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"Maaaaaaaaxxxxx! I'm tired. Can we go down and stop and rest because we've been flying all day and look! There's a town down there! And they have a beautiful beach and it would be just great if you let us stop and PLEASE!"

"Sure, Nudge. Let's head down."

Fang flew up beside me.

"Max, are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Yeah…Jeb told me it was safe." Ok…lie…but I was really tired.

"Ok…but if we run into trouble it's all your fault." And he flew away.

"Yeah…no pressure or anything." I muttered under my breath. Fang's just lovely that way.


We flew down and landed on the beach, right in front of a clump of trees. We were about a mile or so from town, and I was about to tell the flock to head on into town when I heard a rustle of leaves behind me.

"Who's there?" I called in my most convincing tone.

"Max, what's the matter?" Fang asked me with a look on his face like he thought I was going crazy.

"I don't know Fang...just thought I heard something." All of a sudden four big-well, HUGE-hairy things jumped out of the forest. They looked like over-grown dogs, and I didn't feel like sticking around to find out if they were friendly or not. "Flock! U and A!'

We all jumped in the air, but a sharp cry from below made me stop and look down. One of those things had Nudge's foot in its teeth, no WAY was that thing going to hurt my flock! I flew down and started attacking the thing holding Nudge. Before I could do some real damage, another jumped on me and held me down…I think the only thing that kept Fang from tearing it apart was the fact that its fangs were at my neck.

I heard a rustling and someone stepped out of the trees.

"Are you friend or foe?" I couldn't see who asked, but I really wasn't in a position to say anything at the moment.

"We aren't here to fight…just to rest." I heard Fang say.

"Get up! Go morph back. And don't come back till you're decent." It was the same guy that had spoken before. I wondered what he meant by "morph".

The thing got off me and went into the forest. As soon as it was gone Fang flew up to me and pulled me into his chest.

"Are you ok? Because I swear-"I cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

"Fang. I'm fine." I wanted to make sure he knew this.

"Um…can anyone explain to me what happened?" Iggy was silent…I mused Angel was telling him…then he said "Oh. Nudge? Are you ok?" he sounded slightly frantic. She was really a little sister to him, and they were really close, Nudge and Iggy, that is.

"It hurt my ankle…but I'll survive." she sounded alright.

"Can you walk?" I asked her

"No." she sounded helpless. I'm sure Iggy heard it too, because he swooped down and picked her up.

"Alright flock! You can come down now…but be on guard!" Fang let me go, but still stood protectively by my side after speaking.

"My name is Sam. I am the leader of the La Push pack. What are you and what is your intention for being here?" I looked over at the guy who had spoken. He was tall and well built, but I still didn't know if I could trust him. Angel. I asked her in my mind. Yes? Can we trust them? They're thoughts aren't entirely hostile, but I don't know…lets play it safe. I was so proud of her, I've taught her well.

"I'm Max. We're just here for some rest; we've been traveling all day, and are very tired." I tried to shy away from his first question, but I think he picked up on it.

"And what exactly are you?" Sam asked me.

"That's for me to know. I don't exactly trust you after you attacked us."

"We will find out." He said as the four dogs that had attacked us came out of the forest, only this time they were human. They had olive colored skin and dark hair. Now, if I was any other girl, and I had never seen Fang without his shirt on, I probably would be fawning over the fact that they were shirtless and ripped…but I'm not, and I have, and let me tell you… nothing compares to seeing Fang shirtless.

"Don't you ever try to hurt any member of this flock again or I will rip your throat out." Well! Isn't that a pleasant conversation starter? Gotta love Fang.

"Well well well. That seems like an awfully big threat, for someone so small."

It was one of the taller ones that said that. He was bigger, and you could tell he was dangerous.

"Doesn't matter. I could still kick your sorry little-"Fang was just digging himself into a hole that he'd never get out of without my help.

"Fang Ride! Don't you even finish that sentence!" that's right…I can be a brat when I want to. That's why I'm the leader. Authority…that's what it's all about!

"Come now. Let's all go back to town…you can either walk there yourselves or we can take you by force." Sam said. I still didn't trust him, or the things with him, whatever they were, but we had no other choice. I didn't feel like being dragged anywhere.

We started walking back. Sam one leading that way, with two of the other ones on the sides of us and two in the back of our little group. I felt boxed in, but took comfort in the fact that we could do an up and away if we needed to. Fang came to walk beside where I was in the back of our group, right in front of the wolf-things, and after seeing a mutt-thing looking at me hungrily, put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him.

"I don't like this." He said into my ear, his lips brushing it in the way that made a shiver run down my spine.

"Neither do I, but we don't have any other choice." I whispered, afraid my voice would betray the rush of emotion he caused whenever he was near me. His arm around me constricted, pulling me closer so that my back was firmly pressed to his chest. He leaned down to my neck. I think I heard him mutter something about hurting anyone that tried to hurt me, but then he started to kiss my neck and all train of thought flew out of my head. The flock knew we were together, but we knew it was weird for them to see us kissing each other, so we tried our best not to show emotion around them. In daylight, I was in charge, and Fang was second in control…but at night when the flock was asleep, well, what can I say? I can't be the alpha wolf all the time…

"Come in here." I was so distracted I didn't even realize where we were. I saw Iggy put Nudge down, and noticed there was a garage in the back of the house we were in front of, but was distracted by a sudden movement in the house. As we headed towards the front door, someone stepped out of it, someone huge. When he stepped into the light I could see he was like the others, only he had this look on his face…Max? yes Angel? What does ecstasy mean? Where did you hear that? She pointed to the person that had just stepped out of the house. "In his mind." She said.


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