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Naruto, sixteen years old since his birth and fusion with Bardock, was laying on the roof of the Ninja Academy. Looking up at the sky much like a Nara would with a twig in his mouth, chewing on it slightly as he had his arms behind his head and his left leg over his right leg, showing him to be in a very relaxed position. He wore the same clothing he did when went to first Ninja World Tournament, only in a bigger size, which was saying something since he was pretty well built. But despite his build, he was a whole lot quicker than Gai was at his best.

As he laid there, he couldn't help but think back to what happened so far in his life. First being fused to a child named Naruto, second becoming a shinobi in training and getting trained by not only the best of the worlds fighters, but also by that of the North Qaudrant's overseer, King Kai. Third would be his the many friends he made along the way, because he remembered his life as a mercenary Saiyan, and at that time, he only had a small group of friends. The rest were just acquaintance that were considered comrades since they were of the same race.

But despited the good things, some bad things did happen. With winning the match with Aya in the Ninja World Tournament, he had gotten the attention of many, both good and bad attention. Sure the good ones made a him bit embarrassed, since he wasn't used to such attention, but the bad ones really just ticked him off. Many nobles and political figures tried to buy him off of Konoha, his home, or try and get one of their daughter, nieces, female acquaintances, or just plain out slutty girls to get him on him on their side. Let's not forget the assassins that would try and take him on and claim the glory of killing the World's Strongest. Most of them were from Iwa, since information got out that he was the son of the Yondaime. After a particular and public defeat of a battalion of those ninja assassins, they had put him down in the Bingo Book same as his father: run away on sight.

But despite those things, one thing did sadden him greatly. After waking up from the World Ninja Tournament and returning to Konoha, he had noted it was already the weekend. Seeing this, he had quickly took off and went to go see how Haku was doing. When he got to his home, the first thing he saw was the giant like ice spikes jutting out the house. But when he landed on the ground and got close to the entrance, he saw the body of Haku's mother, mutilated and almost torn to shreds. There was no evidence of rape, only pure injury of bludgeon and sharp attacks were evident on her body. Seeing this, he quickly made his way into the house and saw the many spiked and run through bodies of villagers. Among them was Haku's father, his face twisted in horror and rage.

After seeing this, he looked around for Haku in the house, but found no evidence of the feminine boy anywhere. The only thing he found was the baby blue obi that was usually around his waist, where it seemed the ice had originated from. Looking back at all that happened, Naruto concluded at that Haku's father must have gotten the villagers together and had killed Haku's mother first, most likely catching her off guard as she did the chores around the house. The scattered clothes and basket were evidence of that. Haku's father and the villagers must have then waited for Haku to come home or found him in the house and cornered him, where he then must have been pressured and forced to release his Hyouton abilites to instinctively protect himself. After having killed all of them everyone, Haku must have ran away.

There was no way Naruto could track Haku, seeing as how he wasn't much of a scout. That and the trail had already gone cold since he got there, the snow and temperature covering the feminine boy's tracks naturally. Naruto just hoped he was alright and alive, wherever he was. Before leaving, though, he made sure to properly bury Haku's mother. She was an innocent and deserved a proper burial for the kindness she showed him when he was introduced to her. He also made sure to place flowers at her grave site every year, on the day he found out Haku was missing.

But beyond the good and bad things, were also the annoying things. What, you may ask, would be annoying out of coming after the World Ninja Tournament, be? Well, if you were Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto and cupped your hand to your ear to listen, you could hear...


Naruto opened his eyes with his right eyebrow twitching at hearing that screech. Turning his head to the left, he saw a blur jump from side of the academy, most likely jumping from the ground, and landing beside his relaxing form. He looked up to the human form of Aya, current Kyuubi of the Bijuu Lords and a very irritable Kitsune.

After informing him of their current status with each other, it was safe to say Naruto was not keen on the idea. But despite that, Aya had said it was all a matter of honor for her and she would follow her code of honor no matter what. He had stated it wouldn't be a good idea for her to come to Konoha, since she was really hated, but she had called him a baka and gave him a raspberry. She had then changed from her lycanthrope fox like form into a more human form.

Her human form had the same build, but her skin and ears had changed. Her skin was nicely tanned, but not overly so and her ears had turn more human, only they had sharp point, making them look like miniature elf ears. Since she was also a Kitsune, she was a master of illusions and had changed her eye color and shape to be more human. Her pupils no longer had slits in them and were the color azure blue, the same color of his eyes if he hadn't been fused with Bardock.

"What ya want, you uncute tomboy?" Naruto asked rudely as he didn't like putting up with her crap.

"It's lunch time, it's time for you to eat," she snapped at him as she sat down and brought out a bento.

Naruto paled at this as she opened the bento and showed the concoction she called lunch. For the safety of the readers, I will not describe what she made. Suffice to say, Naruto had a sick look just looking at the lunch Aya wanted him to eat.

"Uh-uh, no way, I'm not going to eat that," Naruto said as he rapidly shook his head, fearing for his health as the stuff that was in the bento almost looked like it was going to try and pounce him.

"Hey! I slave over making this food and you don't want to eat it?!" Aya was starting to get more angry at Naruto not wanting to eat her delicious. Well, she didn't know how it tasted, since she never tested it herself, but she did cook it with all the love she had. She had looked at the cook book for good bento lunches and added her own spin on it, with only looking at the first ingredient of each food and adding all other things herself," I made Makunouchi bento (a classic style of bento with rice, a pickled ume fruit (umeboshi), a slice of broiled salmon, a rolled egg, etc) just for you and this the thanks I get?"

