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Of Lycanthropic and Vampiric Matters

All my vampires had needed to go hunting, but Emmett had gone the night before so he could "keep me company". Psh, yeah right. Our "quality time" was me trying to nap in Edward's room while he played some new game on the XBOX.

But I couldn't sleep without Edward there; not after the Italy thing. So I sat and thought. Not always a good idea for me. It meant I was thinking about him; and the thoughts were always the same. No matter what I did, Edward wouldn't ever Turn me. Even if I went through with the wedding, he'd think of another way to push it back. I fingered the diamond ring on my hand. His mother's…I was going to die eventually just like her. The pain it would cause him would be too great; he wouldn't want to live after I was gone.

I was destined to die. The thought made me scream. Those stupid vampire skills…I thought as Emmett came running into Edward's room at the sound of my scream.

"Bella …" His voice trailed off. "You look so sad. Like a lost puppy that someone stabbed."

I nodded glumly. "Yeah, I feel it."

He sat down next to me. "Anything you want to tell me?"

Anything I can tell you is more like it, I thought to myself. I heard myself whisper a "yes" before flopping back onto the bed.

He forced out a laugh. "Care to indulge?"

I sighed. "Not really, but I need to." So, for the better part of two hours we sat there, me talking while Emmett listened, occasionally asking questions. At the end I'd wept more than I'd ever before. I felt a lot better, considering I was still wiping tears out of my eyes.

Emmett moved closer to me, hugging me close. "You sure seem better." He smiled.

"I feel it."

"I just have a few more questions…"


He hesitated. "The night of your party…well, I still feel horrible. I just want you to know I'd Turn you if I could. Alice probably isn't capable of it herself yet, but I know she already offered to. I've done my best to convince Edward."

I laid a hand on his arm. "Me too. He's too stubborn about this though. Otherwise I'd've been changed quiet a while ago, and he wouldn't've gone to the Volturi…"

"That's it!" Emmett nearly jumped up, pulling me up with him. "The Volturi! Bella, you're a genius!" He picked a confused me up and started spinning me around in a crazed waltz.

"STOP." I yelled above the sound of his manic laughter. When he did so, I sat back on the bed. "What's so genius about the Volturi?"

Emmett laughed again. "Silly Bella, you really can't figure it out, can you?"

I shook my head. "No. Should I be able to?"

"Yes, especially considering you were there and I wasn't. Now, think carefully, Bella: What did the Volturi make Edward promise to do before they came to Forks to "check in" on you two?" He was enjoying my bafflement way too much.

After a moment of silence, he boomed, "We HAVE to Turn you, Bella!"

I let the information soak into my memories. He was right!

"Wait until we tell the others…" Emmett chuckled, before his face was twisted into a mask of terror. I found out why a second later.

"EMMETT MCCARTY CULLEN!" I heard just as the front door and the door to the bedroom opened. Edward already had Emmett pinned to the ground. "Thanks brother for telling my sweet Bella that!" He snarled.

Emmett shrugged from his position on the ground. "Just helping my little sister out."

I knew there was a reason he was my favorite.

AN: I've had an idea of a Bella-Emmett relationship fic floating in my head for a while. This is what came through my finger, I guess. I hope you enjoyed it!