a monkey tail. Naruto was already beginning to be taller than most his age, as he was already about the size of an eight year old at the age of six,' probably because of the Fusion,' King Kai noted as he strapped on the new arm and ankle weights on Naruto. They were colored red and were really thick as they covered half of his forearm and half of his calves.

Lifting up the new weights, Naruto immediately pouted," these don't weigh a thing, Kai-ojisan," Naruto said in a disappointed tone.

"That's because I haven't set the weights my boy," King Kai replied as snorted and chuckle in his weird manner. He was going to get a kick at getting Naruto's face in the dirt. Oh yes, he would pay him back for blowing up that toilet he was using with a cherry bomb. King Kai almost had a sadistic smirk as he charged the weights into the arm and ankle bands. The effect was almost instantaneous as the weight bands almost tripled in size making the ones on his arms take up most of his forearms and the ones on his ankle take most of his forelegs. The weights not only stretching out but also growing in incredible width.

Naruto went bug-eyed as he was sent crashing into the earth. Naruto panted a bit before he tried to lift himself up from the ground. But every time it seemed like he was about to get off the ground, he would just fall back down. Almost seeing this as impossible, Naruto just about gave up, but his will and determination came back with a vegeance and the thought of his extinct race frowning at him came to mind, their eyes looking at him in disappointment,' No! I am a saiyan, I will not let some little weights stop me from becoming the best! I will not give up!' he started to chant the last sentence in his head as adrenaline started to pump through his veins, forcing him to go against the strain that was burning his muscles, screaming for him to stop and let the weights be taken off.

King Kai was now wearing a slightly shocked face. He knew the prowess and talents of saiyans when it came to combat, but Naruto seemed to be something special. The weights he had put him on was just a form of prank, just to get back at him. But seeing him actually start lifting up the weights, it was astonishing at the rate Naruto was excelling in the usage of his abilities and the usage of Ki, Chi, and Chakra he was putting to use. Ever since King Kai had come to start teaching him the ways of using such energies seperately, Naruto has been training day and night in the usage of them. It seemed that the Fusion had unlocked a potential that both Naruto and Bardock had as it allowed them to instantly analyze a technique and break it down to its baser components, as seen when he had miracously used old man Master Roshi's technique, the Kamehame Wave. It also doubled their confidence and as the memories of Bardock slowly trickled into Naruto's developing mind, their personalities started to combine to make a slightly arrogant man, but still confident as noted before with the determination to see their abilities were fine tuned to a perfection.

The Ki was an easy subject as Bardock had used the energy all of his life, while Chakra was a bit harder, but nonetheless was workable since Naruto's body carried the genetic structure of the people of this planet. But Chi was a difficult piece of energy as neither Bardock or Naruto had ever used such a thing. Where Ki and Chi could do the same kind of damage to the surrounding area much like Chakra, Ki raised the physical aspects of the body and allowed one to use its energy to attack from afar, but Chi strengthen the awareness of a person along with the usage of their minds and was more focused on being used against demon's and other evil apparitions, since Ki didn't effect Demon's much unless it was a massive and destructive amount of it being blasted at them. With the combination of both, Chakra, it made a good balance of taking on both alien and demon origin enemies. So King Kai had opted to teach Naruto on how to draw on all three types of energy to survive his coming encounters.

Seeing Naruto almost stand up, he chuckled a bit, ' that boy will go far, I can really see that,' King Kai noted as he stood from a distance.

Seeing as he was about to stand up fully, he summoned his Ki and powered up to the full. The air around him warping a bit and giving him a blue fire outline as he stayed powered up. Lifting himself from the air, another lesson he got from Kai-Ojisan, he flew straight up towards the sky and looked to see horizon above the trees and forest of the outskirts of Konoha," Let's Do This!" he exclaimed as he started to send a barrage of punches and kicks. His knowledge of Taijutsu showing through into his own personalized style hand to hand combat. It was an odd mix of that Goken-ryu, Jyuuken-ryu, and his own style of fighting. While the punches and kicks were hard and fast, he was also practicing charging the three energies he learned to used from King Kai. If he could get a good feel on how to focus each energy into each punch, he could be ready for any kind of adversary. Human, alien, demon, or whatever else, they were would feel his wrath when he unleashed himself onto them.

"Naruto-kun! Naruto-kun!" called a little girls voice. Looking down from his position, he saw Ino was looking for him. He could just tell from her energy signature that it was her. And that sweet flower smell the came off of her was only unique to her. It soothed him in a way, really.

"Oi, Ino-chan, I'm up here," Naruto called out cheerfully as he waved his arms around to get her attention.