"Please, you call that a Makunouchi bento, I've seen better rat poisoning than that," said a very beautiful voice.

"What was that you blondy bitch," Aya snapped angrily at the form of Ino coming in with her own bento. Ino had truly grown beautiful over the years. Her body tone was muscular, but in a sexy way, as her wiry muscled arms, nicely shaped legs, flat but muscular stomach, good rear and proportioned breast. Needless to say, she was freaking beautiful. (If you want to know what she has on, she has the Shipuudden clothing, when Naruto had returned back from his training trip with Jiraiya)

Naruto smiled at Ino, the two of them were still good friends, if anything, they were more than that. But some things kept that from going further, or someone more like that (Aya). After coming back to Konoha and hearing why Aya was with Naruto, with some editing saying that Naruto's father had arranged a marriage with Aya's father, and that the biting and peircing of each necks, and tasting each others blood, sealed the marriage unknowingly. Needless to say, Ino was not happy and had vehemently denied the whole thing be permitted since Naruto was his own free man and could decide whoever he wanted wed. Note that she wouldn't mind if she was arranged to marry Naruto, but that was beside the point. Ino had even attacked Aya after the Kitsune had said a nasty remark. Surprisngly, it wasn't like the fight between Naruto and her. It was actually more of girly type fight, a cat fight if you would. The scratching, biting, and pulling of the hair would be evidence of this.

"Ino-chan, please tell me you've got something that isn't going to kill me?" Naruto asked pleadingly.

"HEY!!" Aya protested at how Naruto described her food.

"Of course, at least I can make really tasty and healthy food for you," Ino said as she showed her bento. When she opened it up, it was like heaven had arrived on earth, the food giving off an ethereal feel as it sparkled with a pink and bubbled background. This all made Naruto water at the mouth.

"What about my food?!" Aya insisted to Naruto.

Naruto turned to her and looked at the bento, then looked up at her and then to bento again, he did this about three times before keeping his deadpanned face and spoke," why would I want to eat that bio-hazard," being fused with a Saiyan and normally brash person, Naruto had just unleashed an unwillingly used technique, the Foot-In-The-Mouth Jutsu.

This was proven to be used as an aura of red shrouded Aya before she stood up with glowing red eyes. Seeing this, Naruto backed up and started to scoot away from her," I slave over trying to make some food for you, just to show I care at least a little bit about you, that I have a little bit of love and trying to make our engagement more happier, and you have the nerve to dis on my cooking?" Aya asked as she stepped purposefully and dangerously towards Naruto.

Hearing some of those things, Naruto tried to protest," now come on, it's not like I want to eat your food, it's just your cooking skills are worst than Lee trying to get a date with Sakura," saying this, Naruto once again used the Foot-In-The-Mouth Jutsu, seeing as how the intensity of the aura shot out even more.

"Naaarrrrruuuuuttttoooo," she said slowly and angrily.

"Oh crap," Naruto squeaked out.

"NO BAKA!!" Aya finished as she uppercut him in the jaw and sent him flow into LEO, his legs bent with his feet touching each other and his arms at raised up into the air at his side with the hands positioned into warding gestures.

"AAAaaaahhh," Naruto screamed out as he was sent flying.

Ino sighed at this. She knew she should be mad at Aya for doing that to her Naruto-kun, but it was just one of the normal occurrences since Aya had came with Naruto, that it was not really that much of matter to deal with. If anything, this was Aya's way of showing her affection. Oh, she could see Aya really loved Naruto, but the girl hid that behind her tomboy act and rude attitude. She also knew that despited her attacks on Naruto, Naruto really didn't get hurt from them as he always landed smoothly on the ground when nearing it.

One such incident was evidence of that, as she remembered one time the two had tried to spar each other. It was the first time Ino saw how far apart her and Naruto's skills differed. It was also when she vowed to train herself with her Otou-san and Kai-Ojisan, who Naruto had introduced her to, since she and Naruto had promised each other to be the best together. After two hours of sparring, Aya had gotten into a bear hug hold by Naruto, the same position that had started the whole engagement between them. After telling Naruto that the spar was over, Naruto had let go and let the girl collapse on the floor. Seeing her tired, Naruto, being the lovable oaf he was, picked her up bridal style, earning a embarrassed 'eep' from her. This had made her protest about being carried around like a weakling, but Naruto ignored her and continued to carry her home. When Ino saw Aya's protest die, she took a quick glance and saw the small loving smile and blush on her face.

But despite having the upper hand in legal status, Ino still knew she had a chance to be with her Naruto-kun,' I won't lose to you, Aya! No way will I lose Naruto-kun to you,' she thought in determination as a fire almost seemed to light her eyes,' I swear it!'

Coming down from the hit Aya had gotten him with, Naruto reoriented himself and landed softly on the ground and put his hands into the sleeves in this Chinese like shirt. Turning his body and walking back towards the Ninja Academy, Naruto whistled a tune with his eyes closed. He knew that lunch was almost over and that the test to graduate the Academy was going to happen when lunch was over, but he knew he could get there in the blink of an eye.

As he walked, he greeted the people he passed by with smirks and wave of hands, as they gave them back with their own. Even though he was partially a Saiyan, these people were his, much like the Saiyan race was. These were the people he swore his life to. Not only them, but the planet as a whole was his protect, much like how his son, Goku, protected Earth.

Looking at the window that had a clock on it, he notice there was at least two minutes left before it was time for the exam for becoming Genin. Seeing this, Naruto disappeared in a flash of speed. The people around just continued about their business, having gotten used to the ways of how the shinobi appear and disappear, especially how Naruto, Lee, and Gai did in their way of blinking out of existence.

