Fingers playing with mine
Hair splashed over my chest
Lips pressing against my neck
Skin warmed by sunshine

Legs tangled
Helpless and forgotten
Eyes wide and happy
Soft breath against my jaw as you yawn

Wooden fingers combing through blond hair
Unable to feel the silkiness
Body creaking with every movement
Awkward and uncomfortable, I'm sure

You never complain
You still kiss my lips
You still hold my hand
You always run your fingers down my body

I can't feel it, but you try
I don't know why
But you try and fail
And you try once more

You're an idiot for attempting such a thing
But you're brilliant for actually succeeding
How did you manage this?
To cause an irregular beat within the sealed container?

It seized for a moment
I know because I felt it
It's the only part of me that can be injured
And apparently warmed as well

My hands can hold yours
My arms can cradle you
My lips can brush yours
My legs can wind together with yours

I just don't feel it