Looking up Ino just sighed, having seen this before had not made her freak out as any normal person would. She was really the first person to find out that he could do such a thing really. He had come to her house and started to babble on about getting an new sensei and how he showed him how to fly. As the thought of people flying would have made her jump in enjoyment and make her demand he take her flying, she was starting to get some common sense in, so she asked if she could show her. It wasn't that she didn't trust her Naruto-kun's words, rather, she was worried he was fibbed to and that he was being tricked by a meanie stranger. But when she saw him hovering off the ground without any strings attached, and she had thoroughly checked if there were any around him, she had squealed and asked sweetly and turned on her Puppy Dog Eye no Jutsu, to take her flying around. It had been the best time in her life as she felt the wind rip through her hair and face and her alone time with her teddy bear.

"Mou, Naruto-kun, come down her," Ino demanded as she stomped her foot onto the ground.

Blinking a bit at her attitude, he knew he didn't do anything to her or her friends. Which further confused as to what was going on, so he just shrugged and floated down to her. Once he got down onto the ground, he greeted he with his usual cheerful grin," Ohayo, Ino-chan," Naruto greeted as he looked at her almost serious face, but it was kind of ruined since she was only six years old.

Ino sighed and went to right to the point for her looking for him," Naruto-kun, you know were going to be going to attending the Ninja Academy, remember," she reminded the blond.

"We are," he asked confusedly. Damn! Was it already that time, he thought he had more time to get his technique perfected more before then, not that the academy would stop him training, but his time used for training would be cut drastically because of it.

Sighing at her best male friends forgetfulness, she knew his mind was on nothing but Taijutsu and Jutsus and nothing else, she just shook her head," yeah you dope, you do have all of your supplies ready, right," she leaned her body at him with her hands curled up into fist and were situated on her hips.

"Yeah, Oji-chan got them ready for me just the other day, if I remember right," Nauto answered back to her.

Nodding at his answer, she sighed once again and started to make circles with her foot on the ground," Naruto, the boys and girls will be in different classes until we get into the last three years of the academy..." Ino informed the blond.

Frowning at that news, that meant that he wouldn't see Ino-chan in any of his classes for three years, but he immediately smiled as he remembered Shikamaru and Chouji. But seeing the worry still on his best friend's face, he did as his instincts told him to and hugged her, making sure not to crush her with weights on his arms, which was what Ino had just wanted him to do. She sighed in contentment and leaned her head against his chest, she didn't know what this feeling was she always had with her teddy bear, but she always liked it," don't worry Ino-chan, we'll always be with each other, right to the end," Naruto said as he gave her his famous grin that always seemed to brighten everyone's day.

Looking up at him, she nodded in enthusiastically with a big smile of her own," Un," she replied back to him. She then got a bit of a blush on her face, as she knew it would be embarrassing at what she was going to do next. So quickly, she jumped up towards his head and pecked him on the cheek. Seeing that her task was done, he dashed off back home, leaving a mildly shocked Naruto behind on the forest trail," I'll see you again Naruto-kun," she called out to him as she ran with big smile and blush on her face.

Chuckling at Naruto's expression and what had happened just now, King Kai finally came into Naruto's vision. He oddly noted that the boy seemed to already having gotten used to the weights, which were at least five hundred pounds. Waving his hand a bit in front of the boy's face, it seemed the boy was still in a bit of shock at what his best friend had just done. Chuckling, King Kai knew only one thing that would break the trance the boy was in. He cupped his hands and breathed in a big breath," BREAKFAST IS READY!" he hollered into the boy's right ear.

"Breakfast, where!? Where!? Ooh, I hope its some of that special ramen Ayame-chan always seems to make for me, or that special batch of rice balls Hina-chan always makes, or the eggs, bacon and hash browns Ten-chan always cooks for me..." the boy then rabbled on and on about what foods he would eat from many other cute little villager girls that always seemed happy to satiate the boy's endless pit that was his stomach. King Kai laughed louder this time, this boy was already beef cake for the ladies and he just seemed too innocent to notice.

As Naruto continued to rabble on about food, an evil presence was growing within a desolate valley, very far away from the Fire Country and away from any close hidden village. In the valley showed a glowing red sphere that pulsated every now and again. After a few minute, it died down to show a blood red sphere with smoke rising from its hard shell. There was then the sound of cracking heard and not a second later, a clawed hand shot out from the top of the shell. The demon that was inside this seemingly large egg had on thought and that...was revenge. And that person who it wanted revenge against was ringing in its head and that person's name was...

'Bardock,' thought the demon darkly as everything turned black.

A/N: I know I seem to be rushing Naruto's power limit a bit fast, but he's going to need it if the coming challenges are any indications. He will go and face an Icejin sometime in the future, but it won't be Freiza, and I'm sure you know who I'm going to have him fight against too. There also be many other villains that will be made known to Naruto as he continued to rise to power. As for Naruto's attitude and new abilities, well, I just wanted to add a bit of Ranma ½ to the mix of this, as the next chap will be something similar to the series of that anime as well. What do I mean by that? Well, you'll just have to find out. Hope you guys liked the introduction of this story, so please review or PM me, ja ne.