Appearing at the door of his class with nothing but the sound of his feet tapping down on the floor, Naruto opened the door and walked in, the class already in their seated positions. He quickly made his way to Ino's seat, where it was a row above the seats of a student he really didn't know, Sakura, and Sasuke.

As he smiled at Ino, he glanced at the Uchiha with pity. The guy was still thinking with a superiority complex. Everything in his walk, his speech, and anything else stated out loud that he was superior to all, all because of his clan name and Kekkei Genkai. Naruto really didn't see him as an opponent worthy of his eye since it seemed the guy was waiting for his Sharingan to awaken and start taking what Jutsus and fighting styles to incorporate into his above average fighting style. Naruto had to sigh at the naivete, because just training like he did, which was just one same thing after another, didn't really speed up his abilities. If anything, he should be thinking of mixing up and thinking what could put a challenge into each exercise. It was the reason Naruto was already above Kage level.

Though he heard there was Sannin level, which was supposedly better than Kage level, he knew that was just a popular view of power. There was only four ranking of power in the shinobi world, despite what others may say. Those four being Genin, Chunin, Jounin, and Kage. Sannin level was basically a Jounin that matched a Kage, but it was Jounin nonetheless. So if anything, you might as well be saying Kage level.

But despite that, Naruto wondered about one thing. He always wondered about the legend of his race. The one plateau of power that many Saiyans had sought for for so long. A level of power that many risked life and death to obtain: Super Saiyan. The last supposed Super Saiyan couldn't handle his power in the Oozaur state, and had thus destroyed himself. That made him wonder, if one master the Super Saiyan state and their Oozaru state, and be able to meet a middle between the two transformations, would that lead to another greater level of power.

Naruto shook his head, he was getting ahead of himself. He didn't even know if it was even possible to obtain Super Saiyan status, and even if it was, he still hadn't mastered his Oozaru state yet,' maybe I should do it in Kirigakure no Sato and see how they like it being hunted down,' Naruto thought darkly as he still remembered how people with powers that weren't normal were treated with hate and it was because of hate that he didn't know what happened to Haku.

Naruto shook his head again, he was above that. He wouldn't stoop down to their petty levels. Besides, those people were basically killing themselves as they continued to chop down their own people and send themselves on the brink of destruction by doing so.

He 'oofed' when he felt the jab toward his ribs," what?!" he snapped at Ino.

"You're up, baka," Ino said as called him his pet name.

Looking across to the door at the end of the classroom, where the examinees were supposed to privately tested, was Iruka waiting patiently for Naruto, who looked at the two amusedly. Naruto got up and put his hands in his pockets.

"Good luck, Naruto-kun," Ino cheered him on.

"Ino-chan," he turned to her slightly," come on, this is me, I'll breeze right through this," he then continued on his way and stopped at the doorway," because I'm the best," Naruto said with the utmost confidence before entering the room.

Ino shook her head," arrogant jerk," she said with smile on her face.

"Alright, Naruto, we've already taken care of Taijutsu and the Kunai and Shuriken Accuracy Test earlier this day, along with everyone's proficiency on using both Kawarimi and Henge. Now all we need to cover is the Bunshin and any varients you have for it. So, please, make use three workable Bunshins and you'll be given your Hitai-ate," Iruka instructed the red headband boy.

Naruto shrugged with smirk and invoked," Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," a puff on his left made a Shadow Clone appear," Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu," water slowly gathered around on his right before shaping into a clone of Naruto," Moku Bunshin no Jutsu," the wood on the floor behind him warped upward before shaping and coloring into a clone of Naruto, surprising both Iruka and Mizuki immensely. He had just used a Mokuton.

"N-N-Naruto?! Did yo-you just..." Iruka started with a gaping jaw and dinner plate eyes.

"Yeah, Mokuton, I did, and Sandaime-Ojisan already knows I can do it, has for a long time," Naruto waved off. Honestly, it was just a mixture of both water and earth elements. The only reason Naruto could think that no one could do it besides the Anbu he had the pleasure of training with named Yamato and the Shodaime Hokage, was that people couldn't instinctively put more Chi into the Chakra of the Mokuton, since everyone was taught to balance both energies of Chi and Ki instantly. The only one he could most likely be able to do it was Ino, since she had been able to learn how to use both energies to an extent.

"Well," Iruka started as he shook off his surprise, wondering what other secrets the teenager in front him had,' most likely a hell of a lot more,' Iruka thought with grin as he handed the Hitai-ate to officially titled World's Strongest," I'm proud to present you your Hitai-ate, Naruto. You are officially titled Rookie of the Year, though that title pales in comparison to World's Strongest," Iruka teased a bit.

Naruto smiled kindly this time, he liked this Iruka, he was an real good guy," thanks, and hopefully, if we work with each other on a mission, we'll be able to have some fun," Naruto got playful grin on," maybe hit the bar some time," Naruto said with excitement in his voice. He took the Hitai-ate and kept it in his hand, he would have to replace the blue cloth with his current headband.

"Not that I would approve of underage drinking, Naruto," he ignored the mumble about him being such a square," but, maybe if I'm in the mood, sure," Iruka accepted, as he knew this boy would have some interesting stories from all his training and adventures outside of Konoha.

"Well, then, I'll just get out of..." he then felt the tale tell signs of a vision.

A platinum haired man sneaked around the Hokage Tower. The man was easily recognized as Mizuki, who seemed to have memorized the patrol around the Hokage Tower. The time of day seemed to be when the Sandaime would be home instead in his office. Mizuki, who dodged and hid away from all attention of the patrols, broke in discreetly into the main office of the Hokage and broke into the Jutsu Vault. Coming back out, he took off with a very large scroll on his back, easily recognizable as the Forbidden Scroll of Jutsu, all the while grinning evilly as he made his escape.

Just as soon as the vision came, he continued,"...here and let you guys continue to do your thing," Naruto finished without missing a beat, it wouldn't do for the traitor to find out he had been caught by Naruto already.

When he got out of the examination room and into the classroom, he sat with Ino again and gave her confident grin," what'd I tell ya? Easy," Naruto said with a bit of arrogance in his voice, his response was a slap to the shoulder, making him chuckle. He then leaned in and whispered to her, not noticing that she was blushing at the close proximity he was in," I'm going to go and talk the to the Hokage about a vision I just got, someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar," Naruto said seriously.

Ino was a bit disappointed that she wouldn't spend time with Naruto after their graduation, but she knew if a vision he got needed to be spoken about to the Hokage, it was important," okay," but then she took his ear and twisted, making him wince and yelp in pain as she brought his ear down to her mouth," but you and me are going have some fun later on tomorrow, got it?!" she demanded to Naruto.

"Got it," Naruto immediately agreed as he wanted her to let go quickly.

"Good," Ino said as she was satisfied with his answer.

"I don't know why I get the demanding women. Why can't I have one girl that wants me that isn't demanding, but real nice and not so bossy," Naruto grumbled a bit as he rubbed his reddened ear.

Leaving the Hokage Tower, after warning the Sandaime about his vison, Naruto made his way back to the Sarutobi Clan Home. Despite being able to take care himself pretty well, Naruto continued to live at the home he felt most comfortable in. Continuing on his way, he wondered who he'd be teamed up with.

'I just hope it ain't with the Uchiha-gaki,' Naruto thought with a frown on his face.

When he got to the house and entered, he kneeled down and took off his boots," TADAIMA," he called out, letting all know that he was home.

"Naruto-Onii-chan," he heard the excited yell of a little boy and saw the blue color and way too long headband of Konohamaru. Ever since the kid was born, he looked up to the the mixed colored haired boy as a big brother. He saw him as a hero and someone who acknowledged him for him, instead of how the village just saw him as the Sandaime's grandson," Onii-chan, can you show me your Jutsus again?" the little boy asked as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

"Maybe later, squirt, I gotta meditate for now," Naruto said as he knew he needed to keep constant vigilance on his training on keeping his visions under control.

"Aaah, but I wanna see them now," Konohamaru pouted as Naruto walked ahead for a bit.

Naruto then turned to him and beckoned for the little boy to come closer. Konohamaru looked happy before running towards him. But Naruto anticipated his excitement and held out his hand in a chopping motion, making his middle and forefinger make a hard tap into the running boy," sorry, Konohamaru, but I have to keep my training up," Naruto said with an apologetic smile on his face.

"Mou, you always say that and then you go off and leave me behind to practice your cool Jutsus," Konohmaru pouted as rubbed the offended spot on his forehead.

Naruto shook his head with a smile and made his way to what he called his Meditation Room. As he continued, he didn't see the growing smile on Konohamaru. The little boy knew Naruto really wasn't his Onii-chan, but despite that, he was family nonetheless. To Konohamaru, he was a Sarutobi.

In the Meditation Room, Naruto breathed in and out calmly, making sure all useless thoughts were expelled from his mind and focus onto his Clairvoyance Technique. Feeling another tug of vision, he calmly looked through the foggy haze.

A white haired teen was kneeling down before a pale man with long black hair, his aura of Chakra giving off a malevolent evil. Naruto recognized the white haired teen as one of the competitors at the World Ninja Tournament. His reasons for leaving had made him a bit questionable, as the other who left then at least gave a reason, but he had said nothing, only saying that he didn't speak to trash.

He looked to see a monitor on the side, showing the fights he went through in the tournament," kukuku, a very interesting boy, I must say. Such power, such skill, and the Jutsus," Naruto got the impression this guy was about to have an orgasm, but the look on his face gave off the thought," I must find as much information I can on this boy, he could very well be my next vessel," Naruto didn't like that sound of that. Despite that, he continued to watch.

"I know of his name, Orochimaru-sama," the white haired teen offered.

"Hmm, his name would give me a good start," Orochimaru said as he sat down and put his chin on his balled up fist.

"It was revealed in the tournament that his name was Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto," the white haired teen informed his lord.

The excited look then turned bloody, before going back to an even more excited look," ah, so this boy is the son of those two pathetic nins," Naruto had to restrain himself from trying to blast this guy. It wouldn't affect the vision any less, since it this was a vision of the past. The video of his fights looked new. By now, the videos of his fights would be a little aged and would show signs of it," it would be a great blow to Konoha to have their star child be taken beneath their noses and did so willingly, and I know just the way to do that, kukukuku," the evil laughter continued before another vision came.

It was a room filled with ten nins, all them garbed in black cloaked that had red cloud designs upon them. The leader, a spiky haired one with piercings and strange eyes that were gray and circles within each other spoke," so, any new information to bring to date?"

The nin he remembered seeing at the World Ninja Tournament, stepped up," I do, it's about the Jinchuuriki in the Konohagakure," as soon as he said that, it semed he had everyone's attention.

"Ah, the Ichibi like Bijuu that was an ape, as opposed the the one Ichibi we know is a Tanuki," the first man muttered out loud," what information have you gotten."

"Well, remember that tournament you sent me to get the prize money," at the nod of everyone, he spoke," I didn't finish since I found the gaki there, so I saw prudent to come and inform you of the situation. But not only was he there, the Nibi no Nekomata's Jinchuuriki was there..."

"Irrelevant, we can capture her anytime, anything else..." the seemingly leader asked.

"If you didn't interrupt me, you would know," Kakuzu said under his breath before continuing," well this one is the kicker, it seemed the Kyuubi no Kitsune was the mysterious competitor there," hearing a bit of gasps, he continued further," after leaving, I stuck around to see what would happen. I have to tell ya, I think were going to have trouble with these two. It was beyond anyone here could go at, not that I doubt you, Pein-sama," he quickly added, seeing as how he wanted to continue to live," it seems the Kyuubi is now living with the unknown Jinchuuriki, of its own free will. So it's now located in Konohagakure with the unknown Jinchuuriki."

"Heh, that's makes things easy, yeah," said a feminine looking nin with an Iwa head band, with, of course, a slash through his Hitai-ate, indicating his status as a Nuke-nin.

"Don't get cocky, Deidara. We don't know the capabilities of the Bijuu in Konoha's Jinchuuriki, and an unsealed and uncaged Kyuubi no Kitsune is nothing to scoff at," warned the grave voice of a seemingly hunched back individual that had braided hair and a mask over his lower face. The now identified Deidara scoffed, but Naruto could tell he took warning to heart.

"With me it should be easy, nothing can stand the might of Jashin-sama," said the cocky voice of slick haired nin with a three bladed scythe.

"I wouldn't mind having a crack at this myself," said a blue looking man who had three slash on his cheeks, making them look like gills. He had blue hair that was spiked in forward manner of Kakashi's hair. He also wielded a zanbato like weapon that was wrapped within bandages.

"I wonder if they would like to play, Tobi is a good boy and likes to play," exclaimed a black haired and masked nin. His mask had a hole for his right eye and was the center of an orange swirl on the mask.

The rest, being a plant like man with white and black halves, a blue haired woman with a paper flower in her hair, and the last one he recognized as Uchiha Itachi, stayed silent. Their forms being the perfect example of statues as they stood quiet and still.

"Hmm, this is information is useful, good work, Kakuzu," Pein said as he nodded at the mercenary ninja. He then addressed them all," but now isn't the true time to capture the Bijuu and the Jinchuuriki yet, we must have patience for now. And when that patience as paid off, the world will finally be shaped as it should have been," said the apparent leader of red cloud cloaked group before the vision tugged away.

Naruto jerked awake and looked out the window of the room, noting that it was late at night, it was time to sleep. Naruto would have checked if Mizuki was captured, but with the Hokage still hidden in the office of the Hokage and watching the act of Mizuki steal the scroll, there wasn't any cause for concern. As he made his way to his room, he face was set in a serious scowl.

The vision he got were both of the past and he should have had them when they occurred. But if they showed themselves now, it must have been held back for him not to worry so much and stress over them. And to have them now meant he was ready to deal with these problems. Gripping his hand into a fist and letting a glow of Chakra radiate from it, Naruto knew he was more than ready for those after him. They would know not to mess with a wild animal when it wasn't in a mood to play around.

Just as he though that, he entered his room, it was time to go to sleep and be assigned to his team the next day...

"ZZZZ," snort," ZZZZ..."

'That is, if Aya doesn't keep me up all night with her snorin',' Naruto thought with twitch to his eyebrow at his supposed fiance's loud snoring, before shutting off the lights and going to sleep.

Ino hummed a tune as she waited for Naruto come to class, it was time for them to be assigned to their teams. She really hoped that she was on his team, her dad even recommended it to the Hokage to make sure, after she had given 'the look'. Chancing a glance at the door, she saw the silhouette of familiar spiky hair behind the window of the door. Seeing that, she got up to greet him warmly. Just as the door slid open, she spoke," Ohayo, Naruto...kun? What happened to you?" Ino asked a little worried.

The reason for that question was the dark bags under Naruto's eyes and the bloodshot eyes he had, not to mention the twitch on his right eyebrow seemed to be going a mile a minute," bad night, sleep disturbed, must nap now," Naruto muttered only loud enough for her to hear and appeared in his usual spot with his head laid down on the table with his arms trying to block out any light.

Ino quirked an eyebrow at this, wondering if he meant he didn't get a good night's sleep. From the way he worded, it certainly seemed so. She then sat down as soon as she got to her seat and looked at Naruto's face, as it was facing away from the window and towards her direction. She giggled at his face,' he looks so cute,' she thought as she looked at his peaceful face that let out a soft snort every now and again.

After five minutes passed, Iruka finally entered the room. Seeing this, Ino started to shake Naruto," Naruto-kun, get up, come, get up, Iruka-sensei is here," seeing the still sleeping face, she sighed and raised her hand.

Seeing the hand, Iruka looked towards Ino," yes, Ino?" he asked politely.

"I'd like to excuse myself for what I'm about to do Iruka-sensi, because the baka won't get up," Ino said in advance as she gestured to Naruto.

Looking at the red headband boy, noting that the metal plate with the Konoha symbol was on it, Iruka nodded knowingly," go ahead," Iruka, as he knew when Naruto slept or napped, it took only one way to wake the blond. Everyone who heard this, immediately got their earplugs up and put them into their ears.

Charging some Chakra into her throat, she bellowed out," BREAKFAST IS READY!!" she called out right into Naruto's ear.

"Breakfast, where!? Where!?" Naruto asked quickly as he started to dart his head left and right so fast, some started to worry that it might snap right off.

"Naruto-kun," Ino voice immediately stopped the turning of his head and made it turn towards her," it's time for us to be assigned to our times, so you need to listen, baka," she said as she smiled at him.

"Uh, hai," Naruto muttered as he rested his head on his hands and waited for his name to be called. Although still sleepy, Naruto wondered if he could get Ino on his team. Out of everyone else, Naruto would be alright with, with the exception of a certain Uchiha. Ino though, she was the one person he first knew since his life started on this planet and she was the first person to truly become his friend, instead of just being a friend because he was the son of the Yondaime Hokage. Though, there were of course other exceptions to that particular bit. so he really wished that Ino was on his team.

Naruto turned out Iruka's speech to the graduating class about what it meant to be a shinobi of Konoha and how he was glad to have taught them. But after that long speech, he finally got to the assigning the teams.

"...Team 7: Haruno Sakura," the pink haired girl perked up at this," Uchiha Sasuke," the mention graduate only moved his eyes up to Iruka, his posture not moving once. Sakura, though, squealed in delight at being teamed up with her attended," and Nara Shikamaru," the mention lazy teenager lifted his head up at that and muttered 'mendokuse'," you Jounin sensei is Hatake Kakashi."

"Team 8: Aburame Shino," the the thick coated and sunglasses wearing young man only nodded," Inuzaka Kiba," the mention person wooped, which was followed by a loud bark of large white dog that was big enough for Kiba to ride on," and Hyuuga Hinata," the mentioned heiress smiled, happy to be with her boyfriend," your Jounin sensei is Yuhi Kurenai."

"Team 9 is still in effect, so we'll skip that team onto Team 10: Akamichi Chouji," the fa..I mean pleasantly plump young man grunted as he continued to eat his BBQ chips," Yamanaka Ino," Ino head looked over to Naruto intently, intensely hoping his name would be called next," and Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto. Your Jounin sensei is...," he was cut off by a squeal of happiness and the surprised yelp of the last mentioned person. Looking up, he saw Ino had her arms wrapped around Naruto's neck, making the mixed colored hair boy blush a bit, as it seemed Ino's body was pressing into him in a very good way. Not wanting this to continue, Iruka coughed, making the Ino look towards him and blushed in embarrassment at how she acted in front of everyone. She knew better than to act like some little fangirl," as I was saying, your Jounin sensei is Sarutobi Asuma."

After naming a few more teams afterwards, he put the clipboard down and addressed them," now that you have your assigned teams, you can take a temporary break of time to get to know your teammates. Some of your are familiar with one another, some are not, so it would do for you to get at least get acquainted with them. The break will be over by this noon, be back before then," Iruka then walked towards the door at the end of his speech. But before he left, he spoke," I'll say it again, it was a pleasure to teach each and every one of your. So, goodbye and good luck to you all," with that, he left the room.

Naruto stretched his arms out and popped the kinks out of his body. Since it was barely eight in the morning, that meant they had plenty of time to relax and get to get along with one another. He wasn't worried about getting to know Ino, but Chouji was the one he hardly had contact with. The guy seemed to like hanging around Shikamaru and kept to himself. Though Naruto could tell that the guy could probably squish most of the class with his strength, because that load of fat had Chakra running through it constantly, meaning he could augment his strength immensely, maybe even do some sort of special ability with it. Plus, just because he looked fat didn't mean he was weak. It probably hid the mass of muscle underneath it.

"Come on Ino, let's get to know you new teammate," Naruto said as he got up from his seat.

"Sure," Ino agreed as she got up and linked her arm with his, making Naruto arch an eyebrow at.

Though he did admit that he liked the feel of her hand in his, he continued down towards Chouji," yo," Naruto greeted the Akamichi.

"Hey, Chouji," Ino greeted brightly. She, Chouji, and Shikamaru hung out most of the times when she wasn't busy having fun with Naruto, so she was more acquainted with the young man more than her crush.

"Hey Ino, Naruto," Chouji greeted back between bites.

"I swear, you eat just like Naruto when he's hungry," Ino said in exasperation as she shook her head. She knew that eating was important to keep up your figure, but to eat in such a manner and so much wasn't good for you. She used to think eating less would help, but after seeing what some women looked like with that, she threw that idea away. Sure, they looked good, but they weren't fit to fight and survive the life of a shinobi, and she was aiming to be best kunoichi in the world with Naruto as the best shinobi in the world. Being in such a body would be a hindrance to that goal. And thanks to training she got with her Otou-san, and Kai-Ojisan, she was well on her way to become just that.

"Hey, I can't help it when I'm hungry," Naruto defended himself, as he knew it was in his nature to eat a lot, and I do mean A LOT. He was a Saiyan after all.

"The stomach cannot be denied," Chouji said sagely with his finger up in the same manner...while his other hand kept feeding.

Ino slapped her forehead at that," ugh, whatever."

After that, the three of them started to bond further with each other. It was all going good as the three of them started walk their way around the school as Ino rambled on about some of the gossip she heard from one of her friends, Naruto tuning some of it out and offering a nod and positive answer, and Chouji continuing to stuff his face.

That was interrupted when a shadow fell over the three, making both Naruto and Ino stop to look up, with Chouji continuing to walk, oblivious to what was going on and actually getting out of what will be the damage area," Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto, Prepare To Die!!" yelled out a very familiar voice that Naruto recognized.

Ino, seeing this, went and jumped away surprisingly fast with a sigh," this is the fourth time this week," she muttered as she landed and watch another daily occurrence.

Naruto just side stepped and let the figure make rock cracks on the pavement and debri spray out. Naruto didn't bat an eye at this and kept his hands in his pockets," oh, hey Anko," Naruto greeted normally as he jumped over a barrage of binding snakes.

"Today is the day I'll get you, gaki!!" said the purple haired snake mistress, as she sent a barrage of kunais.

"Oh, come on," Naruto started with grin as leaned back and let the kunais pass over him and lifted his legs up to let a leg sweep pass under him, making him look like he was laying on thin air. He then made himself look like so as took a posture of looking like he was relaxing sideways on a bed," I can understand that you don't like me because of the other day when I flagged all of your panties on that pole in the middle of the village, and I gotta say, those are some kinky looking panties," Naruto made sure only Anko heard this, since he didn't want Ino to turn him into a pretzel," but to have this much hatred for me, tch, tch, tch," Naruto shook his head as he wagged his finger at her," it isn't healthy," he finished with a teasing grin as he continued to dodge her kunais and Taijutsu barrage of punches and kicks.

"It's more than just that prank you, damn gaki. Because of you, my life is a living hell," Anko exclaimed as she quickly went through some seals, ending with the Tora," Katon: Goukyaku no Jutsu," she then sent a great fireball at him.

Naruto rose an eyebrow at that. Whatever she was talking about, it must have meant she said something embarrassing about him that involved her, or something he did that must have left a lasting mark that grated her nerves this much,' ma, I'll figure it out some other day, I'll just finish it now,' Naruto shrugged as he flew clear over the massive fireball that was sent at him, and appeared right behind an unsuspecting Anko," sorry, Anko-chan," as he got her attention, he hit a pressure point from behind, making her body crumple down onto the floor," but me, Ino, and Chouji gotta wait for Asuma to pick us up as his new team."

As he started to walk away, she her head was the only thing moving," wha-what d-did you d-do to me?!" she seemed to struggle to talk as her voice stuttered.

"Oh, I just hit a pressure point, fixed some Chakra into it, and only let movement from your neck above to move. Don't worry about bodily functions, they still work," Naruto turned to her with a mischevious grin," you just won't be able to move you torso, arms, and legs. Not even your finger and toes won't be able to move for at least half the day..."

"Naruto-kun! Hurry up, it's about time we get back," Ino called out from entrance of the school.

"Yosh, well, I'll see ya later Anko," he walked over to her and bent down to her face and lightly slapped her cheek a bit," it's been a real blast," Naruto said as he phased out of existence and appeared by Ino's side in millisecond.

"I'll make you pay, gaki!" Anko called out as she tried to get her body to move.

"Well, I see we have a good team here," Sarutobi Asuma commented as him and three academy graduates sat down by a table in a restaurant. Asuma had already ordered ahead of time, now they just needed to wait for the food," now then, how about we get to know each other."

"How do you mean sensei," Ino asked politely as she sat by Naruto closely.

"Likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams for the future, not mention the obvious, your name," Asuma said lazily as he took out a cigarette and lit it.

"Why not start us off, Smoky," Naruto said as he grinned at the twitch Asuma made when Naruto called him Smoky.

"I told a million times, that's not my name," Asuma mumbled quietly, knowing that the mix haired boy would just continue calling him that, despite being told otherwise," the names Sarutobi Asuma, my likes are relaxing under sun and taking a nap under it, especially during a sunset, and smoking. My dislikes are those who betray the trust of their friends and allies. My hobby is, well...none your of business," making the three graduates drop their head down at wanting to hear his hobby. Asuma puffed a smoke and pointed towards the more plump of the trio," you're next kid."

"My name is Akamichi Chouji. My likes are my Kaa-san's cooking, my Otou-san's cooking, bento lunches, bags of chips, some..."

"Will just get on with it," Ino cut off in exasperation.

Not being offended since he was used to her attitude, Chouji did so," my dislikes are those who take the last piece of food away from me and those who insult my close friends, like Shikamaru. As for my hobby, trying different and new courses of food. My dream for the future is to have eaten every known food to exist," he said with a big smile.

Asuma sighed at that, he knew how Akamichi's were, but this boy was a little too distracted on food. He then turned to the next person and said," next."

Ino, who was the person in the middle, perked up at this," My name is Yamanaka Ino. My likes are pressing flowers and caring for them, my dislikes are those who play on the innocence of others. My hobbies are training, cooking, and having fun with my friends. As for my dream for the future..." Ino looked over slightly to Naruto and blushed," is to become the best Kunoichi to ever walk this planet," she said with conviction in her voice.

Asuma rose an eyebrow, but shrugged mentally. It was pretty obvious that the girl was infatuated with Naruto, but it seemed more real than the usual crushing fangirls. Plus, he knew that the two hung with each other most, so it wasn't that hard to tell. And the fact her dream was to become the best kunoichi on the planet was basically saying she would be with Naruto himself, since he was already titled as the World's Strongest," you're up, Scarface."

Naruto grinned at that name, as that was the name Asuma came up him in return to his own," names Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto. My likes is a real good fight, getting new techniques, and food. My dislikes are tyrants, true scumbags, and those who take joy in suffering. My hobbies are training and having some fun with Ino-chan here," Naruto exclaimed cheerfully as he slung his arm over her shoulder and held her close to him, making the girl blush a bit," my dream for the future..." Naruto got a solemn face," to meet my family, at least once," besides thinking about his father and mother, Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, he thought about Bardock's side of the family, his son, Goku.

As Asuma saw Ino comfort him a bit, he couldn't help but feel a little sad for the boy who had become one of the best warriors Konoha had and he hadn't even done one mission yet. To have your family taken from you before you knew it, it must have felt somewhat empty for the boy. But at least he had him, his father, his nephew, Konohamaru, and the rest of the Sarutobi clan to fill that void of emptiness.

Shaking his head a bit, saw the food coming in for them," well, alright guys, let's dig into some food for a bit, and then we'll talk more about Team 10," not arguing with him, the four them waited for their food and soon, ate their servings.

After some small talk while they ate, the four finally finished their food, with Chouji getting the last bite of food on the table," alright, normally, I would say that you three aren't officially Genin..." seeing the protesting looks, he held up his hand to stop their complaints," now hear me out. The normal procedure for each new cell is to test each team if they have what it takes to be a Genin after all they learned from the Ninja Academy. But this team isn't anything normal, as we have a graduate who is already this world's strongest. That would mean I would have my rear end handed to me in a matter of seconds, and to ask him to stay out of test in order for me to deal with you two wouldn't be fair in the slightest. Plus, I'm acquainted with Inoichi, and he says his kid could keep up with him at his best, which makes you, Ino, some ways lower than me now. Still, your Chunin material at best, since you don't have much experience out in the field. I will test your skill level later, mind you. So, we have a team that is clearly more stronger than most, we just need to get Chouji up to par. So, with permission from the Hokage himself, this is officially, Team 10."

The three grinned and cheered at that," now, tomorrow, we'll meet here in the afternoon at 1:00 and have a bit of lunch before heading out to Training Grounds 10, to start on some teamwork exercises. Just because you guys passed the other teams this quick, doesn't mean you'll be getting off the hook on teamwork training. In battle, teamwork is essential for you and your allies," Asuma lectured and took out his used and finished cigarette, flicking it out the window nearby," why don't you guys head home, I'll take care of the check here."

"HAI," the three said in unison and walked out the restaurant.

"Isn't this great, now we really are official ninja of Konoha," Ino cheered as she bounced up and down in excitement, making the surrounding opposite sex watch her 'assets' bounce up and down. This had the affect of either making them get knocked out with nosebleeds, run into poles with distracted eyes, or get slaps from their girlfriends.

Chouji and Naruto, though, didn't seem affected, as they had big smiles on their faces," and we can finally get on those missions out of Konoha," Naruto noted as well,' maybe when I make Jounin, I'll be able to find my ship and see what I can do to fix it,' Naruto thought to himself.

"I gotta tell Shikamaru about this, I'll see ya guys later," Chouji said as he left the two behind. (don't worry, he'll get more airtime later)

Seeing Chouji leave, Naruto looked at Ino, who did the same to him," so, what do you say we train a bit before tomorrow's lesson, I think it's about time for someone to learn her first lesson in flying," Naruto proposed to the blond girl.

Hearing that he thought she was ready to fly on her own power made Ino's eyes light up with joy," you really mean it, Naruto-kun?" she asked excitedly.

"Yup, so come on, let's get going, before Aya comes and ruins our trainin'," Naruto said as he dashed off to the Sarutobi compound.

"Hey, slow down, I'm not as fast as you, Naruto-kun," Ino said as she took off after him.

Above, on the ledge of the roof nearby, Aya laid down on the edge of the ledge, watching the two go off to what she heard Naruto was going to do,' che, sure, teach her to fly and say I'll be a bother, not like I want to be with you anyway, I'm just marrying you because it's all dependent on my honor,' Aya thought stubbornly to herself. Despite thinking this, she had hoped by now that she and Naruto had at least some amount of comradeship, they were going to spend the rest of their lives together after all,' or, more like, the rest of his life, I'm immortal, so there's really no end to my life.'

She sighed, why did she even want his acknowledgment. He was supposed to be one of the two people she was supposed to have a vendetta against. Now, she was trying to marry him. The will and essence of her predecessor seemed to have vanished when they had formed their marriage at the World Ninja Tournament. The only thing left of her predecessor was the vendetta against Uchiha Madara for having taken his power and having control over him when Madara had left the village of Konoha, when he had summoned the Kyuubi to fight the Shodaime Hokage.

Aya supposed the reason she didn't want to kill Naruto was that he seemed to exude this kind of aura about him. You meet him just once and you want to get along with him, despite how you feel about him. Hell, she doubted that even the most vile and evil people wouldn't be able to stop and respect what and who he was with that aura he gave off. Fighters and ninja alike would want to test themselves against him, and civilians, from what she had seen in his village, would smile and bow to him, as if it was already established that he was their protector.

Getting up, Aya stretched her body a bit. Doing this in a populated would have made most men burst blood from their nose and envious glares from women. Hell, Jiraiya would have probably tried to stay hidden and try to make notes about her sizes for his next book, she was just that hot.

Getting the kinks out of her body, she erupted into a ball of flames that soon condensed into a tiny flame ball. The ball of flame then shot off towards the Sarutobi comound. She was going to make sure she didn't get left behind in abilities to that blond bitch, not one inch behind.

When the ball of flame that was Aya left, an area beside her warped a bit before a large like fly trap appeared. The bottom half of his had a black cloak with red clouds on them. The giant green fly trap then opened up to a man with short bright green hair, his skin black on the right and white on the left, and his eyes were a dulled yellow. His gaze was on the ball of flame.

Zetsu had watched both targets for sometime now, though he stay a distance that was difficult for him to watch with the unknown Jinchuuriki. The kid seemed have a sixth sense on where he would always be. He was also sure the Kyuubi no Kitsune was sure where he was, despite being hidden in the area. But from what he gathered from her personality and attitude, she didn't care he was there. She seemed to be the type that didn't attack, but did so if you deserved it in her book or unless provoked.

Sinking back in, he made his way out of the area. He had a daily report to be made on both targets aft all.

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